Increase your brain capacity to become more aware of your

Increase your brain capacity to become more aware of your potential.

Focusing is difficult for the brain: this organ gets tired of thinking, just like the muscles. How do you get the brain in shape?

One can learn to use the brain more effectively and train concentration, as well as muscles. We all remember how we learned our first poem in the first grade or in kindergarten to present to Santa to receive a Christmas gift. At least for me, it comes to mind first when I think about when I started memorizing.

There was a small hook with it, of course, because I got a gift for it when I read the poem by heart. There is a bit of selfishness in it. As I was only 5-6 years old at the time, I naturally had that will. As adults, we no longer learn to remember things because the development of modern technology in this field has made us quite comfortable.

1. Be present and let go

It means believe that the more work means done, the more successful they will be. It is commonplace; I can safely suggest that it has also become the norm today. You don’t have to. You don’t have to work all the time if you want to be effective.

Experiments show that solutions often come when you are just like that and just let the thoughts go. Personally, it has helped me a lot when I get away from the thing I get stuck in. I get away from this room. Or even walk away for 5 minutes.

It has done scientifically proven that the frontal lobe that controls thinking then lets go of processes. Simultaneously, it is essential to be without a smart device, but today’s people no longer know well. If you are on a smart device, the brain is not free. Instead of being on a smart device, you should move, take a bath, play with the children, do a workout or go for a walk in nature.

2. Focus on one task

It is inefficient to do everything at once. We only think and learn when we focus. Doing several things at once makes them less efficient in the main task. Rejected was also sold as if women were better at multitasking than men. In reality, both men and women do several things at once when one of the activities has become so automatic that you no longer have to think about it, such as cooking.

That attention is complex, and the brain is easily disturbed. External inputs, such as someone moving or a new e-mail in the mailbox, bother us tremendously. “Our brains do not design for today’s work environment,” our brains are still like a caveman: he responds to every click and movement to prevent a person from being eaten by anyone.

The beauty of multitasking is based only on cognitive benefits. It may seem to us that we can get things done and done faster, but in reality, our productivity will drop by up to 40%! That is a scientifically proven fact.

Jumping from one task to another, the quality of our work also suffers. No smooth flow, though, does our creativity. At one point, we may feel that we are too stuck in the details and lost sight of the big picture.

3. Silence the distractors completely.

To less disturb the brain’s focus, external yammers must be shut down when working: other browsers, telephone, etc. But even if you shut down the external yammers, the inner will come: “Maybe this important e-mail came what I do in the evening. ”That’s why we have to fight the internal stirrers. The following trick will help you do this.

1. Turn off phone alerts – When you’re on a project that requires deepening, put your phone in night mode to avoid phone alerts without getting lost. You can make a few exceptions to achieve peace of mind (for example, you always allow a nursery talk to come through).

2. Turn off computer notifications – To prevent your computer as a tool from becoming a distraction, it’s a good idea to close all unnecessary web windows and programs. It is essential to turn off e-mail alerts. You do not have to reply to the email within 1 minute of receiving it. See point 3.

3. Create a daily schedule and schedule time for focused activities – Use the calendar that suits you (Google, I Cal) and plan the time when you will be responsible for, for example, answering e-mails, preparing offers, or analyzing data.

4. White noise – If you work in an open office or just in a noisy environment, headphones and the blurry background music that sounds there are often helpful in helping you focus and get away from the hustle and bustle of the surroundings.

5. Hour of silence – Door closed or sign out! Let your colleagues know that if there is no absolute emergency, an hour when the “do not disturb” sign hangs on the door of your office will be noticed and observed.

6. – Focus on one thing for at least 20 minutes. For example, an hourglass can help you with this.

7. To-Do list – Keep note paper close: If you remember something that needs your attention in the middle of a workflow, write it down on notepaper. This way, you can be sure that the idea will not be lost, and you will focus on one thing.

8. Set priorities – One of the many ways to set preferences is the Pareto 80-20 principle – 80% of the result obtained through 20% of the activities. It is essential to identify this valuable 20% of activities.

