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How to live the life you love- 28-day challenge.


You must choose the path of LOVE.

Implementing and maintaining your mindset is the most powerful thing you can do to change the situation. The energy with which you do something counts as much, if not more than your action. Even at the most anxious time of your life, you can achieve abundance. So, we have all been in this challenging scenario, whether you want to grow your business, become financially prosperous, or be healthy.

Staying in the energy of prevention, being in the power of believing, can make the world on the other side of it with less destruction than some predict; this energy is more productive than focusing on doom.

Waiting for the best, keeping the vision, and creating and publishing yourself and the team will improve your energy. It also enhances the life of the surrounding people.

You must choose the path of LOVE instead of FEAR. It requires some training, but you can sometimes see the bigger picture and the critical role this experience offers. in the background

Your job is to stay focused on LOVE, take care of, and see the well-being around you and your loved ones from anything. Keep this room ruthless, and miracles will happen.

Meet your coaches

Tom Yatar and Ania Halama are world travelers who have helped thousands of people attract money, wealth, perfect health, perfect love, mental health, and spiritual wealth.

Tom is a performer, mentor, trainer, and attraction law coach. He is a Certified Reiki Masterclass Level 3, EFT Certified Trainer, NLP Master, Hypnotist, Certified Ho’oponopono Master, Intuitive Angel Card, and Attraction Law Trainer.

Ania is a # Millennial Manifestor, spiritual healer, and world traveler. He is a certified Reiki master 3, a certified Ho’oponopono master, an intuitive angel card, a human design specialist, and an attraction coach.

Tom and Ania are on the right track to help many people get what they want and need in life.

The Six Pillars of Vibrational Wealth are the Foundation of Your Success!


Spiritual Wealth

Reach a powerful state that will free you from all you’re negative thoughts. Spiritual wealth

Life can sometimes be challenging if you are not involved in the spiritual side. Then some life experiences can cause it to separate from another. Often people become so detached from their spirituality that they forget how important it is. Your spiritual connection is essential, and therefore they will teach you how to increase your spiritual wealth.

They help you reach such a powerful state of mind that frees you from your negative thoughts. This way, you can achieve the right results you have wanted.

Ten scientific reasons why meditation is right for you

1. Meditation sharpens attention

2. Long-term practice and consistent meditation increases resilience to stress

3. Meditation increases compassion and makes compassion more effective.

4. Meditation improves mental health; that is a fact.

5. Meditation has a positive effect on your relationship

6. Meditation blocks the negativity of your life

7. Meditation affects your physical health

8. Meditation increases your frequency

to attract great things in your life.

9. Meditation helps with addiction

10. Meditation reduces anxiety.

7 Week Vibrational

Meditation Course

7 Weeks To A Better Version Of You

Through guided meditations to free you from stress, anxiety, depression, and sadness for seven weeks. You’ll become a more stable version of yourself. You’ll change your vibrations and make yourself irresistible to wealth.

If you’re ready to free yourself from day to day negativity and realize the life you’ve always wanted, then this is where you want to start!


Mental Wealth



Reprogram your mind to attract all of your desires.

We all experience stress every day, and this stress affects our mental state. The pressure a silent killer be is called cause it destroys us spiritually. Nobody wants to be stressed all the time, and we want you to be stress-free. That is what we help you do, become a better version of yourself, and increase your spiritual wealth.

Every thought you think, and every word you say is a confirmation. All our self-conversations, internal dialogue, are a stream of affirmations. You affirm and create your life experiences with every word and thought. Why not make them positive. They can help.
Reprogram your mind to attract abundance, health, love, success, gratitude, money, and everything you truly desire!


Emotional Wealth

Learn the power of emotions and how to use them to attract the life you want!

Millions of people worldwide use VFT (perhaps you know it as creator Gary Craig’s “knocking” EFT) to make their lives better and let go of money, emotional stress, pain, addiction, and more.

If you are like many people, you are tired of living a life full of poor health, stress, and financial problems. You feel trapped in the hamster of society, you’ve tried everything, but nothing works. You are tired of helplessness, sadness, anxiety, rejection, and getting stuck. Want to grow and live the lifestyle of freedom you’ve always dreamed of living.


7 Week Vibrational Affirmation Program

Create The Mindset To Change Your Life

You’ll receive new affirmations to melt away the stress, and negativity life throws at you. That will increase your vibration and mindset to allow you to manifest your perfect life.

It will also change your mindset to abundance, success, and gratitude to attract wealth and money.

Physical Wealth

Become a healthier version of you by fixing your vibrations.

Your health is essential. Necessary adversely affect your vibration. Your negative vibrations can also affect your health. Your body had an exceptional fantastic heal itself, and if you blocked the healing energy through it, you could be a healthier version of yourself.

The goal of vibration health is to show you healthier by confirming your vibration. Yoga is a great way to take care of your health. It combines mental, spiritual, and physical wealth to create a balance that increases your body’s energy. The human body and your vibrations develop with this energy.

High Vibrational Challenge

One Month Of Creating Your Law Of Attraction RoutineHave you ever wondered how so many people could use the Law Of Attraction to manifest anything they want so quickly? Yet found yourself struggling to make it work for you consistently?

It doesn’t have to be so hard to attract that positive feeling within. Is your lifeline! With this course, the success you desire will come so much easier. You’ll get coaching and daily emails letting you know that day’s lesson is available. Learn the frequency of successful living with people just like you!

Relational Wealth

Connect with your inner self and deepen your ability to love and feel loved.

Your relationship can have a significant impact on your success. It not only your relationship with others but also your relationship with yourself.

If your relationship creates negative feelings or you can’t love yourself, it will stop your growth. It also violates the vibrations that allow you to attract the life you want.

That means designed to help passionate love you connect with yourself and deepen your ability to love and feel loved, increasing your ability to attract love and healthy relationships.

Financial Wealth

Learn how to start or scale your business with proven methods that will make your business work for you

Attract the wealth you want! Everyday life can create blockages that hinder your ability to attract and express your wealth. Vibrational richness will help you improve your vibration and free you from your blocks. You can find out from two experienced marketers who have already done it themselves.

When I first came to their site, I immediately noticed that financial success was the last, and when I delved into this program, I realized that I had no choice but to agree with them with both hands, and you understood why it was the last. But that’s because if you have the things that come before the money is sufficient, then, in fact, it is much more important than you may want

8 Week Money Block Clearing Coaching Program

Destroy Your Money Blocks In 8 Weeks

Have you ever felt like you work no matter how hard you try, you can’t hold onto money? Or maybe it feels like the more money you make, the faster it’s gone.

The problem isn’t the amount of money you have. You need money block clearing, and this VFT course can help!

After eight weeks you’ll feel more in control of your money and your life!


21-Day Millionaire Bootcamp

Learn Proven Methods That Will Make Your Business Work For You! If you’re looking for actionable methods that you can take without technical know-how and regardless of your time constraints. That is For you! The 21-Day Millionaire Bootcamp will teach you the 3 M’s of success. You’ll learn To market, Motivation, and the Mindset that has created multiple 7 figure businesses. Find out what has worked for many others and learn to make it work.








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