How to live the life you love- 28 day challench


How to live the life you love- 28-day challenge.


You must choose the path of LOVE.

Implementing and maintaining your mindset is the most powerful thing you can do to change the situation. The energy with which you do something counts as much, if not more than your action. Even at the most anxious time of your life, you can achieve abundance. So, we have all been in this challenging scenario, whether you want to grow your business, become financially prosperous, or be healthy.

Staying in the energy of prevention, being in the power of believing, can make the world on the other side of it with less destruction than some predict; this energy is more productive than focusing on doom.

Waiting for the best, keeping the vision, and creating and publishing yourself and the team will improve your energy. It also enhances the life of the surrounding people.

You must choose the path of LOVE instead of FEAR. It requires some training, but you can sometimes see the bigger picture and the critical role this experience offers. in the background

Your job is to stay focused on LOVE, take care of, and see the well-being around you and your loved ones from anything. Keep this room ruthless, and miracles will happen.

Meet your coaches

Tom Yatar and Ania Halama are world travelers who have helped thousands of people attract money, wealth, perfect health, perfect love, mental health, and spiritual wealth.

Tom is a performer, mentor, trainer, and attraction law coach. He is a Certified Reiki Masterclass Level 3, EFT Certified Trainer, NLP Master, Hypnotist, Certified Ho’oponopono Master, Intuitive Angel Card, and Attraction Law Trainer.

Ania is a # Millennial Manifestor, spiritual healer, and world traveler. He is a certified Reiki master 3, a certified Ho’oponopono master, an intuitive angel card, a human design specialist, and an attraction coach.

Tom and Ania are on the right track to help many people get what they want and need in life.

The Six Pillars of Vibrational Wealth are the Foundation of Your Success!


Spiritual Wealth

Reach a powerful state that will free you from all you’re negative thoughts. Spiritual wealth

Life can sometimes be challenging if you are not involved in the spiritual side. Then some life experiences can cause it to separate from another. Often people become so detached from their spirituality that they forget how important it is. Your spiritual connection is essential, and therefore they will teach you how to increase your spiritual wealth.

They help you reach such a powerful state of mind that frees you from your negative thoughts. This way, you can achieve the right results you have wanted.

Ten scientific reasons why meditation is right for you

1. Meditation sharpens attention

2. Long-term practice and consistent meditation increases resilience to stress

3. Meditation increases compassion and makes compassion more effective.

4. Meditation improves mental health; that is a fact.

5. Meditation has a positive effect on your relationship

6. Meditation blocks the negativity of your life

7. Meditation affects your physical health

8. Meditation increases your frequency

to attract great things in your life.

9. Meditation helps with addiction

10. Meditation reduces anxiety.

7 Week Vibrational

Meditation Course

7 Weeks To A Better Version Of You

Through guided meditations to free you from stress, anxiety, depression, and sadness for seven weeks. You’ll become a more stable version of yourself. You’ll change your vibrations and make yourself irresistible to wealth.

If you’re ready to free yourself from day to day negativity and realize the life you’ve always wanted, then this is where you want to start!


Mental Wealth



Reprogram your mind to attract all of your desires.

We all experience stress every day, and this stress affects our mental state. The pressure a silent killer be is called cause it destroys us spiritually. Nobody wants to be stressed all the time, and we want you to be stress-free. That is what we help you do, become a better version of yourself, and increase your spiritual wealth.

Every thought you think, and every word you say is a confirmation. All our self-conversations, internal dialogue, are a stream of affirmations. You affirm and create your life experiences with every word and thought. Why not make them positive. They can help.
Reprogram your mind to attract abundance, health, love, success, gratitude, money, and everything you truly desire!


Emotional Wealth

Learn the power of emotions and how to use them to attract the life you want!

Millions of people worldwide use VFT (perhaps you know it as creator Gary Craig’s “knocking” EFT) to make their lives better and let go of money, emotional stress, pain, addiction, and more.

