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Hello my name is Lea from Estonia 44year old female .

Mayn story

Hello to all my health and diet website I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I have been trying to participate in all kinds of workouts and eat healthy since I was 13 years old.

Growing up in the former Soviet Union in Estonia, I didn’t have much opportunity to change anything I was as I was

Later when the borders opened the info came and clothes. Through the ages I have learned so much, i have tried to do so many diffrent sports and nutrition i have understood what suits me and what doesn’t

When I was 5 years old I happened to be in a fire accident I was in the hospital for three months, after that I had to study walk again.left leg is still scarred.I learned to live with it .Today its das not effect me enymore.

Now is wraith time to shear my experiences

After graduating from school, I went to work and I went to back school, it took a lot of energy and the pounds started to fall. Sometimes I ate two bars of chocolate a day and nothing more. The stress was so huge

I am one of those people who loses their appetite when there is a lot of work stress. My lowest weight was 55kg and then I realized that it is not normal, I am 165 cm tall and that was the last limit. I fell from 75kg to 55kg in a year and a half, after that I became calmer and got used to my load. Kilos started to come back about a year after thst I gained 10kg then I would understood that now is the last time to something, I tried several things

Currently i weigh 60 kg and feel very good in my own skin.

I was stupid I tried to start running without knowing how to start correctly didn’t know anything about training dress code and shoes It was very easy to give up because I live in Eastern Europe and the weather here does not favor field training especially in winter time, it lasted for years I tired swimming I tried cycling and many other sports every time to find someting that yust not to me.

i tried everything and i want to say it’s not a good idea




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