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Fifteen reasons to pursue your dreams- if you are afraid.


When you start something new, you do inspire by inspiration. When you get into a routine (and you get there anyway), motivation helps you. To make your dreams come true, you need both.

Inspiration is the starting energy of dreams. It is the “force” that gives us the idea and the “power” that helps us overcome the primary question of resistance, “Is it still worth the effort?”. That is the question we always encounter when we launch something new. We need to be sure that, firstly, we can make a dream come true, and secondly, the emotion that comes with fulfilling a goal is worth the effort.

We have limited opportunities to lead inspiration. We can settle into an inspiring environment and interact with the people who inspire us, but if the “spirit” still does not come, we will not make a dream come true. Motivation means acting in moments when we lack inspiration. If inspiration is essentially an unmanageable inner quality, then the reason is entirely under our control. Often, lack of motivation is related to our thinking and emotions, which we identify with; it just “seems” that this is not the best time to do something.

Whether it’s a dream to lose weight, start a new business project or do something great at work, we are prisoners of our condition. They dictate to us whether or not we should deal with this task at the moment, and if the answer is ‘no,’ we believe the point and strike.


The purpose of this article is to give with you 15 reasons and behaviors that demoralize us and prevent us from moving toward dreams. These are “motivation-killers” that guide us automatically but lose their power quickly if you learn to notice them.

Many people want a better life, but that is not enough. It’s just not enough to sometimes tell yourself that you’re not happy with your life. Firstly, in this case, you always assert yourself of how bad a life you are, and secondly, you are not even trying to figure out what and how could improve your situation.

If you don’t know what you want, you can’t get inspired, and it’s hard to motivate yourself. Just sitting and dreaming that things could be better doesn’t trigger the emotional impulses that make you act. But these impulses are the key to inspiration and motivation.

For example, imagine that you have to iron 100 shirts every night. How does this idea affect you? Do you feel inspired? How would you motivate yourself to do that?

Now try to think about how you will go on holiday to Thailand in 2 weeks, and you need to put together an exciting travel route. Is the emotion in you the same in both examples? That isn’t an intellectual game I’m playing with you right now. Look inside yourself and notice what conditions these examples create in you. Which one inspires you more? Which would make it straightforward for you to find motivation?

One of the main reasons for not fulfilling our dreams is precisely a lack of understanding of what we want. However, this does not mean that many so-called success coaches recommend that you write all your 1000 goals down to the last detail. Here is an extreme that will not help you either. But what helps you is a simple understanding of what kind of change you would like to make in life. Keep it realistic. There is no time in calling yourself a millionaire if you do not know how to pay the bills next month. And there is no point in imagining yourself as a laundry model if you have been eating pastries for the last two years, and your stomach and thighs are therefore uncomfortably enlarged.

Stay realistic. Don’t describe big and unrealistic visions that are more stressful to you because you have no idea how to implement them. Replace these big and “fat” goals with specific and straightforward activity-based goals that let you know precisely how to get results in small steps. Don’t tell yourself I’m a millionaire in 6 months, but aim for 10% more effort this month. You can do it. And don’t take the dream of losing 15 kg in 3 months, but think about how you can eat less and healthier the next meal, and start exercising three times a week (here too, start with minimal steps).

Take your time and think calmly about what you want. Write down your real dreams and add a realistic action plan to each objective. Don’t try to achieve all this in 1 month, but make the process inspiring and motivating for you. All the goals we set should inspire and motivate us today, not just to achieve that goal. No one can ever guarantee us that you will complete our plans. There is no way we can control the fulfillment of purposes. We can only control the progress towards goals – right now through our thoughts, words, and actions. However, if we sacrifice today for future accomplishments, we will offer our entire lives.

Life takes place now – the future with achieved (or unattained) goals exists only in our heads through thoughts. You want to live your life in your mind without paying attention to what is happening now and actually? Not, don’t be dazzled by the grand visions of the future and the pleasures, fame, and success that come with it. It’s all an illusion that may or may not happen. What is clear, however, is that the present moment is real. There is no doubt about that.

Figure out what kind of life you would like to live and stay realistic. Start with small steps and take the first step.

When you come up with what you want, you may fear that you don’t deserve it and can’t handle it. That is called low self-esteem.

How do you know you don’t deserve it? How do you know you can’t handle it? The previous paragraph talked about the fact that the future is entirely out of our control. We cannot control the future – we can only control the present.

