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Sonus complete for tinnitus medication.

When I started researching this Sonus Complete product, I discovered that behind this product is real flesh and the bone person who for many years suffered from Tinnitus and tried to get help from many sides.

However, he did not find help anywhere. He worked in a library where books and research—gathered books and restarts with a medical background. Then, after a very unpleasant incident, he began to investigate what was going on.


These are his own words.

Almost three years ago, I held a gun in my head, ready to fire my brains, while my whole family watched in horror.

It was my 53rd birthday party, and the ringing in my ears was so excruciatingly loud that when my wife and children started singing “happy birthday,… I lost it completely.

I went straight to the lower-left drawer, pulled out my secret Glock 29, and read 3, 2, 1

But the last time I looked into my son’s tears, my hand began to shake so hard that I dropped my gun.

The moon went dangerously near my wife’s cheek and went through the ceiling.

Of course, I never wanted to scare my family like that.

And I NEVER forgive myself for taking this nightmare scene.

But it was this exact moment that sent me on a completely unexpected 2-year journey through a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry controlled by the government and elite societies in a dark stomach.

And finally, I will guide you to discover a completely natural and inexpensive method that will allow you to clean your hearing again.

Hi, my name is Gregory Peters, and the incredible story you hear is 100% true.

How MENSA members together with government officials sneak rid of tinnitus and recharge their brains.

And how exactly it will help you FINALLY achieve a worthy peace of mind in less than three weeks from today.

So as you know, my name is Gregory Peters.

I am 56 years old and live in a small town near Stanford, California.

I have now been a medical librarian at one of the largest universities in the United States for over 30 years.

Medical librarians do quite a lot of what a typical librarian does, with one crucial exception: Â We work with health-related materials.

That’s why I often meet and help hundreds of brilliant doctors, students, and experts in alternative medicine with their research.

Not only that, but I’ve seen some medical breakthroughs and seen life-changing treatments

Of course, none of them are comparable to tinnitus medicine that I will tell you right away.

It all started ten years ago, on Saturday, when I drank morning coffee in the kitchen.

This crippling noise came from somewhere.

I first assumed it was the fridge is broken or something because it was pretty old.

But it wasn’t a refrigerator or anything else around the house.

And although I prayed to God, there was no noise from outside.

It was like the sound of a train braking on the rails, the sound of metal or iron, and it was stuck in my ears, no matter where I went.

After three days, I was already starting to sneak out. I couldn’t sleep well; I couldn’t concentrate, let alone the horrible glances I got from my wife and children when I asked, “Can’t you hear that?”

I’ve heard and read about tinnitus before but refused to believe it was severe, thinking it was just a temporary ear infection.

But after living for four weeks with this horrible ring in my head, I finally decided to go to the doctor, ready to do everything I could to get rid of it.

When he reached the doctor and did send to do all sorts of tests, the endless waits in the corridors of the hospital gave him no answers, but the doctor prescribed him sedatives and antidepressants and shrugged. Help nowhere.


He went home and couldn’t sleep that night and always wondered what to do next when he went to work the next day then realized that he was sitting in the middle of the library where all the medical research and medical books are available. He summed up, which is why he still whistled in his ears and started his research work.

Namely, he finally found one study work that became his savior. He called several neurosurgeons and sent countless emails, but no answer seemed to come.


Steven Campbell was the man who answered him and told him what was going on.

One of the most respected brain specialists answered my call.

This man, Dr. Steven Campbell, was a GENIUS … and I’m not saying this simply because he was a REAL, certified genius, a member of the famous IQ organization MENSA.

His IQ was 159, which is only one point lower than Einstein’s IQ

Honestly, I was a little scared and embarrassed because he was one of the doctors who consulted with me after my suicide attempt to see if I could still work.

But I forgot everything when he said.

“I know how you can solve your problem.

I suggested meeting in the university dining room, but to my surprise, Steven said he would prefer our discussion on the medical campus.

His request was a little strange, but I didn’t think much of it … if he had asked me to meet in the middle of a dessert, I would have liked it!

So we were there, in a small restaurant outside Stanford, and I was so anxious that I could barely breathe.

When Dr. Campbell finally started talking, he did so quietly, almost as if he was afraid someone would hear us.

And after learning his startling secret, I understood why.

He told me he had had tinnitus for YEARS.

And early symptoms of memory loss.

But that he would have overcome all this with a top-secret protocol known only to MENSA members and government officials.

You see. MENSA members are the most intelligent people on the planet, coming from all walks of life, including medicine, the military, politics, science, and technology. Together, they are the government’s most powerful resource.

Think about it now. You have the best “gray matter” on the planet, so do you want something like tinnitus or memory loss that would make it useless?

No. You want these powerful brains to be in perfect shape and more.

That’s why some of the brightest ideas in medicine and science and a government-funded unique formula that wasn’t just for stopping tinnitus – a symptom of brain disease – came together.

But it would also protect their intelligence from all kinds of brain disorders and even increase IQ.

“Why do you think many people end up in MENSA at all? To get access to this treatment, at least that’s why I’ve joined it,” he told me.

Every time Dr. Campbell saw a desperate case of tinnitus like mine, he felt guilty.