9. 2-minute rule – Usually, tasks that require little time, such as a phone call or an e-mail, tend to be delayed. To avoid procrastination, deal with the matter for at least 2 minutes, and then you can give up. Chances are pretty high that you’ll get it done in no time. And even if you can’t, once you’re starting, you’re much more likely to finish it, even if it takes 4 minutes.

10. Do a quick/unpleasant thing in the morning – Make this awkward phone call right in the morning, then at the beginning of the day, you will feel that you have done something and there is the motivation for the whole day.

4. Plan your time and brain

That means that tasks should be written out item by item. When you complete a job, you need to decide that it is the most important thing right now.

Believe me. It helps a lot if you write it down on paper with your hand. Then, the essential thing stuck better in your brain. Writing has a psychological effect on our brains, then the things take root in our minds, and the brain also realizes that the thing that did write is somehow essential to you, and it will remember it better than.

5. Do top things during peak hours

If it is necessary to think about an important thing,  You must plan a vital thing to do so during the so-called peak hours, when the idea works best, e.g., in the morning. The peak time must do kept as your time.

6. Slice tasks

Even if you have chosen the most important task and are doing it during your peak hours, the brain still tries to postpone things, finding reasons why the job is still impossible. It is helpful to slice work tasks. For example, write “do two slides” instead of “make a presentation.” Filling in such snippets will help you get closer to your goal.

7. Take breaks and, if necessary.

If you have worked hard for 25 minutes, you can then take a break, either move or fall asleep instead. Or close your eyes and meditate, then focus on breathing.

8. Train your concentration muscles

Because concentration is like a muscle, it is possible to train it. How? If you want to get better, you have to practice it. The same goes for concentration: you have to try to work longer and better. “Take this sport. Small steps help. ”

You may think that my recommendations may seem very mechanical and may raise the question of where creativity lies. The way we think about creativity is often a myth. It means believe that the idea comes to mind.

However, scientific research has shown that creativity does always based on a focus on work. Innovation requires the brain to think that it is synthesizing a larger unit than pieces of information. It takes time to gather excellent knowledge from small pieces of information. During the focus, new connections emerge. Creativity is the unique connection between the experience we have collected.

9. Discuss productively

When you are focused, creating new units in your brain, you want to share your thoughts with others. The exchange of ideas is valuable. When one brain makes new ideas, there is no censorship, and every picture looks good. If you discuss things, you can get feedback. Other people lead our thoughts and say apparent stuff we didn’t come up with by you.


Allow yourself to fall in love with a baby steps-stop worrying so much.

Allow yourself to fall in love with baby steps-stop worrying so


Each of us can make a difference in our lives. It starts with a consciousness that stored all our experiences for decades and where our beliefs, fears, and values begin. By training your mind, you can grow in your life with joy and enthusiasm.

Based on recent research, we know that we can shape our brains and influence consciousness throughout our lives. Consciousness management is the keyword if we want to learn to manage ourselves. You can train the spirit, but before that, it is necessary to become aware of what affects our thinking.

We all have basic mechanisms of caveman time that we cannot change. But we can learn to understand them and become aware of what drives our thoughts.

We also need to learn to deal with the attitudes, beliefs, and fears we have adopted over a lifetime and to analyze whether they help us more at the moment. To manage our consciousness, we need appropriate methods and constant training.

Focus on what you want

The brain works so that we see more dangers than opportunities. It has saved people from many troubles from the beginning of time, but today we are also experiencing things that are not really.

If a person is aware that they are afraid of something, it is worth asking themselves whether the danger is real or some old topic that tends to lead life. Then one might think that if this is not what I want, then what do I want?

By nature, we notice more negative things and mistakes. Therefore, we will easily remember the negative comment, although we have received many positive comments before.

The focus should be on what you want, not what you don’t want. Usually, we focus on the negative and what we want to avoid. For example, if we’re going to succeed, we often focus on our weaknesses, although instead, we should see our strengths and visualize ourselves as successful.

You can start monitoring your negative thoughts to become aware of them. You can pinch yourself every time you hit a negative review. That also sends a message to the brain that negativity is not desirable and creates discomfort.

1% per day

Changes are more accessible than doing small things every day. The spirit needs constant practice because it tends to return to old habits.

