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List of bad health habits.

If you are only 20 then it is the best time to develop your healthy habits for life if you are still young, making changes is easier than in old age. Healthy lifestyles set up as a younger age guarantee you better health in old age, which is very easy to say, but if you have to start working on your own, comfort often wins. if we still feel wild when we are young then today’s decisions will affect us directly for the rest of our lives. we are none of us perfect and we all make mistakes it is good if we are ready to make changes in our lives is scientifically proven that certain behaviors are related to your well-being that negatively affect you and cause suffering now and later in life

All it takes to ensure you’re giving yourself the best chance as long, happy life, is breaking some bad health habits we’re all inclined to give in to. Simple choices you make today will set you up for future success, tomorrow and beyond. Here are the habits you need to ditch, and how to break them.

Not getting enough sleep

one of the biggest bad habits that comes up as a young age is not sleeping for as least 8 hours in a row 8 hours of proper sleep which ensures you have full concentration for the next day is especially necessary as a young age I give the impression of being philosophizers but it is true have not slept for as least 7 hours the night before then the next day your performance ability decreases to 30%.not sleeping properly affects the levels a mood and your immune system hormones the reduces your ability to focus.

break: should make sure that you can sleep properly, it is recommended to avoid drinking coffee as least 6 hours before going to bed.if you go to sleep you should remove all obstacles, for example, to watch your favorite TV shows late as night during the week and remove the laptops from the bedroom so that you do not fall asleep in bed with it.

Evening routines before going to bed are very good and also doing a little stretching exercise will not hurt you..turn off the bright light, leaving only a mood light or a dark room completely to fall asleep faster and if you have trouble falling asleep then it helps to choose a certain time at the same time each day to do all the procedures for washing gymnastics and if you still do not come to sleep then it would be recommended to use an hour before bed going to Valerian tablets which are among the innocent.

Forget to put SPF cream

It is a certain fact that if you forget to use sunscreen, horrible things can happen, it is one of the simplest health habits, but it is still forgotten too often. if you do not use sunscreen properly or do not use it as all then in your twenties you risk sunburn which is completely avoidable sunscreen is important not only in a cosmetic sense but in the future you will thank you later that you protected yourself from broken blood vessels in the face and also from wrinkles

break: train yourself to use sunscreen every day even if it seems superfluous, if you wear makeup then the foundation should include sun protection.

We drink too little water

how to make it so that we run enough water if you feel that your skin is too dry then you are dehydrated it is the first sign that drinks to the bottom. Staying dehydrated has many benefits that affect you instantly it helps you get rid of toxins and also kidney function is better, keeps your muscles and bones in better working order, and keeps you motivated and your memory sharp. Drinking enough water will make your body better which is extremely positive and it is necessary that you drank a few glasses of water a day more.

break: carry a bottle of water and take note that you drink the water regularly. You should drink as least four to six glasses of water a day. One tried and tested way is how to tell if you have been drinking enough water is if you are monitoring the color of your urine if it is light yellow then everything is fine but if your urine is darker than you should drink more water.you may be surprised what water does to your body if you drink it enough it will affect your good mood and also your general physique

What happens if you don’t eat in the morning

You’ve probably heard from parents that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you’re young you often sleep well until the last minute when you drink coffee in the morning and often only eat as lunch or, in the worst case, only in the evening. skipping breakfast can have serious consequences. It is scientifically proven why breakfast is important it puts your metabolism to work and improves your mental functioning and encourages you to make better and more active choices later on.

break: take time in the morning to make yourself a small meal it shouldn’t be a full meal that you eat as lunch but a small energy booster make something light and immediately edible.

You must be with yourself for a while to relieve stress.

If you feel that stress is accumulating then you must find a healthy way out of it. Regular stress changes your health and body. If you can’t relieve this stress, it can lead to depression.a high-stress lifestyle can lead to a change in hormonal balance and also increase blood pressure and blood sugar, lower immunity and certainly affect your mood

break: you should use stress-reduction activities to help you reduce it and what you enjoy will make it your daily routine there are a lot of scientifically proven tools for this, for example, daily meditation in both morning and evening sports but not very tiring, yoga is the best solution here or walking in good weather is the main thing to do it for you, except eating too much

Partying and excessive alcohol

alcohol causes health problems such as interfering with your immune system. Excessive alcohol consumption for a long time causes damage to your liver and raises your blood pressure and can lead to depression

break: There is no double-mindedness here, don’t drink alcohol even though I’m not against alcohol, however, overconsumption is a problem here.before you go somewhere out where alcohol is offered then make a small plan to avoid drinking too much. How many alcoholic drinks do you consume in the evening and stick to it and between each drink a glass of water that will help out the poisons


It goes without saying that smoking does not do you any good health. Among the many bad things that smoking affects your body is it damages your skin.it adversely affects sex and getting offspring and causes diabetes and cancer

break: you should quit not only for health reasons but there are many good reasons to quit smoking early when you are young it is a long and difficult process but it is worth it

If you do not take care of your  oral hygiene properly

there is no better time than now to start dental care. Note if your chompers are still there when you need them years later now you should spend as least two minutes more to care for your teeth today.there is usually a reason for the dentist to say why not use dental floss, even if you use dental floss then often after the wrong time next time ask yourself to show you how to use dental floss correctly. if it is not your habit then be sure to add in the evening before going to sleep

break: enter the need for dental floss and every morning and evening before brushing your teeth.if your mouth feels like the smell of minty, then you will never miss floss again. Make an appointment with your dentist and visit him every six months

Going to bed without taking off makeup

Another habit that should be included in your daily routine, all kinds of bad things can happen if you do not wash your face with premature aging, makeup clogs pores, not washing eyelashes can cause many eye irritations. Makeup does not allow free radicals to move.even if you don’t use makeup, it’s still important to wash your face to remove excess oil and never know what you’ve been touching with your hands during the day.


.You are divine never forget it.


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