If you are like many people, you are tired of living a life full of poor health, stress, and financial problems. You feel trapped in the hamster of society, you’ve tried everything, but nothing works. You are tired of helplessness, sadness, anxiety, rejection, and getting stuck. Want to grow and live the lifestyle of freedom you’ve always dreamed of living.


7 Week Vibrational Affirmation Program

Create The Mindset To Change Your Life

You’ll receive new affirmations to melt away the stress, and negativity life throws at you. That will increase your vibration and mindset to allow you to manifest your perfect life.

It will also change your mindset to abundance, success, and gratitude to attract wealth and money.

Physical Wealth

Become a healthier version of you by fixing your vibrations.

Your health is essential. Necessary adversely affect your vibration. Your negative vibrations can also affect your health. Your body had an exceptional fantastic heal itself, and if you blocked the healing energy through it, you could be a healthier version of yourself.

The goal of vibration health is to show you healthier by confirming your vibration. Yoga is a great way to take care of your health. It combines mental, spiritual, and physical wealth to create a balance that increases your body’s energy. The human body and your vibrations develop with this energy.

High Vibrational Challenge

One Month Of Creating Your Law Of Attraction RoutineHave you ever wondered how so many people could use the Law Of Attraction to manifest anything they want so quickly? Yet found yourself struggling to make it work for you consistently?

It doesn’t have to be so hard to attract that positive feeling within. Is your lifeline! With this course, the success you desire will come so much easier. You’ll get coaching and daily emails letting you know that day’s lesson is available. Learn the frequency of successful living with people just like you!

Relational Wealth

Connect with your inner self and deepen your ability to love and feel loved.

Your relationship can have a significant impact on your success. It not only your relationship with others but also your relationship with yourself.

If your relationship creates negative feelings or you can’t love yourself, it will stop your growth. It also violates the vibrations that allow you to attract the life you want.

That means designed to help passionate love you connect with yourself and deepen your ability to love and feel loved, increasing your ability to attract love and healthy relationships.

Financial Wealth

Learn how to start or scale your business with proven methods that will make your business work for you

Attract the wealth you want! Everyday life can create blockages that hinder your ability to attract and express your wealth. Vibrational richness will help you improve your vibration and free you from your blocks. You can find out from two experienced marketers who have already done it themselves.

When I first came to their site, I immediately noticed that financial success was the last, and when I delved into this program, I realized that I had no choice but to agree with them with both hands, and you understood why it was the last. But that’s because if you have the things that come before the money is sufficient, then, in fact, it is much more important than you may want

8 Week Money Block Clearing Coaching Program

Destroy Your Money Blocks In 8 Weeks

Have you ever felt like you work no matter how hard you try, you can’t hold onto money? Or maybe it feels like the more money you make, the faster it’s gone.

The problem isn’t the amount of money you have. You need money block clearing, and this VFT course can help!

After eight weeks you’ll feel more in control of your money and your life!


21-Day Millionaire Bootcamp

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Overcome body image issues.

Overcome body image issues.

I’m not here yet. Maybe you’re not here yet. Perhaps none of us are on this journey of self-love. A few days, I danced in lingerie to the accompaniment of loud favorite music and admired the capacity of my body. The other day I pull on my tracksuits and feel like they are narrower, ribbing in my stomach and creating a new fold for me, which I have not met before, but whom I already hate.

Some days I admire the beauty of other women and compliment them. The other day I peeked at them with envy and told my body that he would not cooperate with me. Some days I feel sexual, and I would like to conquer the bed with my partner. The other day I hid under loose clothes and didn’t want to be touched at all. We all have days when the mind does not seem to cooperate. It fills my head with self-deprecating thoughts of self and makes me feel worthless. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because I know deep down that THESE are NOT MY THOUGHTS, they have been planted there by someone else, and over time they have multiplied there. My job is to recognize these weeds, uproot them, and grow beautiful thoughts to support me instead. With this post, I want to share my ways of getting rid of this ominous line of thinking and taking a step closer to accepting and loving myself.

Where does a negative body image come from?