One percent a day is enough. With daily exercises, we make new connections in the brain, and it takes 66 days for a habit to develop. A pattern becomes a routine if it does repeat a hundred times. That is why constant practice is essential if we want to change.

According to research, gratitude is one of the most meaningful and straightforward ways to influence our consciousness. Gratitude raises our energy levels and changes our attitudes.

We can be grateful for countless things around us, such as a steaming cup of coffee, sunshine, a roof over our heads, or good health. Indeed everyone has something to be grateful to be.

One may ask me by doing things: how do I make this an excellent activity for myself? If you continuously ask yourself such a question, then life will become more amicable.

Consciousness is much affected by what kind of internal speech we have. We never know what the other is thinking. We often assume that the other judges of us things are not valid. More important than the opinions of others is what we feel about ourselves.

How to start training in baby steps.

Baby steps to start with if you want to lose pounds and become slim.

It’s not as complicated as you think, but do it so that you don’t get injured and you get in the habit of moving; you need to do a little preliminary work on yourself.

Training starts in your head before you get to what you expected, or you don’t believe what you are capable of doing.

First, you should look at yourself and ask what went wrong last time and answer honestly. Here I can say that I have started at least dozens of times in my life and also left it unfinished.

Because we are all human beings and our inner need is not to be strong but to run away from danger and somehow live comfortably, if we feel safe, then training tends to stay behind the plan. That is life.

Training starts in your head before you get to what you expected, or you don’t believe what you are capable of doing.

First, you should look at yourself and ask what went wrong last time and answer honestly. Here I can say that I have started at least dozens of times in my life and also left it unfinished. Because we are all human beings and our inner need is not to be strong but to run away from danger and somehow live comfortably, if we feel safe, then training tends to stay behind the plan. That is life.

Suppose you are like me, who has tried all possible sports again, starting with running and ending with yoga in between swimming and cycling. Then my training history probably doesn’t differ from many others. It has often been left unfinished, and the message I miss is that I left the training because I put on too much load that I couldn’t carry. That created even more stress and than complete abandonment.

Don’t rush and think calmly about what you can and can’t do; start with even 1 minute and grow gradually. I will quarantine your results may surprise you with what you are capable of doing. Because you have to realize that a person is born at the age of nine months, and you will not run a marathon overnight. Realistic and small steps to start are the best solution to get the best results. There is no need to set big goals because they change over time as you progress.

We are moving towards a healthier diet with baby steps.

A healthy diet depends very much on your tastes and how you are used to eating. Here I would suggest some solutions that might help you in the beginning. If you are used to consistently eating a plate empty, then there would be a suggestion to raise one spoon full of a container for your spouse or children on a scale, and also, pets come into play. In this case, it means guaranteed that you will eat less.

And if you have taken hold and are trying to eat healthier food, here is a helpful tip: if you have eaten healthily and adequately for a whole week, for example, one day, for instance, on a Sunday, you could eat what is very good and delicious that you are. It had been so good that maybe you could reward yourself for it.

I believe that no person can choose healthier products for a very long time without their favorite cake or ice cream, but one day a week all people could be rewarded with a cream cake, for example. Only once a week.

How to benefit from small baby steps in tidying up your home

One thing that has touched me very closely is keeping the house tidy. I believe this has affected us almost all. How then to fix it so that you don’t have to overdo it. Here, too, the baby’s steps come to the fore, for example, bringing even one of the floor-floating jeans from the bedroom to the laundry basket.

As a later recommendation, if you have already washed all your dirty laundry and need to stay put together.  And also, set in the closet where it is good to always take it than here, I would offer a solution to patch the laundry to confuse the whole cabinet.

Enter the words how to patch laundry in the search engine, and you will find a lot of videos on both YouTube and interest on how to fix laundry. I  used many of these techniques have not been in trouble in the closet for years after mastering this information.


If you want to start reading books, then read at least one page a day.

If you want to get richer, you will be interested in financial topics, educating yourself in the economic field. I don’t think about going to school, but find out from the Internet how you can make more money. Start showing more interest in this topic.

Lastly, if you have managed to set yourself a goal that you want to achieve, you can be grateful every morning and evening for its small steps. When you lie in bed, thank yourself for what you did for yourself, it will help you keep that goal and remember it better.


