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Walking meditation health benefits

this subject, I cannot overlook one person I much appreciate. Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist teacher who has done much to introduce Buddhism to Western society. He has published over 100 works on meditation, meditation, and Buddhism, and his practical teachings are elementary to understand. His instructions are elemental and comprehensible, universal to the conditions of the modern world. Some quotes from one of his films

I know what it means to be angry, and I know what joy is when you praise. I am often on the verge of tears or laughter. But there should be something else under all these emotions. How can I touch it? If there is nothing, why am I so sure?

When an icy winter arrives, it doesn’t forgive anything young, gentle, and insecure. I have to overcome my youthful insecurity to survive. Maturity and determination are essential. Looking boldly and confidently at how the trees prepare for winter will help me assess the lessons learned.

When the garden is clean of weeds, the flowers are a symbol of illumination, an opportunity to grow. To get flowers, you need compost, and before the buds emerge, you have to suffer. Suffering is compost. Food is an awakening. You have to look for enlightenment in despair. Therefore, we have an expression. Suffering is enlightenment. And also, finding Nirvana is birth and death.

Listen to the dharma in the ultimate dimension. I see the fall of the autumn leaves. They fill the whole sky. I know the autumn months on every path in an entire way. End dharma is neither full nor empty.

At first, it seemed to be a passing cloud. After several hours, I felt that my body became smoky and floated away. I became a gentle cloud strip. I had always considered myself a solid. Maybe I saw that I was not reliable at all. I noticed that the being I had become a fiction. I realized that my true nature was much more brutal — both ugly and more beautiful than I ever thought.

Walking Meditation


Quotes so far, although can be written much more life thoughts that would help to decipher life. And should come back to the topic where I would like to talk more about walking meditation.

Walking meditation can be delightful. It would help if you walked slowly either alone or with friends, preferably in a beautiful place.

Walking meditation implies making you enjoy hiking, not to get anywhere while walking, but to walk for the sake of walking. The goal is to be in the present moment and be aware of your breathing and walking so you can enjoy every step. Therefore, we need to shake off all worries and anxieties, not think about the future or the past but to enjoy the present moment.

We can go for a walk with a small child. We walk and take our steps as if we were the happiest person here on earth. Even though we walk all the time, our walking is more like running. Walking in this way, we press our anxiety and sadness into the Earth. We should walk so that we only encourage peace and glory into the Earth. Everyone can do it if they want to. Every child can do it. If we take one such step, we can take the third, fourth, and fifth steps of another. If we can take one action in peace and joy, we will produce peace and happiness for all humanity’s benefit.


Walking meditation is a beautiful practice.

The next time you go for a walk in nature, meditate on it, walking at a slightly slower pace than usual, and harmonize your breathing with your steps. For example, take three steps during each inhalation and three steps during each exhalation, saying “on, on, on” and “off, off, off,” respectively. We say “no” to define your breathing. Every time we say something, we perceive it more real, as if saying our friend’s name. If your lungs want to do four steps instead of three, please give them those four steps. If they want two, give them those two steps.

The length of the inhalation and exhalation do not have to be equal. If you feel that you are happy walking, you feel peace and joy. Then you are walking correctly and meditatively. Be aware of the contact between your feet and the Earth. Walk as if kissing the Earth with your feet. We have done a lot of harm to Earth. Now is the time to take good care of it. In this way, we share our peace and love with the earth. Walking is then spiritual.

If we notice something beautiful from time to time, we can stop and observe it if desired – trees, flowers, and children in play. Looking at it, we stay in our meditative breathing rhythm but do not lose sight of this beautiful flower or let our thoughts take over.

If we want to continue walking, we’ll start moving again. Each step of ours creates a gentle gust of wind that refreshes our body and mind. With each step, the flower begins to bloom under our feet. We can only do this if we do not think about the future or the past when we know that time can only be found in the present.

That was one little overview of walking meditation that could do practiced in any beautiful weather. If possible why I wanted to talk about walking meditation because it is a form of meditation that is active. If you can’t sit and meditate in one place, then it is best to introduce yourself to meditation.

You are divine. Never forget that.


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