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What are some excellent new year’s resolutions?

The beginning of the year is a great time to dream and set goals for the coming year. New Year’s resolutions continue to be popular – which in itself is remarkable to think of creating a better version of you. However, it does assume that almost 8% of New Year’s resolutions can last all year round. Instead, could you throw promises in the trash and try consistent monthly targeting, taking one focus each month?
I wrote down 12 activities for 12 months to focus on instead of New Year’s resolutions and to help you go further in your work life.

Break an old habit and try something new
Do something you haven’t done before. New Year’s resolutions often tend to be significant scary steps that are even unrealistic. You don’t have to give up your job to make your life run smoothly. Maybe instead of setting big New Year’s goals, you need to change some activity or habit in your career and try something new?If you want to know how to change your life in 28 days click on the picture

If you want to promote, think about what you should do to make others stand out for a higher position. If you feel that you worked overtime last year, see what activities you can delegate or vice versa, suggest to your boss that you want to manage additional projects or clients.

Seemingly small activities lead to significant changes. Do you see that your current company’s cooperation is not practical and will not make you happy? Then it is worth looking for a new job challenge that will make your eyes shine.

Act in your interests
Often we do activities that do not serve our interests. We think more of others. We say ‘yes’ to everything because we don’t want to be rude. Simultaneously, the clock is ticking, and you could contribute at the same time to activities that meet your interests and goals.

On the other hand, we can understand acting in our interests as taking time for one’s favorite activities. Try giving yourself a month to focus on your interests. Take hours after the workday for fun and educational activities: read your favorite books, visit various events and seminars that may or may not be related to your work.

Ultimately, it can become a habit and, at the same time, a valuable skill – the ability to take time for oneself. By spending your free time with hobbies that are both developmental and fun, you also invest in long-term goals. Let us not forget that anyone who does pay work is free to be called a slave. If you work for yourself, then everything is fine.

Distribute your energy wisely.
The more activities you include in your action plan, the more you need to focus on time and your energy resources. Listen to your body and notice when your energy level is low. Take a moment in these moments, even for a few minutes. Then organize the activities based on your energy level.

A balanced diet and good quality sleep time also play an essential role in monitoring energy levels. Take a look at your energy distribution in one month. Keep a log of the moments your energy level is lower and higher, and make the appropriate daily decisions to support your efficiency.

Trust your inner feelings.
How often in the work environment do we listen to someone other than our inner feelings and then regret it? We think through the pros and cons of the situation dozens of times, and it still seems that we are not making the right decision. If this has happened to you, think about why you doubt yourself. Practice listening and trusting yourself.

Next time you start making a decision, try it. How do you feel when you make a decision based on intuition? By doing this more and more consciously, you will help yourself to cope better in unexpected situations in the future.

Learn something new
Consciously learn something new every day for a month. It doesn’t have to be a big undertaking, but any kind of brain training is right to keep your mind steel. Every day is an opportunity to get better and get closer to big dreams.

Be it professional knowledge acquisition, language learning, workshops. There are also various mobile applications where you can test your logical thinking or learn new exciting facts.

Focus on financial awareness
Review your income and expenses. The beginning of the year is the best time for that. Find out, maybe your employer offers some compensation that you don’t use yet. Review your savings. Why not consult a money-conscious person for advice on how to increase your income.


When you stop looking at costs, think about whether you can replace some of the current insignificant prices with developing you. For example, instead of endless shopping to attend various events, increase your network of contacts.

Make a balanced diet, your best friend.
Maybe you sometimes forgot to eat lunch or arrived for lunch only at the end of the working day. Don’t sacrifice your health. For example, add a lunch break reminder to your online calendar at a specific time each weekday. Discipline yourself to eat lunch!

By eating on time, you avoid unnecessary biting breaks and subsequent torture. I prefer healthy snacks and drink water. Your body and mind thank you, and you are much more efficient at work.

If you want to make sure that you make a healthier choice for lunch, make it a habit to prepare food at home. Sometimes, it’s nice to visit some restaurants, because then you can also move. Two in one!

If you want to know how to change your life in 28 days click on the picture

Move more
The human body does mean to move! Whether you have a standing job or a sedentary job – try to excite your body at least every hour. You will immediately feel how new and fresh energy comes into you. That allows you to get away from work for a moment, so at the same time, your spirit rests.

If you have the opportunity to take a short walk in the area during the lunch break, do so. Fresh air puts thoughts to work, and the body gets the movement it desperately needs. Invite colleagues for a walk or do exhilarating exercises together. It is more fun to play sports with friends.

Use your imagination and push the boundaries.
Don’t set limits. What’s more, don’t think you’re not capable of anything. If you want to see yourself doing something completely different in your career path in the future, then believe that it is possible. If you’re going to rise above your current position, believe that it is also possible.

Create two or three different scenarios for how you want your career to go in the future. Ignore all obstacles and see what brilliant thoughts you reach with your imagination. Try to use your imagination in different everyday situations – the older we get, the less we dare to fantasize.

Make your voice sound.
It’s time to get out of hiding and throw yourself in the gray corner! You will probably recognize a situation where you think in retrospect that you could have said it this way and expressed yourself more assertively or even established yourself.

In one month, focus on speaking at every meeting. You can start by asking questions or paraphrasing what has already been saying. Then you can continue to submit new ideas and even speak in public. If your company offers the opportunity to speak at an internal event or public event, use this opportunity. Be brave!

Meet new people
We go to the same places every day. We meet the same people. Being in the same company all the time can also make the way of thinking the same. In this way, you may miss out on good ideas, the latest trends, and opportunities.

Expanding the network of contacts brings you exciting new perspectives and can be very useful in your career. In meetings, you can experience something where someone knows someone who knows someone.

This point is excellent because you can also relate it to previous activities: learning new things and pursuing your interests. These activities will take you to new places where you can quickly meet new people. If you feel that socializing is not your turn, maybe you have a friend who makes new contacts and helps you with playful ease.

Maintain existing relationships
Don’t forget to write sometimes, call those who are already in your contact network. It is by maintaining and maintaining relationships that contacts benefit. However, if you have made contact and then left the communication at a standstill, it is not profitable.

Remind yourself from time to time: old classmates, family acquaintances, friends, clients, teachers, and others. Say hello, feel interested in how they are doing.

You don’t need significant changes to ensure a better and happier life. Not even New Year’s resolutions, which will melt by March and nullify your confidence. Take one step at a time. This way, you can see that you can reach your career goals much more effectively than by immediately pursuing a big and unrealistic goal.



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