Emotional health characteristics

Emotional health characteristics!!!


Why it is necessary to know about emotional health? Because emotional health is the basis for our mental health and physical health to work! That’s where it all starts. Therefore, I would like to discuss and share this topic with you in more.

Namely, if a person thinks (which many textbooks, training, and people share) that negative emotions are harmful, then the very opinion in itself, when a person begins to believe it, without a thorough understanding of one’s emotional functioning, can lead to a very decent depression.

Depression is not a disease, it is a state of consciousness where a person denies feeling emotional. This, in turn, begins to cause chemical reactions and imbalances in the body, which can lead to an even more unbalanced person. This is a very serious problem because the worse a person feels and is angry that he or she feels that way, the worse the situation becomes.


A great deal of help in this area can be found, for example, in the travel method developed by Brandon Bays. I also recommend his books (such as The Journey and The Light at the End of the Tunnel).

Diagnosed with a basketball-sized tumor in her uterus, Brandon Bays refused drugs and surgery, instead of discovering a powerful direct path to the potent healing power of the soul. Six and a half weeks later, she was tumor-free.

This is a small overview of his best-known book/Join the hundreds of thousands worldwide who have since used The Journey to awaken their infinite potential and set themselves free. In this newly revised and updated version of the original book, Brandon offers her the most up-to-the-minute process work and teaching, which has been developed over the last seventeen years. A pioneering vision of an entirely new paradigm for healing, The Journey is a powerful, step-by-step means to find direct access to the soul, the infinite intelligence that is within us all.

However, reading an article somewhere about how anger is bad can lead a person to very deep despair, to the point that he no longer wants to live because he feels those feelings. But these beliefs are not true! It is harmful to suppress these feelings! It is harmful to live them unhealthily! But the feelings themselves are not harmful. It is perfectly normal to experience negative experiences in inhumane conditions.



First, you need to recognize what you are feeling. Confess to yourself. I confess my feelings. Then release it. If such forgiveness and acceptance with love are not released, relax it out of your body through liberating breathing, liberating dancing, liberating writing, a traveling session, or any other conscious process of reiki.


When a person is relaxed, the person is enlightened in a state of consciousness. Almost all babies that are born are in this state of consciousness, and so it’s not anything foreign to you.

How do you know you are relaxed? Internal peace, balance, clarity, and flow indicate that this is the case. If there is stress, tension, anxiety, panic in the state of consciousness, it is necessary to let go of the so-called steam and then let this muddy water calm down, before proceeding, as soon as possible. When the mind is calm, there is immediate clarity about the future, the present, and the true nature.

And this may not be achieved with a single meditation or any session, it will most likely be necessary to train daily until your inner wisdom allows you to experience it. And even if you achieve with one meditation, you need to keep that skill. It’s a bit like surfing. At first, you learn to stand on a surfboard (be aware of your feelings), then you learn to stand up on the water (find balance even in the most crooked situations). Then you will learn to take longer trips on the crest of the wave (stay in the inner space even in the middle of the biggest upheaval) and finally, you will recognize whether your wave is coming or not, you can just chill in the lower water, being.

An interesting tendency is that a person does not remember his highest nature when he is stressed. For example, if a person can reach the level of enlightenment in meditation and even experience it for a few minutes, then by focusing on the tensions again, the previous experience of light is forgotten. Until the next time a person returns to this state, he or she will remember that hahaha – it’s a familiar experience, I remember that it’s that simple!

Sometimes I have a question: is it precisely a person’s curiosity and searching mind that keeps a person from returning to the twists and turns? Addiction to excitement? About survival? Or is it the work of the lightworkers to crochet our consciousness between the new and the old world? Everyone can see it for themselves.

Returning now to the subject of the layers of emotion, to live in an ecstatic experience of love, it is necessary to know and understand and recognize one’s true original nature of love – and to consciously REMEMBER it. Plant this memorial tree in the middle of your garden and stop sawing it down. It is your center, your core, your original nature of the ocean of love that gives you vitality, it is the original substance of all existence.


However, to acknowledge everything like love, a person must have the courage to recognize ALL feelings. That they are in the service of love. Darkness is also in the service of light.

Why is it necessary to acknowledge everything? Because if we think that experience is not divine and present in wholeness, then we separate our consciousness from wholeness again, as soon as we experience that feeling! Integrity = love. As soon as you see the separation, then consequently you do not love any part of yourself.


Recognizing feelings means acknowledging that we have all frequencies, all darkness es, all existence. No less. Only then can a great final peace come to man! And you don’t have to die to do that. You don’t have to eat tablets to do that, you don’t have to soak yourself with alcohol and toxins. It just takes courage to do that. And if you don’t dare, find a wonderful helper, such as a travel specialist, to help you be born. Holding you a sacred place of reverence, allowing you to experience everything without condemning you – it is very, very healing!




The foundation of emotional health is that we recognize that we are perfect. You haven’t done anything wrong or been wrong. These were necessary learning experiences for the development of your soul!



Meditation and relaxation will certainly help, but if the symptoms – you feel that you are less than balls of joy and light, stay longer than a few days, it is highly recommended to find help so that your body chemistry does not become addicted to stress. Yes, you understood correctly – even a person can become addicted to stress, drama, and misery, anxiety is a modern disease of modern lifestyle, especially if a person comes from a home with an unhealthy indoor climate and is used to surviving in a sea of negativity as a child. Because then a person is subconsciously looking for a similar experience, considering it to be love.


What is frightening is that many people in their lives do not love themselves enough to bring themselves back to a sense of well-being and consider a problematic living environment normal. But what to do, our era has been like this now!

It should not be forgotten that there are still wars that have taken place here in May, it may still be active in our DNA and cellular memory that has not liberated itself from these issues!


Sometimes I feel like we are very much part of the time all like orphans who have lost their true mother (Love) and have lost hope of ever finding it. But Love is always waiting for us in our hearts! But the pains and walls we have laid for Love do not allow us to feel it. The idea that we must feel guilty about the events of the past, punish ourselves, or reduce our well-being creates these walls. Unfortunately, it has been such an everyday experience for so many people, but we need to be aware that we can free all these energy drops!




It is normal to feel normal and well, not to bother.




I understand that crying out of our eyes for this will not help us. That is why I have dedicated my whole life, and I think that for very, many centuries all your previous incarnations to please, dear comrades, wake up to feel good!

Instead of buying yourself the next “mood-enhancing glitter blouse” or a little more expensive-looking cell phone, it’s time to help yourself. To learn to flood oneself with love, to heal emotionally, spiritually, mentally. After that, physical healing is naturally much easier!

Everything is interconnected and everything is perfect and exactly as it should be.

If there is a complicated place in life, it is not a place to throw a spoon into a corner, but it is the universe’s invitation to us to learn and realize how we create our own lives.

Awareness, positive aspirations, yoga, meditation, mantras, walking in nature, and living in the truth are the experiences I recommend every day for anyone who wants to live their lives happily in cooperation with the energy of this new age. I have been using them myself for over a decade now and I would not exchange this experience for anything else in my life.


You are divine never forget it