Even if, given the present moment, you may feel that you cannot handle it, you will remain supported by your inner self-confidence, inspiration, and motivation. Things sometimes happen and resolve in the strangest of ways. I believe that there have been situations in your own life when people who help you in a case quickly come into your life. Or you have stumbled upon an article or book that has clarified your confusion. Or you just got a super good idea while walking in the woods, which solves a momentary obstacle and helps you move forward. Such things happen—all the time.

When driving in the dark, we cannot see more than 100 meters. However, we know that there is still a paved road above it, and we will arrive safely. We can take the same attitude towards our dreams. Once you’ve chosen realistic goals that you see as a way to go when things are going “right,” you have to confidently believe that there’s “asphalt” you can’t see yet. Take the first step, depress the accelerator pedal, and you’ll see road markings coming out of the curve to guide you forward.

But for that to arrive, you have to believe in yourself. You may not have all the internal and external resources, not yet, but you must have the conviction within you that it is feasible and you can do it. That is why it is essential to choose realistic dreams, not something absurd. When you set unreasonable goals for yourself and hope for miracles, you give up responsibility, and you rely on something you can’t control. You give up duty at the moment when you should use your intellect, inspiration, intuition, and motivation, but you choose not to do so because you can’t suggest any natural way for you to move towards the goal at all.

That is one of the biggest pitfalls when people return from success seminars, where they have set a goal to repay a bank loan of 100,000 euros a year or increase their income 50 times in 3 months. A person comes home and is alone with his absurd goals. He no longer has a supportive “guru” to reassure him all the time without ever suggesting how it is possible. So he sits in front of his workbook, looks at his absurd dreams, and returns to his daily life. He doesn’t know how to take the first step. He does not understand how to move towards goals, let alone achieve them.

If you are realistic with your goals, you can work with your self-esteem. No matter what you decide to achieve, ask yourself, “Can I do 10% better this month than I’ve done so far?” Maybe it’s related to diet – can I eat 10% fewer sweets this month? Yes, of course, you can. Can I give myself 10% more physical exercise? Yes, of course, you can. It can also be business – can I make an effort to sell 10% more this month? Yes, sure. As a waiter, can I smile 10% more this month? Can I forgive 10% more people this month? Can I wake up 10% earlier this month? Can I spend 10% less this month to save for next year’s vacation?

Here is the 10% rule, and it always works. It is realistic, inspiring, and motivating. When you apply it to an area that works for you, you will feel from day one that you can make your dream come true. Yes, maybe not in 3 days or three months, as many “target kings” have promised you before, but you can be sure that you are moving in the right direction. You see tangible results, and feedback gives you new inspiration and motivation all the time.

If you get real experience in the first three months that you are moving towards a dream, it will give you more confidence. If you thought you couldn’t do something in the past, now you see that it entirely not true. You have real experience to show yourself, and you don’t have to put too much effort into it (10% a month is not too much to ask for). Your self-confidence grows progressively as your mind constantly produces new images of where such small-scale but realistic targeting can lead. You will learn to enjoy the process in the process, not just talk about it in a philosophical context in societies.

Self-esteem is related to your results so far. Because you didn’t know what you wanted at all before, and you haven’t taken any steps to do so, or you did, but those dreams have been unrealistic and therefore repeatedly missed, it has all led to your low self-esteem. But this is not final. When you approach your goals with the “10% rule”, you will learn to appreciate yourself again, and over time your whole life will become better.

Of course, it is sometimes helpful to listen to friends and companions, but there is a limit somewhere. That is your life, not theirs. And you are subject to your own life, not them. If you live your life the way you are advised and directed, you will regret it when you are 80 years old. In that case, you just put your dreams in the background, and you believe that other people know better what is good for you. How could they find out?

We are social beings and belong to social networks, but we can rise above those networks when necessary. It does know that similar people are attracted. So you are surrounded by people who are like you and ready for similar actions. If you have lived your life conservatively and timidly so far, so have your friends. And now that you fixed for change, they may not be ready for it. That’s why they start pulling you back down from inertia at first glance, telling you how crazy ideas you have and how you can’t handle them.

It’s all bullshit. Once you have written down your realistic dreams and goals as described above, you will surely be able to achieve them. You must stand on your own two feet and push the backs of all the setbacks and the setbacks. Peace.