This top-secret formula is only available to 3% of the population. Apart from the MENSA brain, only members of the government, politicians, officials of large corporations, and heads of state knew about it.

Hearing all this made my blood boil. No wonder I almost screamed.

“Why isn’t it released? All ten Americans have tinnitus; their lives are a living hell, many of them are severely depressed and thinking about suicide!”

Dr. Campbell explained to me very clearly.

Big Pharma’s controlled tinnitus and memory loss industry reach $ 25 billion. Not to mention all those fancy supplements that can increase your brain potential or all the expensive headache medications.

How does it work, and why does it work so incredibly well?

Pay attention immediately, as the following information comes from a top-secret medical study that is not accessible to the general public:

Here is a brief and detailed explanation of all the secret ingredients used and how they work.

After intensive laboratory testing, they are 100% effective ONLY in this formula, specially calculated and adjusted to give the best possible result against tinnitus and brain damage.

STEP 1: Your hearing will become apparent as the brain networks heal and the nervous system calms down.

So your tinnitus is driving you crazy, and you can’t stand it for a moment. MENSA researchers have chosen hibiscus and hawthorn as the “first aid duo” to lower the sound from the first days.

That is because this emergency team repairs rapidly buzzing brain networks. Hibiscus also “cools” the entire nervous system, while the hazel berry sweeps panic attacks.

There are 232 species of hibiscus and over 1,000 hazel berries, but only one of each species can soothe tinnitus so quickly.

STEP 2: Restore your quiet mind as your brain networks strengthen and become indestructible.

Inserting the olive leaves may take a little longer, but this is one ingredient that will make the tinnitus run while helping your brain networks become more robust than steel.

Not only that but as several laboratory tests have shown, olive leaves also act as a ruthless double defendant. A guardian of the brain protects him from fatal problems and a guardian of the ears who protects them from infections.

STEP 3: If your damaged brain cells do repair quickly, your memory will be stronger than ever.

Niacin or B3 is vital for every part of the body because it has an incredible power to repair DNA.

Because your brain networks were “broken,” your brain cells did not connect properly, resulting in considerable damages that dramatically increased the risk of memory loss.

However, niacin makes it impossible to repair YEARS of brain damage.

After ten days of treatment, patients with severe memory loss began to recover their memory, and their thinking and behavior improved significantly.

Adding garlic strengthens your memory and fights dementia.

That is also the phase when you say goodbye to fatigue, sleepless nights, dizziness, and cerebral palsy.

STEP 4: As the cells recover, you will feel that your brain does overcharge.

That is when your mind begins to become superpowers.

Vitamins B12, B6, and Buchu leaves are like steroids for the brain. As you age, your brain becomes smaller. But not with these three ingredients, as they grow your brain, ignite connections, and help rejuvenate cells.

The brain of “tinnitus” that made you a vegetable can become more than ten years younger, and you think faster, better, more transparent.

STEP 5: Don’t worry about tinnitus and brain damage anymore because your brain is training for perfect health.

Finally, MENSA researchers found that the formula protects the brain from tinnitus, memory loss, or other debilitating conditions by combining green tea, juniper berries, uva, ursi, and vitamin C.

When juniper berries and uva ursi cleanse your brain of toxins, green tea helps to multiply nerve connections, and vitamin C protects tinnitus, memory loss, and tumors.

The rules of “old age,” where your mind and memory begin to fall, remain so far from this point. Another thing that makes the formula unique: all the ingredients had to come from the purest sources and in the most effective forms. Only in this way can they quickly enter the brain and be absorbed almost immediately.

Initially, Dr. Campbell was afraid to share this top secret, which could easily fight tinnitus in a few days.

And I understood why this unique formula, used by only a select few, was never meant to be distributed to the general public.

But because he couldn’t see as many desperate cases of tinnitus as I did when he knew a more accessible way out and because he was ready to retire and leave MENSA, Dr. Campbell agreed to do the impossible.

As far as I was looking, I did not find any contraindications to this supplement, and there were no age restrictions anywhere. 100% natural and pesticide-free.

They have to offer packages at different prices.

One pottle is total 69 $

Three bottles are total 59/ 177 $

Six pottles is is total 49/ 294 $ 30% discount


5 thoughts on “Sonus complete for tinnitus medication.”

  1. Hi ,thank you for sharing this .My grandpa has been saying exactly the same thing ,he hears the noise in his right hear .I am glad i found this post and discovered this medication .The pricing is not bad also ,especially when someone buys 6 all at once .Really thank you for this post ,I am glad i found this .I am also going to share this with my friends ,i am sure this is going to help someone.Nice post!

  2. The symptoms of tinnitus include noise in the ears, such as ringing, roaring, buzzing, hissing, or whistling. The noise may be intermittent or continuous. Most of the time, only the person who has tinnitus can hear it, so I understand the glances this guy got from his wife and children when he asked, “Can’t you hear that?”

  3. Interesting post but a bit hard to follow.

     I am a tinnitus sufferer and have put up with it years. I see you have another post on bad decisions, which I will look at soon. They say tinnitus is one reason tinnitus sufferers make bad decisions !.

    Is there any data on pineapples being a help for tinnitus, I have heard that somewhere. I do eat a lot of pineapple, which does seem to give me some relief, but not consistently. 

    A good topic thanks.  


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