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The importance of setting goals to relax.

After a few days off, I want to take another day off. We are not always talking about some extraordinary event that disturbed the peace on Saturday and Sunday. Some people go to work Mondays vigorously and during those weeks as if they are not tired at all.

What is their secret, and what interferes with everyone else’s proper rest? What prevents us from relaxing?

Many do not even suspect that they need to learn to rest. Why study when, after a hard day’s work, it’s so lovely to flop on the couch in front of the TV? Make something delicious, with beer or wine, TV shows or the Internet – what else does needed for happiness? On the weekends, you have to do what you can’t do on the weekends, and then it’s time to pull the strap on again. That is when there are no children. And then there’s no time to turn around. What kind of vacation is it? Live to see the break.

To rest and relax properly, you need to know what prevents us from doing so. And surprisingly, the main enemy is not the lack of free time, but:

Boredom and monotony

Itching and tingling and searching for new sensations

Faith in alcohol help

Lack of daily routine

All of the above hurts a good holiday, makes a holiday in the countryside a season of hard work, a tourist trip to race to the sights makes one evening indistinguishable from another.

The lack of new impressions and their abundance are closely linked. Boredom occurs where nothing is exciting. The diversity of information becomes boring at some point. Alcohol, which has a short effect on the nervous system, gradually increases nervousness and does not allow for complete relaxation. There is no need to explain and work without a break after going to bed after midnight until your feet transfer to your favorite chair.

How do you learn to relax?

The purpose of the holiday is to make up for the missing. Only in this sense can it be resisted. After all, complete idleness is even more tiring than physical work. Here are some tips on how to learn to rest and relax, enjoy your vacation, and, as they say, take a deep breath.

Filling in the missing

Conditionally, we can distinguish between the physical, mental, and emotional (or spiritual) components of our body that need recovery. At the same time, congestion in one area always causes fatigue.

After intense intellectual work or a period of emotional burnout, physical activity gives new strength. The so-called muscle joy arises from the fact that the blood runs more actively throughout the body, improving physical condition. And relaxation after muscle tension is what is so lacking at the end of the workday. When you start learning a foreign language, you can add food to your senses, and movies, books, trips, and pleasant communication add new feelings.

Balancing all three parts provides the necessary strength. And to do that, don’t forget the following rule.

Don’t get tired!

The call is not strange at all. There is no point in leading yourself to complete exhaustion. By following the proper work and rest regime, a person will remain more energetic and productive, no matter what they do. It is essential not only to have a healthy night’s sleep but also to break into working hours. It is enough to walk down the hallway or go outside, distract from the white screen office programs or sit for an hour in the sun in the shade. If you remove at least 5-10 minutes from what you had to work on for an hour, you will have the opportunity to take a fresh look at the problem, notice a random error.

If there is no way to leave the workplace, an excellent way to relax is by viewing photos while working online, reading, and solving crossword puzzles for more physically busy employees. This course change is perceived better by the body than a break from smoking or drinking tea. Just get up from behind your desk and talk to a colleague.

How to learn to relax psychologically

To learn to relax psychologically, you need to stop rushing. The constant feeling of lack of time is more stressful than dragging bags. Everyone who wants to get extra lessons in their life requires planning their things and strictly following them. But just as important is the ability to turn off the alarm clock, stop living the clock, not worry about doing something later or not doing it at all.

This rule is significant for those who decide to travel to new places. You can’t drive around all of Paris in one day, and once you’ve reached a foreign city, it’s best to see a small part of it. Running from one museum to another is a little different from browsing the site’s pages. Is it worth leaving home for that? Is such a holiday pleasure, or is it just a sign of a visit?

How to relax after work

Full leave is only for hospital patients, but none of us want to become hospital patients. However, an active holiday, dancing, swimming, or other physical activity will help you both relax after work and keep your health in check. There is always a benefit to contact with nature, to disperse the urban way of life. Hiking or fishing with friends, playing with children on the beach, or cycling make up for the townspeople’s lack of movement, distracting them from busy days and everyday thoughts.

Decent sleep and rest

Stop being emperor! The historical story that Julius Caesar could do seven things at once shows that in the old days, the ability to hold several points of attention at a time was a rarity. IN the modern world, it’s natural to listen to music, talk to someone on the phone, watch the news, play with a cat, grab a tea and cook dinner, without forgetting to look at your favorite series while looking at the TV screen.

This type of multitasking does not have a positive effect on the body. The fact is that as you get used to the load, the brain loses the ability to focus on one thing. This condition is similar to an attention deficit disorder and makes it harder to work with – and no less than anything else.

A hot bath at the end of the day, meditation, reading, and listening to music is the best way to regain lost concentration. Learn to disconnect from unnecessary things, relax calmly, develop a proper sleep and rest regime, and not interrupt it. In the end, only you can decide for yourself what to spend your free time on.

