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Steps to stepping outside your comfort zone.


So how do you figure out when it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and take a new look at your life and whether it’s necessary at all?

Our lives are too short, not to do that. One reason for this is that once you have reached a routine in your life that has become very comfortable and is getting boring. Work and home are the only activities you do; then it’s high time to push yourself a little and see what else life offers.

Getting stuck in the past and getting out of the comfort zone

It would help if you did understand that we are no longer who we were yesterday or a few years ago; we are continually evolving. It is important not to get stuck and get stuck; a person must continuously move and develop. If he gets stuck somewhere, things start to get sour; it’s like stagnant water. Comfort zones and a habitually safe environment can become harassing, signaling that human development has stalled and needs to move forward.

First, what to do, first to step out of my comfort zone.

My suggestion would be to go somewhere higher and see what you see and how you see the same things on a higher level. For example, if you drive to work every morning, you see the same cars and houses as every day, then this time you can pick the tallest place on your way and go to the roof and see what you see, what you notice if some trees look different in the way when viewed from above.

Do you see something that you haven’t noticed before, do you see something that fascinates you that you haven’t noticed before, and does the sky look bluer when viewed from the roof of the house or not? Maybe you see a restaurant you’ve noticed before and would like to visit, or you may find out that the lamp shop you’ve been looking for has been on the next street you’ve never been back. Or you discover a new business idea instead.

The extra opportunity could be pointed out to stepping out of my comfort zone.

But go on a trip, not a tourist trap that has already been planned for you, do something different. Not everyone can afford to travel to Hawaii for ten days. But what to do if you happen to have a free day to take a car and start driving without a destination and without knowing where to go and when to return? The goal should be to go where you have never been before and get to know the surroundings.

Or go hiking in the woods, the forest is not for everyone, but I recommend to go to nature and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful weather.

The best medicine to overcome frustration and step out of the comfort zone is

Different experiences from the past (disappointments, bad sayings, feelings of inferiority, fears, condemnation, etc.) can hinder our development throughout our lives. The cure for this is simple: one of the most potent tools is forgiveness. Many people think that the wrong person does not deserve such a good deed. But you do a good deed to yourself, the stone falls from your heart, and when it has failed, you feel incredible lightness. But forgiveness must be real, not just an empty word. Forgiveness must come deep within you so you can feel how it worked. It is like breaking free from the oppressive situation.

Forgiving is made easier by the fact that you don’t have to meet someone in real life. You can meaningfully go back to that situation and forgive the person who did too much to you. Let’s be honest; this person probably didn’t know what pain he was doing to you. He was perhaps tangled, stressed, tense, scared, and so on. At that moment, he behaved that way because he could not know otherwise. But remember that forgiveness is a good deed for you; it does not mean that you should trust the person who let you down again.

If you have wronged someone in the past, apologize to them in the same way and your heart. If possible, do it realistically; believe me, he appreciates it!


I happened to hear about this experiment a long time ago what I want to share with you. It does intend for introverts, but at the same time, it is suitable for everyone to try. This experiment includes the following.

When a group of people had gathered the next morning, people did state that now it was the case that you would leave all your personal belongings here at the class table and go, no money, no mobile phone, no smoke, and no water allowed. Next, people did tell to go to the bus and get about 10 kilometers to the train station center.

They did put so kilometers apart from the train station, each in a different place, that it would not all be together, and it was clear that this is now the case. You have to start without money and everything, and whoever gets it back will get $ 1,000. Now think of the introverted people in the middle of the train station and nothing they have to rely on next. There was no money to return, no water or smoke who were smokers or cell phones, and were thrown into gold water very cruelly.

The question is, what would you do in such a situation.

One of the younger girls immediately began to cry hysterically and thought she would die immediately. Others still immediately picked up anxiety about what to do then.


The experimenters watched them remotely for what they were doing. One of the men then left because it seemed that no one would come to his rescue while staying and decided to go to the train station and look around for what could happen next. He was the one who was a smoker; of course, he had a craving for smoke that would reduce his anxiety. He looked from a distance, there were smokers at the railway station door, gathered himself and asked for a cigarette, from whom he asked was not against and kindly shared. It was the first time in his life that this man started a conversation with a stranger. He was surprised.


A man from the group who couldn’t do anything went to the train station, wandered there for a while, and saw nothing would happen. He walked for a time and noticed an ad looking for people for their mascot. In this case, it was a chicken; he gathered his courage and went to a fast-food restaurant and had himself hired as a chicken for a couple of hours. It was a solution for him to get back.

Opera singer

One of the women in the group who was afraid of people but an excellent singer came to a solution when she had reached the railway station and then watched a young violinist play and in front of her was an open suitcase where people threw money. He looked at him for so a few hours and thought it was the only way he could get back. There was nothing left; he took a paper cup from the cafe and stood where the violinist had been before, and closed his eyes tightly, and began to sing. And what came out of her mouth was pure arias from Madame Butterfly. Of course, the people stopped and listened devotedly, and in half an hour, he had the money to drive back. He went back to school by taxi, not by train.

The smoker

I met one of the younger men in the group and looked around to see what I could do. As the smoker had become a little more courageous, they offered to wash the dishes in the fish restaurant. So they got the money for the return trip.

The girl who burst into hysterical crying was so traumatized that the passers-by called the police, and from there, she did not go back to school now made note that parents about this police department.

One of the men decided to go back on foot; in the meantime, he did pick up because he was short of fluid.

Who do you think won that $ 1,000?

I would have offered that opera to a woman, but in fact, the smoker won with her younger partner and split the victory in half.

The moral of this story for me is that introverts should not remain constrained to such difficult challenges.

But if you are an extrovert or an extremist, you should not lack ideas about making your life more exciting.

Set a goal to learn a new foreign language

However, it takes at least a year to learn a foreign language. Courses are the ones where you can start, although this is not the best solution. The best solution would be.  Finding a new friend in the original language and watching movies and television in that language. That’s how I learned English.


4 thoughts on “Steps to stepping outside your comfort zone.”

  1. You have detailed scenarios in exemplifying how to get out of your comfort zone and people reading your article will really relate and find ways to start how to step out of their struggles.

    Sometimes we are afraid of trying new things. But it is amazing and comforting to know that we can when we conquer our fear and try.

    For most that I have encountered, 7 days, 1 month or two, they are very aggressive. But soon, the excitement declines and go back to old habits. I am not excuse with this. But finding strength and guidance with God, being positive of His good direction and gifts for you, the will power to explore the better gifts waiting for you is sustained.

  2. I believe this is a very eye opening article. We all have things that hold us back because we think with a narrow mind. When faced with seemingly impossible situations the vast majority of us will use our unthought of skills to get through it.the more we challenge ourselves the more we will grow in our lives.


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