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Healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle.

You should first understand what habit means at all. By definition, it means doing the same thing repeatedly every day, such as brushing your teeth or eating. Whatever you do to maintain your health,

you will only achieve your goals through repetition. Running once a year for a half-marathon will result in a surge of endorphins at best or an injury at worst. On the other hand, walking 30 minutes or jogging several times a week all year round works wonders for your quality of life and health.you should first choose which habit you want to deepen.ideally in favor of any habit you decide you should not choose before a new habit is first when the first one is fully integrated

First, you would like to choose a meditation that will help put your head in order and help you better cope with stress

1.Meditation why, to help you achieve a better mental preparation for your goals than you think or meditate every morning and before going to bed, what do you look like in the future or whatever your purpose is, imagining it daily will change your better understanding.

2. You should stop generating negative thoughts just stop. A little trick in any situation that has affected you negatively should find at least one positive fact to focus on so you can get rid of rethinking and focus only on positive things. practicing positive thinking is not as easy as we think it will take before you can do it.

Every time you feel that negativity starts to come up then by consciously pushing it down you can win it but you have to practice it first. things that have negatively affected me should be picked up from your surroundings and put in a place where you do not see them daily. stop watching TV especially the news read instead or watch TV only on the weekend. deal with things that make you feel good


3. We should come up with a plan on how to start implementing this habit. when making a plan don’t expect it to come up with a plan in my head today and start living it. I guarantee you will think of new things tomorrow. You should use either a calendar or an electronic whiteboard, there are many. I have found that the best choice is a whiteboard where you can write with a marker. In the beginning, there is no need to make long plans, a week’s planning.

Every little thing you want to do is written down, but still what you imagine where you end up wanting to be written on the board in the biggest letters. I know at first it’s even weird to write down the things you do anyway without planning them, but the point of that thing is that you also write down new habits that you want to do every day. In front of you and think consciously see what I all managed to do when you pull off the goals you have achieved all the time it gives you new strength to continue to do better and better.

4.consciously choosing what you want to change for yourself.if it is an example is that you want to get rid of extra pounds. I do not agree to start a full-time workout immediately..a little by little, even walking in the fresh air for an hour in fine weather outweighs the need for a daily workout. if you choose to go to a fitness workout where you have to do exercises at a fast pace that you are not used to doing then it usually ends with the first hour being the last.

A bicycle would be a bit safer in this case, although you have to follow one rule which is these weird pampers pants which are one of the most important parts when riding a bike. another danger is if you go riding against a strong wind then you can also go so that you leave the riding of the bike broken, riding against the wind tires even the big masters not to mention the beginner.yoga would be a more sensible choice for an initial workout. what can be done successfully in your home..do not be afraid when choosing yoga when you see those yogis who are super advanced who have practiced one pose for maybe 10 years. start with simpler exercises that do not overload you too it would be advisable to go to a workout where the teacher shows how to do the posture correctly points out how to take the right posture.it is not very difficult.


5. Changing eating habits is the hardest part.nutrition is such a personal topic that no one can tell what works best for you or what doesn’t. There are certain established habits every person has in his or her great favorites which he or she is not willing to give up. even if they are harmful to him. When you think that you can no longer eat what you want it causes you stress. for example, I had a long time problem with the stomach went up in the evening full of swelling and gas, did not understand why, but later it turned out that sitting at work for 8 hours in a row and drinking coffee with milk was the reason.

I have lactose intolerance and it turns out that coffee is not suitable for me either. one day I was so bad to be that after that I don’t drink any more coffee. Today I drink a mixture of green and black tea and I feel good. the first day after finishing I got such headaches and I felt like my brain was in the water, after the third day it got lighter and I don’t want coffee here anymore. I want to say that people are so different that there is no single answer here which is a healthy diet. but we can consciously make healthier choices. choosing this raw material more carefully and preparing food at home which gives benefits that you will at least know what you are eating.

6.hygiene to practice daily activities of facial cleansing properly both in the morning and in the evening and also body care should not forget me helped here at choosing either one luxurious product that made me in a good mood and did not miss the maintenance procedures.luxury does not mean that you buy the most expensive thing which store you see only you choose really what you like.

I think you’re divine never forget that


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