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Health benefits of gratitude



It is the healthiest of all

human emotions. The more you

express gratitude for what you

have, the more likely you will

have even more to express

gratitude for. – Zig Ziglar

Feeling Gratitude is the easiest way to achieve in life exactly what you really want to achieve.

Gratitude as a feeling is the best thing every person can do and create for themselves. If we can be grateful for the things and people in our lives, and use the feeling of gratitude that comes from the bottom of your own heart. Then we can be happy.

The heart had to be a smarter organ than the brain. Today, scientists know that it is the heart, the organ on which our physical and mental health depends most directly. The heart emits electromagnetic waves and creates a powerful field around the heart that affects other organs, all the cells in the body. The more harmonious the heart’s energy, the more harmonious the rest of the body works, the more energy and power we have.

When we feel gratitude, we are detached from the pressures of our daily lives and our EGO. And we can let go of our needs or get something we don’t already have.

Joni’s story.

However, if you still can’t feel grateful, I’d like to share one story. This story tells of a young man saying his name is Jon. His story begins at an early age because he did not live in the best conditions and his parents’ relationships were very bad because his father had lost his job and could not take responsibility for taking care of his family and started drinking, and when he drank he often attacked his mother.

Because he was very tender, he could not understand why his father was hitting his mother, he is so big, and he felt terribly guilty that he could not protect his mother when he was only 5.6 years old. He felt terribly humiliated and had trouble wetting the bed. Of course, the mother tried to protect the child from this problem and brought her several pairs of panties before she went to school so that the boy could survive at least the school-day.

But then his classmates found out, and it was the scariest experience of his life. His father also teased him about the problem. However, he was the cause of the problem. This problem was psychological but grew chronic. Whenever something unpleasant happened to Jon, he had a drop of trousers that he couldn’t control. It lasted the whole of elementary school.

When Jon had graduated from elementary school, he realized that he no longer wanted to live with the problem. His father had found work again, and they could afford better living conditions and moved out of the area, and his father stopped drinking. Father became Jon’s greatest supporter.

Since he was no longer a little boy, the problem became so unpleasant that the whole family started looking for help. They found a very helpful psychologist, but the problem had become chronic, so he recommended going to the surgeon. The doctor did him a small incision that lasted only half an hour.

After the operation, Jon’s life changed completely, he no longer felt worthless, and he was able to move on with his life, feeling like a full-fledged person. When Jon went to the doctor after the check-up, he received the answer that everything was fine. If you could only imagine Jon’s face shining like the sun, and the Doctor was very pleased, he said, that’s why I became a surgeon to see such bright faces that make my heart warm.

When he went to the new school in the fall, he was more confident than e. To this day, he has left this problem behind and lives a happy life with his family, and he became a Marine.

This story’s moral is that if you want to achieve something good, you will start to solve it. Do not wait until the problem has become chronic.

Be grateful for what you have.

What to be grateful for in your life.

You can be grateful for so many things, even things that seem instantly so mundane and elementary to you.

You have a warm room where you have a refrigerator so that you run the tap with clean and hot water every hour whenever you want. Gratitude can be found at any time and in the surrounding person.

How to practice gratitude

You can practice it very; differently, you can write down all the things you are grateful for. I know this list will be extremely long, and not being able to separate everything from the more important ones.

If you have never done this in your life, it may seem a little annoying and even unpleasant. My suggestion would be to write at the beginning only the 3 most important things you have and then do it every morning and evening before going to bed. Make it a small ritual in your life.

Gratitude EXERCISE

Focus on your heart area and breathe calmly and evenly, a little deeper than usual (5-6 seconds in and 5-6 seconds out).

Imagine you are breathing through your heart. You breathe calmly and deeply, and the air moves through your heart.

Continue to breathe through your heart and, at the same time, recall a time when you were feeling well when your heart was light and full of gratitude. It can be a beautiful place, a good friend, or a pet dear to you. Feel grateful; grow that feeling as strong as possible within yourself! Note that your body becomes calm and relaxed. Satisfaction fills your mind.

