How to deal with negative emotions and stress-weight loss.

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How to deal with negative emotions and stress-weight loss.




What helps to lose weight? Do you train more or do specific exercises? Eat only carbs or give them up altogether? Vegetarian food? A high protein diet? In reality, however, behind it is your emotions that control your beliefs about yourself, your weight, and your value; for many years, I was confident that weight loss would solve all my problems. Once I fit into this dress, I’m happy, and I’m going out. But only after I’ve taken it down. If I don’t look like that, I tried to shrink so that people wouldn’t notice how big I was physical. I still bought books on weight loss, exercise equipment, and diet foods. One day I will be happy, but not today, not until I lose weight.

Doesn’t that seem familiar? Losing weight has become an obsession in our culture today, as evidenced by the fact that weight loss has grown into a billion-dollar industry. Every day when you break up the internet, you will see ads you have to do specific exercises for 15 minutes a day, and after a month, you look like a model in the picture.

If you weigh 20 and more pounds that in a month, you will not acquire this plan properly. I know how hard it is to do arm bends when I was overweight. These quick plans assume you’re in shape when you start your workout. So why doesn’t anything work? So why, despite your strong desire to lose weight, can’t you get rid of your excess weight permanently? What is clear is that something has happened overlooked here, a secret trick that would make your body something to be proud of – but what is it? Should we train more or do some specific exercises instead? Should you eat only carbohydrates or give them up altogether? Vegetarian food? A high protein diet?

Here can be summed up in two words: your emotions.

Your emotions control your beliefs about yourself, your weight, and your value. Have you found yourself in a situation where tomorrow I will start eating healthier and that my hand will grab the first box of cookies. Ups, I did it again. Your emotions are the driving force behind every action you take. You may know what you “should” do, but you don’t because your emotions mislead you. Emotions such as anger, jealousy, and resentment, these emotions rob you of your best intentions and affect you profoundly on a biological level.

That should be talked about, although we usually do not. We hear so much about nutrition and exercise, but why not talk about cortisone’s overproduction, the so-called ‘stress hormone,’ directly linked to abdominal obesity? Relevant research is available, but we believe that weight loss depends only on proper nutrition and increased exercise load. If we fail to do that, we will blame our genes – or worse, we will believe that there is inherently something wrong with us. I felt something was very wrong with me. I hid it with a smile and a desire to please all my loved ones, but behind closed doors, I tried to hide the crumpled candy papers in the trash with crumpled clean paper towels that would have exposed my sweet tooth.

Like many women who are ashamed of their bodies and weight, I was an emotional eater. My biggest problem was the childhood hormonal treatment that came out as a teenager; I just ate and couldn’t get full. Today I would go out on the street to protest against hormonal therapy and how lightly it is used in women to treat problems.

Through this, I want to share my latest discovery. Jessica Ortner in “Tapping Solutions – Weight Loss and Physical Confidence” offers a whole new method. Here’s a small section on how Shi discovered knocking for himself.

Fortunately, in 2004, my older brother Nick Ortner introduced me to knocking, also called EFT knocking. Here is a stress-reduction technique that involves tapping the acupuncture points. The tapping finally put an end to the insanity that had guided my weight loss and physical confidence journey until that. Although, to be quite honest, the first time I heard about it, knocking myself seemed insane to me. Fighting weight was a big part of what I thought I was, but I was also ashamed of and always tried to hide.

Even though I had lost a few pounds after weeks of extreme diet and exercise, my thoughts never lost weight and what I was and hadn’t eaten. Even in my “slender” periods, I did not find peace or happiness.

As I later realized, my weight obsession had wholly blinded me, and I couldn’t see what was happening beneath the outside. Like many of the women I teach and train today, I was used to believing that weight loss depended primarily on willpower. For years, I proved that I had been born into this world without the will that nature – I was sure of – had kindly shared with slender people. Even after years of researching personality development, I rarely, if ever, wondered how my emotions could affect my weight struggle.

I think I found a soulmate who completely understands what I mean. I have been dealing with weight loss for 20 years and realized that it is a weight loss and mental satisfaction with oneself and values. If you do not respect yourself, your love will not come if you are overweight and weigh less.

You will find new mistakes and still not be happy with your life. I didn’t know anything about the knocking system before. I started regular meditation about three years ago; my satisfaction with life changed. I get rid of the bad habits that bothered me for a long time, continuous anxiety if I still did everything right, if I am still good enough, etc.; there were quite a few of these anxiety triggers which were a vital source of stress.

But very much, I was to blame myself because my rethinking was too substantial a habit. When I finally got to meditation that things started to get better. I finally managed to let things go and be myself and start creating new values in life. I hope that this article will help you understand that weight loss alone is not a problem but a mental readiness to solve these problems together.

You are all divine beings. Never forget that.


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  1. Hi 👋
    I have been hearing a lot about tapping or knocking lately. It appears to be working wonders for people.
    I do think emotions impact a persons belief in themselves. Working out and seeing results helps fuel me to workout even more.

    Great advice!!


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