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Why is it essential to understand stress-get rid of that bad habit

Stress is a state of emotional tension from extensive changes in the external and internal environment, the so-called general adjustment syndrome. Under pressure, the hormonal balance is disturbed, and stress hormones (such as cortical) are released, hurting all organs, most notably the cardiovascular system. Stress hormones cause increased muscle tension, narrowing of blood vessels, and increased blood pressure.

Under certain conditions, stress is a good and normal phenomenon that ensures successful functioning and survival, but long-term stress has a devastating effect on the body.

The original text does take from Wikipedia.

Stress is a bad habit of coping with daily life.

Often, our state of stress returns to the level of our ego and desires. There are several types of stress, and one of the classes that I want to talk about, which is easy to change. It is the part where people with their negative thinking cause themselves to sometimes consciously, sometimes unknowingly stress a situation. And they stick to it and are confident that it does set up from somewhere higher, that I have a negative mindset, and that it is my destiny, and I can’t change anything in my life.

Negative finking is the primary cos of stress.

Usually, this attitude has developed from childhood, where parents or siblings have been pessimistic about you. When we grow up, it may not always be domestic ill-treatment and the wrong attitude of fellow students at school that backside not be overcome in any way.

Usually, meanwhile, we reach adulthood, up and over again, we experience these same negative emotions either by our spouse or boss and often by our co-workers.

Many experiences overcame stress.

I also suffered many years after graduating from a primary school that I am not so bright-headed, and that is why I can’t go to university and even high school. There were many negative emotions I had to deal with at that moment.

I was terrible about my appearance because I was a little overweight, and it still bothered me properly; I believed that I was too fat and didn’t look good because nothing good would ever happen to me. I felt like I did sentence to death. Are you familiar with this kind of emotion?

Fortunately, I grew out of it, and somehow this excessive stress over my appearance disappeared. The older I got, the less I suffered from it.

For some reason, we tend to take what others say very seriously and very rarely doubt if they are right at all. Still, we should do it because maybe the narrator was in a terrible mood where he had some negative experiences, and he lives out on you. But you take it very seriously and take it for granted, and you will believe it.

If I’ve gotten smarter by now, I’d ask if that person knows me so well that they can make such or other accusations against me, or it’s just a lousy emotion that disappears in a few hours. Still, you can carry that saying in your whole life and hating him for it. Then logical thinking says that there is no need to listen to anyone other than loved ones who know you. And above all, you should believe in yourself. If you understand and feel that you are not what you are said to be, you should believe in the inner feeling.

Just so simple it is and, PERIOD. Every time I hear this word, you would want to shout at who has PMS. If it made you laugh, then I’ve achieved something.

It is knowing and rethinking stress triggers.

If you already know what or who is causing you stressful situations, then it is wise to stay away from those situations or people, and if that is not possible, ignore those people, for example. It’s not very easy, but I know that if you don’t respond to people, they’ll stop looking for you and move away from you after a while.

Triggers If you know what they are in your life, it’s easier to move on, but if you don’t know, it’s much harder to figure out what’s causing your stress. Although everyone knows what his triggers are, or he hasn’t wanted to deal with himself enough to understand where his negative thoughts are coming Your head.

Stress in traffic is something you need to get used to facing.

If we sit inside our car also shout about this car next to it, I would like to ask that looks smarter, the person sitting attached to the vehicle or you who sit in your vehicle and swear by all sorts of names like, for example, / what the hell are you doing, where are you driving? Who promised to guide you, woman, it is not possible, you are a Blondie, etc. / I deliberately left out the filth because maybe I have even used them. Doesn’t an acquaintance come up when we drive to work or home every day?

I’ve been driving for almost 20 years now, and I can tell stories that have bothered me so far, but I didn’t want to talk about it, but about how to stay calm while driving and drive home or work without any incidents.

First, I often use one phrase in practice, “FOOLS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT OF WAY.” Namely, I let all the printers skip ahead and not skip, and another saying that will help you reduce traffic stress is BETTER TO BE AT HOME AT 18.00 IF AT 16.00 IN THE CEMETERY “.

Why do we stress when we’re late?

I recently happened to hear a story about a woman who had to go to work, and the babysitter was late, and because of that, she was late for work. He was so angry because he had a crucial meeting at work that he missed. Nevertheless, he decided to run to this train station and the next train, just all the trains did stop, and traffic stopped, and there was uncertainty regarding when the train would go at all. He summoned up the courage and called the boss to announce that he would not come to work today, then he replied that there was nothing to postpone because the train did bomb.

This woman was already crying while she realized that if she had arrived on the train on time, it was on the train that she was supposed to go on. And he went home and just cried almost wholly. You never know why a delay is reasonable, especially when you’re behind the wheel and when you curse other drivers here, knowing that the sufferer is you, who screams at others and causes stress to yourself and thus raises your blood pressure, which you don’t need.

Can multitasking cause stress?

My claim that multitasking is dead is either valid or not. I think so. But just because if you want to do nothing properly, then it’s not possible, and you cause as much worry and stress as possible, we humans are not robots that can be so easily programmed.

I have an example here. Put one hand on your head and the other hand on your stomach and now pat your head on your head and at the same time circle your stomach and faster and faster than you can, then you are multitasking. I’ve tried this experiment a few times, and every time it’s messed up whether you’re going to pat your stomach while doing circles or you’re going to be circling at the head.

This example should prove that we design to use both the right hand and the copper hand in coordination to do a responsible job. Setting focus on one thing shouldn’t be a shame at all anymore. Of course, there are miracle people who can do it, but anyone knows at no cost.

Circle of stress.

My experience in this area is quite intense. I may have come across this, especially when something unpleasant has happened. Then a thought starts to spin in your head and doesn’t leave you alone. It’s like there’s some pain in my head like a wheel, and I’m looking at this situation from every angle, and it’s like grabbing me and not letting go until it’s run down. It’s not a very pleasant experience if sometimes you can’t even sleep while you think and spin this thought all day and still can’t get peace.

I sometimes suffered from it for years when I found a cure for it. Meditation came into my life a few years ago. At first, I didn’t take it seriously at all, but when I started researching it and practicing it, I was able to stop this cycle of thoughts and step down much earlier. Views of obsession gave in, and I was able to let go of those negative thoughts. My medicine against stress was meditation.


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  1. Stress can be a real killer, putting strain on your body and chasing up your blood pressure. Many people start stressing when they feel that they are not performing up to the standard they would like. It makes them feel that they are a failure, and then they stress about it. 

    I fully agree with you that meditation is a very good way of dealing with stress, and I also find that exercise is beneficial.


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