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Train your brain to lose weight.

 would like to start by saying that I would like to climb a high mountain and just shout out the throat and call on everyone else.

You are all divine beings I

Mental habits

I think everyone is kind of beautiful. It’s personally my thinking about people. But I know many don’t think the way I do. It all starts with the head, that is, how we see ourselves and how much we compare ourselves to others. Training also starts first in my head, meditation helped me the most personally. I tried a lot of sports and workouts but nothing was my field before I tried to meditate and realized that it was my fault. I wanted to get results too quickly without thinking about whether I could achieve what I expected

Understanding real goals Firest

First of all, you should start by researching what area to start with and what suits your lifestyle, and most importantly what is your weight and height ratio right now. It is necessary to understand how much should be taken down High minus meter minus 10 kilos gives a person the right weight for women. But what I understand is that people don’t want to admit DNA if your mom or dad are great people then somehow you also can’t be a very small one, it doesn’t matter how much you train.

001 The beginning of everything is mental preparation, I recommend starting every training with meditation and add meditation to your daily life both in the morning and in the evening.

Anyone can start meditating regardless of age, information can be found everywhere on the internet and I also recommend searching YouTube, one of the people I have followed and Aaron Doughty and of course Abraham-Hicks, who I’ve been following for 3 years, has a lot of information about him on YouTube. Why I talk so much about meditation, but because it is so important to me, it changed my life and understanding the sentence you create your reality

Meditation what it is Mather.



I have to be honest with you at first I thought about meditation that it’s one of Hindu and monk praying but when I researched this topic I realized that it’s more than praying it’s not praying at all. Meditation means communicating with your subconscious mind and through it, you can change everything in your life. Now we get to the bottom of why we should meditate at all, but because I can see in my mind’s eye something we would never experience in reality. I’m sure the majority have heard the phrase faked until make.



How to meditate.

It’s very easy if you’ve been doing it for years, but the beginning is weird and raises a lot of questions. I recommend starting guided meditation on YouTube is the best place to look. My suggestion would be to find some male voice, female guided meditation did not reach my subconscious. I do not want to be but I want chauvinists impressed by the man’s voices, later I realized that if, for example, pronounce long oo about 10 seconds and then close your mouth then you will come out oooooooomm…What is called the voice of God, raises your vibration to a higher level? When! meditating you should not use sentences in a negative form. For example, I do not want to consider next month in the year that my weight is so- and- so much. Instead, I should use positive thoughts, for example, I foresee that I am slim and wearing the dress of my dreams Meditation is a very powerful tool when used for good purposes

When it comes to losing weight, this is the best way to start. About 20-30 days before you start training it necessary to meditate daily it will help you prepare and also make it easier to start training. you ask why 20 days but because then your sub conses mind is ready to start with the training lies ahead and I guarantee that you will be able to achieve your goal in weight loss and you will not stop training anymore.

Happy meditation I know it will make your life better, you will thank me later


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