In America, a survey was conducted among the 500 most successful business leaders to understand the formula for real success. The study organizers hoped to discover the panacea for success to live boldly offered to all young people. However, the surprise was great for them when it turned out that there was no miracle cure. Not all of these people were talented, brilliant, and super beautiful. On the contrary, they were completely ordinary people we would not even know on the streets. But what was the common feature of all of them? Consistency.

Consistency is the only sure formula for success. You can realize no dream without setbacks. That is an illusion. All those books that say the opposite will make you foggy. Find one successful person who will tell you that success came quickly for him. You can’t find a person like that. Yes, the ones you can see are authors who write about success and promise you that you will quickly achieve your goals by using their success formulas. Why? Because they want you to buy books full of their recipes for success. However, if we look for a person in real life who would have done something truly remarkable without work and effort, we will always have empty hands.

Don’t listen and believe no one else. In fact, the less you listen to me, the better. Stick to yourself and your inner feeling. If you dream of something, and it’s not absurd, stick to it. Small steps can eventually lead you to even the fulfillment of wild dreams.

Avoid the company of miserable people when life is complicated and try to infect you with their cynical attitude to life. Just turn your back on them. Rather than be alone in the company of such people, because taking them in the same room for a long time is a definite doom for you and your dreams.

As I have already mentioned, only consistent action and discipline will succeed.

Our minds are very cunning. When we start working on something, it inspires us to how beautiful and lovely everything is. We understand in ourselves and know we can do it. But we may soon have doubts. We are tired of our initial enthusiasm, and if the results do not show up overnight, we will start to want to give up.

That is dangerous. Very dangerous. Early giving up is a sure way to turn your life around. It would help if you were disciplined and consistent, not lazy and comfortable. Yes, life is not an army, but no one has ever won a war without military discipline.

Watch the athletes. See how they work for their results. Their tremendous dedication and discipline will bring them the results they dream of you. Athletes perform the same activities day in, day out, month to month, and year to year to get their mind, mind, and body in sync with purpose. And the result is a triumph. Victory overall. Even about yourself.

However, if you choose the other end of the scale – you do a lot of work, but you are always afraid that you will not be able to do it, and you will never succeed.anyway – you will rush empty. You’re like a squirrel on a wheel that doesn’t go a step further.

Attitude means acting in the right vibration. It means believing in yourself and the rightness of your actions. No matter what others think of your plans, it would help if you believed in them yourself. If you succeed. you will one day be there.

The right attitude starts with thinking. However, it only starts thinking because, over time, your review means transferred to your beliefs, through which you involve the subconscious in your actions. And if the subconscious is already working towards its goals, you have turned 100% of your potential. It is a force for shaping attitudes.

At this point, I will leave the article open, and I will continue writing next week.


6 thoughts on “Fifteen reasons to pursue your dreams- if you are afraid.”

  1. Hi Lea, Here are some reasons to pursue your dreams. Dreams make life worth living. If you are going through difficult time of your life, your dreams are your reason to keep going. They give you reason to live, to wake up in the morning and try again.

    Dreams makes your entire life worth living. Without our dreams, we are nothing.

    Pursuing dreams gives our lives significance. It helps you to think beyond yourselves. It inspires us. It helps us and push us to pursue the purposes and plans God has for us.

    Thanks for sharing great article with us. Much appreciated.

    • I’m glad you became so emotional that you take your dreams seriously, and I wish you a lot of luck and happiness that all your wishes will come true.

  2. I agree with you. Inspiration and motivation are needed for your to succed in what you are doing. Without it I don’t think any success will come.

    That’s why it’s important to do or engage in thinks that will motivate you. Before starting something one need to ask himself why am I doing this?

    If that question is answered then successful might come. I started out like this, and I am still on it. Although it’s slow, but it’s growing slowly. 

    Thanks for this post. Nice advice indeed.

  3. Hi Lea, I really enjoyed your post. As an Entrepreneurial-minded person, I feel like I can relate to much of the article. I also think that more people need to start living their dreams, and that not enough people are. For me, I know one of the most difficult things for me to do when I started my first full-time business was taking that initial ‘leap of faith’ and leaving my fulltime job to put all of my effort into my business. If more people start chasing after their dreams, more people will be living more fulfilled lives full of joy. 


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