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The hidden secrets of forgiveness.

“If I had understood in my last embodiment how important forgiveness is and how much it affects life, forgiveness would have been one of the top priorities of my life.” That is the idea expressed by GuruMa, who became a resurrected master in 2012, in one of his first lectures after passing the spiral of resurrection.

It does embody. It can be challenging for us to understand that having anger and resentment and blaming someone creates a negative energy connection that imprisons us with an invisible chain to an event or person.

How do anger and accusation arise?

The source of anger and accusation is the mental forms of thought, especially the beliefs that make us think that we know how things are and should be. If our external situation does not meet our expectations, then something is wrong. These beliefs may lead us to think that if the world does not treat us as expected, injustice has been born, and someone must be to blame for our suffering. That, in turn, leads to the search for the culprit, triggering a fit of emotional anger that can make us crave revenge and want to punish the culprit.

The main problem with this strategy is that most people do not understand that their emotions come from their thoughts. If they experience a situation that does not meet their expectations, they will not see the reviews that trigger their emotions. They feel that their emotional body is going wild, and they feel anger.

Every time we embrace sacrifice consciousness and project responsibility for our negative state of mind. Outside (whether to another person or life at all), we lower a certain amount of our life energy, which remains a low-frequency standing wave, or karma, littering our energy body. Over time, as we get angry, blame, or suppress these feelings repeatedly, the amount of such low-frequency energy increases.

When the amount of negative energy in our energy body exceeds a certain level, it begins to affect our behavior and reactions strongly. As any point is polar (electromagnetic), it, in turn, begins to attract phenomena and individuals through which the victim can justify his or her behavior and strengthen the victim’s identity. There is a vicious circle that forms a downward spiral, where anger and accusation attract suffering that makes us even angrier and blame, and so on.

In other words, it is the polarities’ attraction that is why the victim cannot exist without the culprit and vice versa, human joy without worry, and so on. So when someone has a habit of blaming other people or some phenomena, they become addicted over time to be a victim – they can no longer be without suffering and blaming. The amount of transformed energy resulting from constant accusation eventually becomes so great that this energy develops its consciousness and instinct for self-preservation and growth.

For such (victim) energy to survive and grow, it constantly needs new energy, which requires the presence of the culprit. Thus, the magnetic attraction between the victim (+) and the perpetrator (-) constantly brings the victims into contact with annoying situations and people, which increasingly strengthens their belief that others are to blame for their problems. The stronger the victim’s conviction, the more reassurance that life offers him in this regard by arranging a meeting with a suitable culprit.

When suffering is related to a specific person, the victim binds himself or herself to an energy dependence on him or her, which may be unilateral or reciprocal. That often leads to a situation where just thinking about or meeting another person creates negative emotions and thoughts in the victim, making the situation even worse. In more severe cases, it can go so far that the victim’s attention remains constantly focused on the culprit, and the victim is an energy prisoner of the culprit.

However, you must use the word “prisoner” with caution because the only prison guard here is the prisoner himself – the whole prison is just a state of mind (a subconscious low-frequency energy pool) created by the person concerned. It is not uncommon for a person against whom anger is being (accused) not even to be aware of the matter or to be simply free to respond at the same level.

To better understand the situation, assume that you do not tolerate your neighbor’s behavior patterns. Every time a neighbor repeats this pattern and you see it in your kitchen window, you throw a plate of food (= life energy) into the basement (= subconscious) where it goes wrong. Over time, the basement fills with rotten food, resulting in deteriorating living conditions in your home (= body). You feel bad, and life has become suffering because mold, spoilage, and stench spread and make a living very uncomfortable. However, you believe that the neighbor’s behavior is to blame for all this. If he didn’t do that, your home would be fine. You may even suspect a neighbor of witchcraft or cover-up.

Menta forgiveness

Many readers of this story may be aware of the futility of accusation and the need for forgiveness. Still, the problem is that it is difficult to do anything with this knowledge alone. If someone has been able (often over several lifetimes) to create a significant amount of accusing energy of a person or phenomenon and store it in their energy body, then simply making a decision “I forgive” is not enough. This decision does make on a mental, conscious level.

Still, as long as the emotional body of the person concerned has not done cleansed (suppressed) of anger and the mental body has done cleansed of (subconscious) beliefs about what things and people should or should not be, there is no real forgiveness. After all, the low-frequency amount of energy or karma accumulated during our lives, which acts as a magnet, has not been reworked and subconsciously forces us to turn our attention to the culprit, cause suffering, and feel anger.

Although mental (conscious) forgiveness is an essential step on the road to complete forgiveness, it is not enough to escape the chains of victimization and accusation. I believe that most readers who have consciously already forgiven others have encountered a situation in their life with someone close to whom they have some (almost) constant tension. It can be a child, a spouse, a parent, a mother-in-law, a mother-in-law, a neighbor, or anyone we usually find difficult to avoid.