We were all born perfect. As babies, we are also aware of this. No baby doubts its value in being worthy of unconditional love. But as we get older and move away from a full state of love, we perceive that our value is as if due to the external world. We believe that who we are dictates how much we are accepted and loved. The feeling of worthlessness is not born; it is Absorbed. Some learn it early, others later, a third never. It all depends on the integrity of our inner world and the state of mind around us.

It is not only the body image that is staring at the mirror. It also includes memories, assumptions, and generalizations about our bodies. What our body has been like, what it is like, and what it should be. Society, the media, and pop culture are continually shaping this image. Continuous images of selected body types create an unnatural generalization in our eyes of what a “normal” body is worth celebrating.

This creates a constant feeling of discomfort and shame for many people (even people of the same body type whose self-image is distorted). This is the basis for the need to start controlling your weight through diet and exercise. A substantial proportion of people who do not achieve the desired results develop an eating disorder.

A negative body image NEVER occurs in isolation. It occurs when we tend to believe that our appearance does not live up to the expectations of society, family, friends, and the media. In most cases, we perceive this for the first time when our body is criticized. Also, as a child, a small remark from my grandmother, in style: “Suddenly you shouldn’t put that jam on the pancakes so much. Otherwise you will still be fat” or seeing the mother commenting on her own body:

I look so thick in this dress. I can’t go anywhere like that! ” We compare ourselves not only to criticism of us but also of our loved ones, which in our eyes are ideal as they are. Our whole self-image starts to crack very early in this way. Because our parents are our reflection. We learn everything from them and not even consciously. Our subconscious mind stores all the information we experience enough.

We are beginning to compare ourselves to what we have seen. When we see day-to-day 0-size models, we inadvertently compare ourselves to that figure. If we always hear our mother blaming ourselves for our bellies, we are also extremely critical of our stomachs. When our friends joke about our shorter height, we become uncertain about our measurements. Our thoughts are crushed continuously. And if we do not consciously control what we allow ourselves, we will not be able to prevent pollution.

It’s like a room that gets messed up over time. It will be filled with fear, anger, insecurity, discomfort from outside. To prevent this, we need to know precisely what we allow in our room, what we keep there, and what we throw out. And again and again, we have to fix it. Negative thoughts caused by a messy room are not you. You are pure in spirit. You are love. And never believe anything else.

Just like a companion. Many fall in love with a person who does not like their taste. How? They get to know this person, and they fall in love with the person’s soul, not his appearance. And what will soon be discovered? In the case of unconditional love, the appearance of this person is also loved. We see people as a whole package, not as parts.

I believe the same will happen when we get to know ourselves and begin to love the beautiful SOUL that lies within us. If we love ourselves, we want to respect and hold that soul’s body in the same way. We learn to love our whole package, including our body. But this does not mean that this body has to be beautiful, in shape, or in any way to our or others’ liking.

Even if I know all this, inevitably, I am a person with perfect imperfections, which is why I also have days when my stomach is more ahead of me when I try on old clothes. Or if you come across a picture of my former form where I weighed 10 kg less. But to deal with this, before it becomes a negative spiral downhill, I have a VERY GOOD tip to spare. And it is not about taking thoughts elsewhere by yoga, walking, bathing, or eating. Temporary distraction is not the answer. The solution is in our subconscious. I clean this messy room in my subconscious. I’m overwriting my subconscious with better stuff. How?

If I ever get a picture of me in peak shape or just a lower weight, I don’t look at it with envy – I would be with that body again. I got so many compliments. I was so much more beautiful. ONLY I remember what was really behind this picture – I thought I wasn’t in good enough shape. I trained to be pictured. I went everywhere with food weights. My relationship was broken because I was so emotional and nervous. I was starving myself. I didn’t enjoy life. I was heartbroken. Is it a good life then?

My story of what happened to me.

When I was 5 years old, I had a fire accident, and my whole left leg was injured, scarred, and not beautiful to look to this day. As a result, I received hormone therapy that created me in a teen and could not control eating. I’m 1.65 tall, and I weighed 73 kg at the moment, which wasn’t honest at all, but in that respect, I thought I was fat, and so many people said it outright. I was a little bigger than the others.

