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Find motivation to lose weight

The motivation to start training and living a healthier lifestyle is sometimes only a few weeks or months. How to change it? A person is inherently comfortable, not to say lazy. To force one to move, we need a strong incentive. When there is no great will, it is difficult to find the strength to get out of the comfort zone. Often the motivator is poor health.-If a scythe man knocks on his shoulder, a lazy person will also find a time and opportunity to train. However, how to find motivation in other cases to strive for goals and exceed them and maintain a healthy enthusiasm throughout the year.


Challenging goals


Regular training / and conscious nutrition / ensure strong health, beautiful appearance, good physique, the opportunity to realize yourself – in the end, a happier life. As in life, all great things start with goal setting. If there is no direct goal or motive to do something, it is very difficult there is no direct goal or motive to do something, to find the motivation to realize a vague dream.

Doing something forcibly is not a sustainable way. Don’t set goals that are driven by the external environment / a simple example, a partner wants to look like a fitness competitor /. Everyone can pull themselves together and force something into a certain period, but it doesn’t last forever. Everyone can pull themselves together and force something into a certain period, but it doesn’t last forever. Set yourself a goal that motivates YOU internally.

Write down your goals, no matter how Utopian they may seem. Divide the big goal into three and add a temporal definition — short, medium, and long term. For example, to start training, the short-term perspective might be to reach a gym at least three times a week. The medium-term perspective could be related to passing a period and making estimates, for example, you will be able to do ten chin strokes or cover a distance of 10 kilometers.

The end goal could be something that can be achieved in the long run, for example, you have gained 5 kg of muscle mass or run a full-length marathon, or even smaller goals are very important if you can bring your training to a level where you are happy and The marathon is one very big goal that should not always be a goal in itself but remain among the last. Write the goal with a time perspective in a visible place, such as a notebook, computer desktop, or paste it on a wall

Little progress is also important

The time distribution may, of course, be different. For one person, making ten kilometers or ten can chin strokes be a long-term prospect. That is why it is important to divide the goals so that the short-term perspective can be achieved in a relatively short period. This gives you the strength to push forward, so short-term goals can be more realistic and faster. Of course, you can also use the advanced model, where you set the final goal and create at least dozens of intermediate stages. Is crucial to achieving a great goal. After all, passing each stage gives you the encouragement that you have once again reached a few steps closer to the goal. Remember that even a small progress / passing one stage / is extremely important for achieving a big goal.

However, if the previous ones are not enough and the training motivation starts to decrease

Then you could start by joining an army training plan where you are not allowed to eat and sleep until a sufficient number of arm bends have been made or you have run fast enough it is tough stuff if you can’t beat yourself otherwise it could be the solution tougher solutions

Start keeping a workout and nutrition diary

Write down all the planned and performed workouts in the training diary. However, if you want to lose weight, make a note of all the shots that migrate from the mouth. This increases your self-control. Writing things down motivates you to go to the next planned workout as well as to think through and plan your food and quantities. Such a record can help control weight because of any unintentional foods so properly. You just don’t want to have things that go against your dreams and goals.

Bring tracksuits to work

If you have been moving around with a sports bag all day, it is a pity to waste it and go home with the same unpacked bag. In this case, it is wise to take the steps to the sports club.

Write a blog and share on social media to encourage other friends to work out

Since everyone is waiting for your new post, it is a sin to skip workouts. Or, for example, diligently filling out a blog for yourself can also be a way to keep a blog

Register for a competition

Be it a smaller competition or a marathon triathlon and a fitness competition. At first, the goal may seem big, but the satisfaction after success is even higher. If you have registered somewhere and paid early to participate, you will find more motivation to train for the event.

Schedule your workout in your notebook or calendar

Write it on the calendar like a task or appointment. This way, the activity is always visible and worded so that it cannot be given up. In the same way, you do not give up a friend’s birthday, for example.

Find someone to support you

Be it a coach’s partner or a best friend. It’s easier to trust one person than a different one who will all give you conflicting advice.

Wash your hair only after training

You do not wash for three days, you will inevitably feel very bad. Maybe it will motivate you to go to a workout.

Stay tuned for one thing that no matter what happens

Do not take seriously the jealous comments of others who try to drag you beyond your dreams. Try to stick to your goals even if everything didn’t work out perfectly in the beginning. If you can overcome the first obstacles, the next ones will come with ease.

Try to get rid of excessive stress and overwork

Your health and well-being are much more important than anything else. Valuing yourself. By doing so, it is easier to find motivation for both training and vital goals.

Remember that no one is too old to start too training

Create all the boundaries with our thinking for ourselves, Do not think about your weaknesses, just focus on your strengths

Watch motivational videos

There are a lot of such videos on YouTube and what else could be done if you have one of your favorite clothes, such as jeans or a dress that doesn’t wear on you right now, think about it every night before you go to bed imagine how you wear these clothes again

You are divine never forget it


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