When we begin to study this relationship, there is often no apparent objective reason for the tension. Still, whatever that person does, it irritates and makes us feel that this person is doing something wrong and is thus violating our peace of mind. We often have a sincere belief that if only this person became different, we could be at peace.

In the example above, mental forgiveness is comparable to trying to convince ourselves that a neighbor has the right to work the way he or she behaves. Even though it bothers us, we tell ourselves that we have forgiven and no longer throw food into the basement as good people. But accumulated basement (subconscious) years have not disappeared from there and are poisoning our lives further.

Every time we smell old mold or see mold, our subconscious automatically associates it with a neighbor, and we can’t get rid of the idea that “even though I’ve forgiven him, he’s a jerk.” Some people manage to isolate their basement so well (= the problem pushes so deep into the subconscious) that everything seems to be in order because there is no foul smell (= real forgiveness would have happened). Often, such games can last for years or even decades and involve many people.

However, the measure of accurate and complete forgiveness is when the other person’s sayings, actions, and omissions do not provoke patterned irritation. You may be annoyed for a moment at a particular detail, but that resentment is within the scope incident. It does not become a confirmation of that person’s “general guilt.”

Energetic forgiveness

Complete forgiveness requires a conscious decision, but it is also necessary to eliminate the energy of accusation or non-forgiveness accumulated in the subconscious, especially its emotional and mental components. A few years ago, when I became conscious of my energetic unforgiveness (I had long orally forgiven everyone), I found the ritual of forgiveness below. I made a firm decision to get rid of blaming others and forgive both others and myself, both consciously and subconsciously. In the course of the daily performance of the ritual, I began to notice.

I became aware of one of the most critical aspects of forgiving the accusation – self-accusation – of the need to forgive oneself first because of what you are doing to others you have already done to yourself. Forgiving yourself makes it much easier to forgive others. In other words, if we don’t stop blaming ourselves and forgive a person “from whom we never leave,” we will not be able to forgive other people truly.

This ritual has two properties – firstly, it invites the spiritual energy that transforms the negative energy created. Secondly, it contains expressions (affirmations) of the type of expressions that help change our mental body’s beliefs. The ritual takes about 40 minutes, and I did it (almost) daily for at least half a year. I can now recall that at one point, the desire to perform a ritual decreased significantly, and I noticed that my tendency to blame others and myself has practically disappeared. I do this exercise once a month just in case, but at the moment, I feel that even if I still have the energy of unforgiveness, the amount is small.

Forgiveness is the primary way to deal with karma.

Being embodied on earth, it is challenging to comprehend the vast network of karmic bonds that binds us to other people and brings many human relationships into our lives. Be it business partnerships or loves that, after the initial euphoria, turn into quarrel and accusation, giving us another potential opportunity for karmic bondage. Interrupt. Often, the opportunity offered to those involved does miss – they do not leave forgiving. Still, the anger and frustration remain glowing in the subconscious, creating a platform for a similar challenge in the next incarnation.

Most (but not all) relationships that begin with love (and other emotional ones) are not made in heaven but caused by karmic bonds created in previous lives, from which only forgiveness does release. Indirect proof of this is the often completely sudden and abrupt transition from the love phase to a conflict phase. Extremely simplified, resolving a karmic love affair in stages looks like this:

1The karmas (+ and -) of the two parties create a strong attraction, which we are used to calling to fall in love, and the parties enter into a close relationship and bind themselves in different ways.

2.A situation arises where one party causes the other party to suffer by its behavior, thereby activating the existing karmic tension and victim-culprit roles.

3The victim must forgive and move on to life – then the karma relationship is resolved (at least the victim is released).

It is a large number of karmic connections that make some people fall in love over and over again. There is nothing wrong with this aspect, but the problem arises when a new pet also starts a sexual relationship. Especially if you are already married and have minor children in the family, a new relationship can lead to an existing relationship family breakdown. The solution would be for lovers to meet but avoid having sex. If it is possible to survive falling in love and divorce amicably, then karma has been resolved, and no new karma has done made for one’s former family and children, which you should then decide in later lives.

Just as there is nothing new in this world but the rediscovery of the old, here I offer the help of the good old Bible to help you get closer to forgiveness

Decree of the Archangel Michael https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZUURHN_41k

Law for Astrea and Purity   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=728e3XylhuA

Invocation of Mother Mary’s incredible forgiveness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFuMsZAmAys

Of course, one of my big favorites is also one of my big favorites, HO’OPONOPONO MANTRA, which is also one of my preferences just because it is so simple but very effective.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGd1F6QoHsw&list=PLbmE20Tjrq2UNtax1sfo8hcsykl2q4sHW&index=88


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