At first, this writing somehow seems like a waste of time and a pointless activity. In that sense, you can still repeat and repeat as long as you start believing it.

For example, if your biggest wish is to get a new car, then, in that case, it could be the following. Imagine that you are sitting in your car feeling good-looking around and watching the armature you remember some stories about it, and you start to smile, look around, and another story comes to mind with the gear lever, etc.

Then you look at your hand, and you sit down, get behind the wheel, and you’re thrilled. You drive home for the first time in your new car; all the neighbors come to greet you and pat you on the shoulder and say a good job. I’m sure you’ll see the same dream car on the road, or somewhere in the parking lot, at least 5 times the next day.

Suppose you need more money than, there could be the following. My recommendation would be to treat money as a bad thing; money is in your life so that you can enjoy life, and it is always enough. If you are short of money, then you should be grateful for what you have. A little suggestion if you happen to find a penny somewhere, then pick it up and put it in a special place and say you’re my lucky money. And every time you hold it in your hand, you feel like you are the richest person in the world.

Gratitude is all that is not taken for granted.

1. Waking up in the morning this morning light for your life and strength. Today for your food and joy of life. If you see no reason to be grateful, it is your fault. Tecumseh, leader of the Shawnee Indians

2. In expressing gratitude, we must never forget that the most important thing is not to say these words but to live by them. John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

3. As I began to count the blessings I had received, my whole life changed. Willie Nelson, singer, and songwriter

4. Think about your current blessings, which each person has many, but not the past failures that each person has. Charles Dickens, writer

5. We can say that we are alive only when our hearts are aware of our treasures. Thornton Wilder, writer, and playwright

6. Gratitude is a vaccine, antidote, and antiseptic. John Henry Jowett, clergyman, and writer

7. Gratitude is wealth. Deafness is poverty. Songbook of Christian Science

8. From time to time, our own fire goes out and is re-ignited by someone else’s spark. Each of us has reason to think with deeper gratitude to those who have kindled a flame in us. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize winner, physician, missionary, and philosopher

9. A grateful heart is constantly a feast day. W.J. Cameron, journalist, and businessman

10. No obligation is more urgent than giving thanks. St. Ambrose, the theologian, and Catholic bishop

11. Miracles are not in conflict with nature, but with what we know from nature. St. Augustine, the theologian, and Catholic bishop

12. you may go out in the early morning for a walk in the fresh air and come back as a completely different person – charmed, charmed. ”Mary Ellen Chase, teacher, and writer



6 thoughts on “health benefits of gratitude.”

  1. YES YES YES! Thank you for writing this! We need to start talking about the heart as the core of our wisdom and the seat of our highest intelligence! I regularly talk to people about the heart, especially to doctors, and most of them just roll their eyes and call me crazy.

    The heart is revered in ancient cultures around the world as our inner guide and the knower of our life’s mission. When we get to know our hearts we discover who we really are and what we’re here to do! Once this happens life begins to open up for us and flow like honey out of a cosmic jar.

  2. Gratitude is one of the greatest step into achieving ones goal or day to day ambitions. I believe if you are grateful for every little achievement or progress in life that you make then accomplishing greater things won’t be a problem as you appreciate the effort you make in everything you do.

  3. Hi Lea, 

    This is a great subject and as a person interested in self-development I found this post very interesting. I believe gratitude is something we all shown think about, gratitude can help us be more positive in our outlook. There is a lot of relevant information detailing the advantages of gratitude. I personally found your gratitude is all that is not taken for granted 1-12 great, motivating and educational, this was my favourite part of the post..

    On completion of reading this post, I now know the importance of gratitude and why we all need to be grateful for what we have, the people in our lives, our health, and much more.

    This post has inspire me to think more about gratitude,

    Thank You 



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