All tips on resting well seem to eliminate your favorite TV shows or sitting behind your computer. Of course, you don’t have to lose it completely. Just everything should be in moderation. And if lying on the couch helps you relax, why not take a good walk after an hour?

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In the daily cycle of events and problems, each person needs to rest from time to time, completely relax, move away from oppressive thoughts, forget all worries, and enjoy life. Unfortunately, not all people know the art of relaxation. Most of us are so used to living in eternal stress that even in those minutes, when it seems like nothing crazy is happening, we can’t completely free ourselves from anxiety.

What does the inability to relax lead to you?
What happens to us in times of constant psychological stress? There’s nothing good! Stress hormone negatively affects the functioning of all the body’s internal systems; respiratory rhythm is disturbed, less oxygen is supplied to organs. And tissues than needed, headaches occur, blood pressure drops. The nervous system does deplete sick and exhausted people. Do you need it? Hey! Then read below for our tips on how to learn to relax mentally and physically.

How do you learn to relax quickly?
Method number

1. Healthy sleep

Complete and high-quality sleep is the key to a successful day, good mood, pep. That is the most important thing each of us can do to normalize our psychological and physical condition. A healthy body, given the opportunity to sleep usually, can control the process of alternating relaxation and tension during the day.

Think about what prevents you from falling asleep quickly and sleeping all night properly? Maybe it’s not a very comfortable pillow or mattress or a cat trying to lose asleep in your head, or perhaps a monotonous ticking clock or tap water is preventing you from diving into the world of dreams? Create maximum comfort, ventilate the bedroom, pull the curtains forward, take a warm bath with aromatic oils, drink tea with honey and herbs. And most importantly, try to get rid of all anxious thoughts, read a book before going to bed, or complete your marital duties.

Method number 2. Exercise

Not sure how to relieve stress and learn to relax psychologically? There is an easy way – gymnastics. Doing yoga, gymnastics, swimming, cycling, jogging in the fresh air, or training in the gym is equally suitable for clearing your head and negative emotions. It is enough to spend only an hour of your time feeling light and psychologically comfortable again. And for the lazy, we emphasize that even walking is enough to get rid of stressful stress.

Method number 3. Handicrafts

Many young mothers on maternity leave often have some form of craft. During the day, all the free time remains dedicated to the children; they engage in creativity closer to the night when they sleep with their teeth by the wall. Does it look like they haven’t worked all day? Let’s go on vacation! But no, they sew, weave, weave. And all because nothing helps like crafts to really rest and fully relax. Fortunately, there are no problems now learning anything. The Internet is full of video tutorials on any subject. And when you feel the most muscular fatigue, anxiety, and oppressive tension, do some interesting little things, rejoice in the result, and immediately see how your mood and emotional mood change.

Method number 4. Pets

Not sure how to learn to relax psychologically? Get yourself a cat, dog, hamster, or fish. Playing at home or on the street with your beloved pet is a great way to pamper yourself, recharge with positive emotions, and relax. Even if you watch the animal or pat it, you can calm down and distract from disturbing thoughts.

Method number 5. Books

A fascinating book is the best helper for those who can’t get rid of emotional stress. You dive into the world invented by the author of the work; you immediately disconnect your problems and worries. And during the reading, all the verbal mechanisms start working, helping to rest and forget well. I listen to a lot of audiobooks on YouTube.


8 thoughts on “The importance of setting goals to relax.”

  1. Thanks for reminding us of the need for real rest and relaxation.

    A day off, or even a holiday is good, but we need almost to consciously make a decision to relax.

    We need to learn to switch off completely.  It’s a bit like a detox.

    Everything that stresses like emails, phone calls, getting up early.  It will be different for everyone.  Decide that they are for you and take control.  Get rid of them when relaxing and think of and do the things that make you happy.

  2. Thank you so much for the amazing blog about rest!  Being in the Military, rest is something that is hard to come by most day due to our constant work flow.  That being said, though, I must admit I did not realize boredom was an enemy to resting!  I though that boredom would cause a person to rest more.  Thank you for pointing this out!

  3. Hi Lea, this is a great subject and well needed in a world full of stress in one form or another, 

    Its important to know how to relax and its great you have covered many different ways to relax, I personally prefer meditation or reading, Its also nice to go on holiday to get away from everything, I would recommend learning meditation as this is something once you are proficient able to do in any quiet place. 

    This article will hopefully change peoples lives helping them learn to relax.


  4. Hi Lea,

    Thank you for this useful article! I really enjoyed the reading!

    Apart from managing my off-line business, I also take care of my children and husband, which put me under a lot of stress during the week. Thank God the weekend allows me to rest and relax. However, I need to slow down, even during the week. I will follow your suggestion and see how I feel:) 

    Thanks a lot for this awesome article, and I look forward to reading more in the future. 


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