Why is it important to understand stress-get rid of that bad habit.

Why is it essential to understand stress-get rid of that bad habit

Stress is a state of emotional tension from extensive changes in the external and internal environment, the so-called general adjustment syndrome. Under pressure, the hormonal balance is disturbed, and stress hormones (such as cortical) are released, hurting all organs, most notably the cardiovascular system. Stress hormones cause increased muscle tension, narrowing of blood vessels, and increased blood pressure.

Under certain conditions, stress is a good and normal phenomenon that ensures successful functioning and survival, but long-term stress has a devastating effect on the body.

The original text does take from Wikipedia.

Stress is a bad habit of coping with daily life.

Often, our state of stress returns to the level of our ego and desires. There are several types of stress, and one of the classes that I want to talk about, which is easy to change. It is the part where people with their negative thinking cause themselves to sometimes consciously, sometimes unknowingly stress a situation. And they stick to it and are confident that it does set up from somewhere higher, that I have a negative mindset, and that it is my destiny, and I can’t change anything in my life.

Negative finking is the primary cos of stress.

Usually, this attitude has developed from childhood, where parents or siblings have been pessimistic about you. When we grow up, it may not always be domestic ill-treatment and the wrong attitude of fellow students at school that backside not be overcome in any way.

Usually, meanwhile, we reach adulthood, up and over again, we experience these same negative emotions either by our spouse or boss and often by our co-workers.

Many experiences overcame stress.

I also suffered many years after graduating from a primary school that I am not so bright-headed, and that is why I can’t go to university and even high school. There were many negative emotions I had to deal with at that moment.

I was terrible about my appearance because I was a little overweight, and it still bothered me properly; I believed that I was too fat and didn’t look good because nothing good would ever happen to me. I felt like I did sentence to death. Are you familiar with this kind of emotion?

Fortunately, I grew out of it, and somehow this excessive stress over my appearance disappeared. The older I got, the less I suffered from it.

For some reason, we tend to take what others say very seriously and very rarely doubt if they are right at all. Still, we should do it because maybe the narrator was in a terrible mood where he had some negative experiences, and he lives out on you. But you take it very seriously and take it for granted, and you will believe it.

If I’ve gotten smarter by now, I’d ask if that person knows me so well that they can make such or other accusations against me, or it’s just a lousy emotion that disappears in a few hours. Still, you can carry that saying in your whole life and hating him for it. Then logical thinking says that there is no need to listen to anyone other than loved ones who know you. And above all, you should believe in yourself. If you understand and feel that you are not what you are said to be, you should believe in the inner feeling.

Just so simple it is and, PERIOD. Every time I hear this word, you would want to shout at who has PMS. If it made you laugh, then I’ve achieved something.

It is knowing and rethinking stress triggers.

If you already know what or who is causing you stressful situations, then it is wise to stay away from those situations or people, and if that is not possible, ignore those people, for example. It’s not very easy, but I know that if you don’t respond to people, they’ll stop looking for you and move away from you after a while.

Triggers If you know what they are in your life, it’s easier to move on, but if you don’t know, it’s much harder to figure out what’s causing your stress. Although everyone knows what his triggers are, or he hasn’t wanted to deal with himself enough to understand where his negative thoughts are coming Your head.

Stress in traffic is something you need to get used to facing.

If we sit inside our car also shout about this car next to it, I would like to ask that looks smarter, the person sitting attached to the vehicle or you who sit in your vehicle and swear by all sorts of names like, for example, / what the hell are you doing, where are you driving? Who promised to guide you, woman, it is not possible, you are a Blondie, etc. / I deliberately left out the filth because maybe I have even used them. Doesn’t an acquaintance come up when we drive to work or home every day?

I’ve been driving for almost 20 years now, and I can tell stories that have bothered me so far, but I didn’t want to talk about it, but about how to stay calm while driving and drive home or work without any incidents.

First, I often use one phrase in practice, “FOOLS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT OF WAY.” Namely, I let all the printers skip ahead and not skip, and another saying that will help you reduce traffic stress is BETTER TO BE AT HOME AT 18.00 IF AT 16.00 IN THE CEMETERY “.

