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If you want something-truly want from the bottom of the heart.

A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.”
— Robert Bulwer-Lytton

Why does it still happen that it will not happen if we want something or someone, or if it happens, we will lose it soon. My personal experience says that even if you want something and you end up getting it, it won’t last for some reason. However, this is not always the case in most cases.

I want to share a story that isn’t over yet.

Namely, I have a massive passion for cars, both for driving them and for repairing them, and also for how to clean a vehicle. It started when I bought myself my first car, a three-door little Wv golf; I was about to burst into happiness and fell in love with that small car on the spot as I first saw it.

Car number two

That love lasted for two years until I did force to demolish it. The next car was a little bigger golf, a perfect vehicle I had driven in in a total of 12 years. Its fate, too, was to go to demolition. Until then, my passion for cars had only grown by the time I knew so much about cars, and I’m sure I know more about cars than the average woman. I can only identify a lot of car brands by looking at them. In the meantime, over the past 12 years, I have learned a great deal about cars, how they work and how they move, which fuel to use and which tires are suitable to drive in a given season, and so on.

When I was looking at the new car, I got a good luck badge, which would turn out to be a happy chance. Namely, I won 10,000 kroons, which in today’s currency is about 1,000 euros. I had never won anything in my life before. This money went to the first installment of car leasing.

The time has come for me to say goodbye to my perfect car and start buying a new car. This time I looked at many cars and went on a test drive, I don’t have a brand preference, but life has shown that the only vehicles I have acquired in my life have been Wlksvagen golf. I am honored to have four cars in them.

The story of Nissan.

Suppose I had been researching this car on the internet for several days, I was ready to call to arrange a driving time. During three days in a row, I studied this car and already imagined driving around and how I was already doing the papers. When I started calling the next day, something strange happened to me. I even had the phone number in my phone contacts, and I was ready to scream. The gases started to rotate in my stomach, and I somehow got so anxious that I don’t call until I didn’t yell at all during the day. And that Nissan stayed there. I didn’t become the owner of the Nissan. Later, I wondered why I received such a warning.

Car number three.

When I got home in the evening, I was so tired that I didn’t start looking for new cars online, but the next day when I started searching again, I found the car I had been looking for, which later became mine. It took me a week to do the paperwork, and finally, I drove home with my light blue dream.

Although I was proud of my new car, my relatives and friends came to visit, and we celebrated when I got home. When I went to work the next day, my co-workers came to admire my car and wish me luck. Because the difference between an old car and a new car was so significant that it seemed like I was in the Stone Age today. I shared pictures of my new car on social media, and I was thrilled and satisfied and very proud that I could do it.

Why am I saying that if you want something from the bottom of your heart, it’s a double-edged sword?

For six months, I was able to ride my new light blue dream. If one fine day I still remember the lovely weather was in October when the day before I had a runny nose, so in the morning, I was always wondering if I would go to work at all or not. However, I decided to go, and later, when my runny nose got worse and worse, my head was like fog, I finally decided to ask myself an hour before the working day.

I hurried home because I felt terrible, but I was still able to focus on driving. I had gone three kilometers when it happened, the car in front braked so sharply that I couldn’t react and moved in from behind. So crazy that my car airbags exploded, and the whole car cabin was full of white dust coming from the airbags for a few seconds. I guess I didn’t see anything and then couldn’t breathe because it hit my throat, and I started coughing.


I probably didn’t understand what had happened when a man ran out of the car in front and opened the door of my car; then I could breathe a little. I still coughed for 10 minutes before I could say a word. The next thing happened very quickly after we both finished the papers, and I ordered a tug and called another friend who came after me. And so the story ended the more I never saw my light blue dream.

One moment and my beautiful car were gone. It was a horrible experience. I have to mention that the accident did not happen at all as I have seen in the movie, but it is ten times worse in real life. Nothing happened to me, but I lost the car, for which I had worked very hard. What happened next was that I had no choice but to start using public transport. It was not a very pleasant experience as I could not buy a new car right away because I was waiting for an insurance decision. I hadn’t used public transport for about 17 years, and it was very unfamiliar and slow.

Here is the place in my life where I learned that if you want something with all your heart and you finally get it, it will still happen so that it wishes to do taken away from you. / why is expecting at the bottom of the heart like a double-edged sword /?

Law of attractions.

To talk about it better and more clearly, I have to start a little behind. About a year before the accident, I happened to hear about something like the law of attraction but didn’t believe it. I was very skeptical about such things. But still, it bit me; I took it as good entertainment. Since my English had improved so much by that time, I started to hear from different people about youtube and how they talked about what happened to them as they implemented the law of attraction more thoroughly in their lives.

About a week after the accident, I sat online again in the morning the weekend was. So I watched one and the other until I came across a video that talked about exactly what happens when you want something very much and it happens that you get it and then you still lose it. The man who talked about it had experienced almost the same things as me.

A-haa moment.

Although he was the manager or owner of a show I don’t remember exactly, It seemed like to one in his story, he worked somewhere on tv and wanted terribly to get his show he had been dreaming about for years. When he then finally got it then all sorts of accidents started to happen. There was a water accident in his entire studio so that he couldn’t film there for at least a week, and much more, one of the spotlights fell two seconds after he got up from that chair.

Then he realized that something must be very wrong if he did what he wanted to do for a lifetime, and still as if fate were against him. That thought didn’t leave him, and he would look for an answer as to why. He went home and started researching less scientific materials at first, and later sci-fi things came into play until he came up with an article where he got an answer.

Everything in this life is energy.

It became apparent to him that everything in this life is energy. If you continuously think about something and become an obsession in your life, you may turn that thing into negative energy. However, you don’t see it that way. Next, if you want something but still don’t believe that you get it and don’t value it, and don’t think you are worth it, then it may happen that you don’t get it. As a further recommendation, do not be naive and superficial about your dreams. I listened to the story as if I did tell between lives to happen, so you will be sent a higher message if necessary.

I began to remember the states of mind I felt when I bought this car, how I mourned the old car I had driven for 12 years, how I missed it because I was probably emotionally connected to this car. How did I feel after I bought this new car if I was still worth it? More of these emotions caused me utterly unnecessary stress and that only I was to blame.

Car number four

For three weeks, I used public transport, and then I bought a car number 4. I had buried my dreams for a while, but the first thing I remember from the moment I got home with a new car was I only informed a few friends and wrote on social media that I got re-wheels down. Which I still drive daily

My conclusion is that to dream big, but do not make things big but make these things ordinary everyday. Every time you dream of something, don’t ruin it with your insecurity and negativity.


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  1. A great Article! I do Identify with you, recently I got something that I really wanted so bad, but once I got it a great fear of losing it got to me for somedays and I finally lost it. I believe it is important to stay positive after success because bad thoughts will surely lead to negative energy. I love your concluding words: “Every time you dream of something, don’t ruin it with your insecurity and negativity.” POWERFUL!!! thanks for the great post!



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