Why do we stress when we’re late?

I recently happened to hear a story about a woman who had to go to work, and the babysitter was late, and because of that, she was late for work. He was so angry because he had a crucial meeting at work that he missed. Nevertheless, he decided to run to this train station and the next train, just all the trains did stop, and traffic stopped, and there was uncertainty regarding when the train would go at all. He summoned up the courage and called the boss to announce that he would not come to work today, then he replied that there was nothing to postpone because the train did bomb.

This woman was already crying while she realized that if she had arrived on the train on time, it was on the train that she was supposed to go on. And he went home and just cried almost wholly. You never know why a delay is reasonable, especially when you’re behind the wheel and when you curse other drivers here, knowing that the sufferer is you, who screams at others and causes stress to yourself and thus raises your blood pressure, which you don’t need.

Can multitasking cause stress?

My claim that multitasking is dead is either valid or not. I think so. But just because if you want to do nothing properly, then it’s not possible, and you cause as much worry and stress as possible, we humans are not robots that can be so easily programmed.

I have an example here. Put one hand on your head and the other hand on your stomach and now pat your head on your head and at the same time circle your stomach and faster and faster than you can, then you are multitasking. I’ve tried this experiment a few times, and every time it’s messed up whether you’re going to pat your stomach while doing circles or you’re going to be circling at the head.

This example should prove that we design to use both the right hand and the copper hand in coordination to do a responsible job. Setting focus on one thing shouldn’t be a shame at all anymore. Of course, there are miracle people who can do it, but anyone knows at no cost.

Circle of stress.

My experience in this area is quite intense. I may have come across this, especially when something unpleasant has happened. Then a thought starts to spin in your head and doesn’t leave you alone. It’s like there’s some pain in my head like a wheel, and I’m looking at this situation from every angle, and it’s like grabbing me and not letting go until it’s run down. It’s not a very pleasant experience if sometimes you can’t even sleep while you think and spin this thought all day and still can’t get peace.

I sometimes suffered from it for years when I found a cure for it. Meditation came into my life a few years ago. At first, I didn’t take it seriously at all, but when I started researching it and practicing it, I was able to stop this cycle of thoughts and step down much earlier. Views of obsession gave in, and I was able to let go of those negative thoughts. My medicine against stress was meditation.


Keto Actives-Ultimate Keto Fat Burning review.

Keto Actives-Ultimate Keto Fat Burning review.

One set value cannot be said because they make a lot of discount sales and it hides if you buy half a season then the price is much lower, but the prices start at £ 39 a bottle.

Being overweight is dangerous to human health and personal life. Doctors repeat this tirelessly. However, those who are overweight know how difficult it is to deal with it, especially if you don’t have a few extra pounds but a dozen or more.

But today, even then, YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT. And not only that – it’s easy to do now! In 2016, researchers made a breakthrough in nutrition – they learned what causes fat in the body to become muscle and energy and learned how to influence it. Using this fresh approach, it is impossible not to lose weight, so the fight against subcutaneous fat occurs at the level of biochemical processes.

What is the ketone diet point, and why does it allow you to fight extra pounds? 

The essence of a ketone diet is to restore the body to lipolysis by glycolysis (the breakdown of carbohydrates) (the conversion of fats into energy). Our body is very flexible and has a vast potential for adaptation. When we stop eating carbohydrates, the body begins to consume stored fats.

How does this happen? With a long-term lack of carbohydrates in the diet (2-3 weeks), the liver begins to produce ketone bodies. As they travel through the body with the blood, they convert fats into necessary energy.

This mechanism for processing stored fats has been discovered by scientists relatively recently. And today, it is considered the most promising in the fight against extra pounds. According to statistics, 99 out of 100 people lose weight with the help of ketosis, regardless of the reasons for weight gain, age, gender, or personal dietary preferences. Weight loss inevitably occurs at the level of biochemistry.

The ketone diet is much more useful than most available diets. For example, Dukane or Atkins, besides, harms the body like these diets and cures it. That is a real breakthrough in nutrition.

Can a person lose weight automatically with a ketone diet, regardless of their dietary dependence?

Researchers have found the point is that the ketone diet itself is very complicated and difficult to tolerate. That means that the complete removal of carbohydrates in the body to trigger ketosis is a severe test for the body that hardly anyone can pass. Suppose he finds himself only on an empty island with no food. In the ordinary world, this is impossible.

However, scientists have thought about it. The fact is that ketones are not only produced by the human liver. These substances, or rather their analogs, act in some plants. American nutritionists made an important discovery in 2016 – they got raspberry ketone bodies! That means that I want to reiterate that you do not have to give up carbohydrates or change anything in your regular diet to lose weight with the help of ketosis.

Weight loss with ketosis is good because it combines excellent efficiency and simplicity. All that a person is required to do is add ketone bodies to their diet. But in fact, take a unique capsule every day that contains these ketones. When in the blood, they perform the same function as ketone bodies produced by a person’s liver. Namely, to break down body fat throughout the body.

The longer a person takes these ketones, the more they lose weight. Because ketones process fat automatically, for example, imagine the fat that has accumulated on a plate. And you have dripped dishwashing detergent on it. The fat began to dissolve. Of course, this is a very rough comparison. But about the same thing happens at the body level. And it is inevitable.

It takes place in fully automatic mode. A person does not feel any negative moments, he does not have to do sports for weight loss, but training still changes our lives’ quality, you do not have to starve. If you have a habit of gaining weight in the morning when you get up and experience that you have gained weight again, then when you make ketones, you will notice weight loss every day.

Which consists of  Ultimate Keto Fat Burning.

100% Natural Ingredients!


ForsLean® – Indian nettle root extract [10% forskolin] – acting as a non-adrenal adenylyl cyclase stimulator, promotes the breaking up of fats. Studies have shown the supportive role of forskolin in reducing body fat and maintaining lean body mass. After 12 weeks of 250 mg of ForsLean®, subjects saw a significant decrease in body weight and fat content and a substantial increase in lean body mass compared to a placebo.


Clarinol®, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) – linoleic acid (LA) helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that CLA accelerates fat burning in obese people; it likewise supports the legs’ slimming and reduces the waist to hip ratio. Research has shown that adding CLA as a supplement is enough to see positive changes independent of a diet and exercise regimen.


Natural anhydrous caffeine – increases concentration and endurance and also minimizes fatigue after physical activity.


Bitter orange fruit extract – promotes lipid metabolism and weight control. Use impacts digestive system function.


Black pepper fruit extract – supports the secretion of digestive juices, increases the absorption of nutrients, regulates bowel movements.


Ashwagandha root extract – helps control weight, has a beneficial effect on energy levels.


Capsicum extract – enables weight management and provides an ideal equilibrium for the digestive system.


Chromium – maintains normal blood glucose levels, affects the metabolism of macro-nutrients.

It’s hard to either recommend or dismiss Keto Actives when there are no customer reviews and very little brand information to be found.

However, we can assess the ingredients to gauge whether this keto supplement is worth your while.

Because of bitter orange extract and CLA, side effects such as a racing heart, raised blood pressure, and stomach upsets are risk factors.

On a positive note, the possibility of boosted metabolism, effective fat burning, improved energy, and healthy digestion make it worthy of trying.

That is, once you get the green light from your doctor.


Keto Actives Pros & Cons


  • Easy to take.
  • Good refund policy.


  • Very few customers reviews online.
  • Limited information about the manufacturer.
  • Bitter orange may cause heart complications.
Keto Actives Logo


  • Recommended for people on a keto diet,
  • Supports the metabolism and storage reduction of fats,
  • Reduces snacking urges and sudden hunger attacks,
  • Provides energy for training.

Keto Actives is a modern dietary supplement that helps you lose weight even when it comes to the most challenging parts of your body. It may get you in shape and is guaranteed to make you feel better.

In this picture is a person who has used for a year Ket Activist. As you can see, this is possible if you include training in your diet program. I don’t think it’s a miracle pill, but it just helps you lose weight more quickly.

If you have any questions about this product, please leave me a message in the comments box, and I will respond as soon as possible.


                          ORDER NOWSatisfaction guaranteed or your money back