When I reached 20, I started training and took my 15 kilograms. The peak was 55 kilograms at that moment, and believe me. I was not happy with myself at all. Mom went after me with a sandwich that I want to see you eat. I had reached the other extreme, I no longer had the strength, and I was tired all the time. I also overcame it, I gained back five kilos, but after that, I have not fluctuated so much; I have reached 40, and my body weight has remained at 60 for the last 18 years. I am neither thin nor fat. I haven’t given up on training. I’m still training because I’m a little older, then yoga is getting better for me, and cycling is also my hobby.

Even if you envy a model, an influencer, or a famous person, always realize that you don’t know her story. You never know what’s behind this picture and this body. You don’t know if he’s Photoshopped, if he went on diets for several months, if he has an eating disorder, how much he exercises if he’s pleased with all. You don’t know! Instead, ask yourself, “WHY do I believe this body creates a better life? Where does this absurd belief come from? Is this idea garbage or valuable? Can I replace it with a better one? ”

Loving your body is not believing that your body looks good. It is the knowledge that your body is good and does good, regardless of its appearance. It does not think that you are beautiful. It knows that you are more than beautiful. Understanding that your body is the INSTRUMENT of your life, not the ORNAMENT of other eyes. – Lindsay Kite

Never-never-never compares yourself to another person because you are a unique individual right now! Because you are more than your appearance! Your purpose in life is more than to fit into XS clothes. You are not worth more if you take up less space here on Earth.

Daily tips on how to feel better in your body:

Enjoy the abilities of your body – running, swimming, dancing, etc.

Write down the 5 qualities you love the most and leave it in a visible place.

See yourself as a whole. You do not have cellulite, abdominal cramps, or a congested nose. You are whole.

Turn the negative into a positive: “I have cellulite… But at least I have legs that can develop cellulite at all”. “I have stretch marks, but they remind me of the children I carried on my stomach for 9 months.”

Wear comfortable and the right size of clothes. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit you anymore. They constantly give you negative energy. Invest in new clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Please beware of the media and the brainwashing that comes with it! I haven’t used the media in years. Also, clear your social media. Notice the accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. Remove them!

Use the time you have so far spent hating, dieting, and overtraining your body for something wiser, such as educating yourself, meditating, being with friends, new hobbiesAvoid criticizing the body of yourself and others and ask your loved ones to do the same. Negativity feeds negativity.

Treat your body well – move it, feed it accordingly, love it, pamper it.

Beauty is always more internal than external. Don’t forget that!

Repeat for me:

“I know I’m beautiful, no matter the size of my clothes. I know that I am a beautiful person who I am in spirit. I know I’m beautiful because I want to help people. I know I’m beautiful because I’m vulnerable, and I share my difficult journey with women who need to hear it. I know I’m beautiful because I tell myself I’m beautiful. I create new thoughts that fit into my cleaned room and create a new, more beautiful reality for me. I’m created. I was born here on Earth. The universe wants me here, and I am worth experiencing this life with full love and beauty. I’m worth it all, no matter how much my numerical ratio to gravity is at stake.


Why is self awareness an important skill to master.

Why is self-awareness a vital skill to master?

What is this self-awareness, then, and why is it so necessary to stab him.

In short

With our tight schedules, it can be challenging to find time to think about who we are: our strengths and weaknesses, our motivations and personalities, and our habits and values. Besides, many of us don’t tend to spend a lot of time on self-reflection. When we gi Evenve personal feedback. We are not always open to it because honest feedback is not flattering.

Consequently, many of us have a relatively low level of self-awareness. It is unfortunate because your self-awareness is an essential first step towards maximizing your life.  That can improve our judgment and help us find opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness means understanding one’s weaknesses, beliefs, strengths, and desires in life. That is a skill that can be developed quickly over time. We must first understand the two types of self-awareness.

Inner self-awareness refers to how we see our values, passions, aspirations, alignment with our environment, reactions (including thoughts, feelings, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses), and others’ influence.

External self-expression means understanding how other people view us for the same factors listed above. People who know how others see them can show empathy and understand other people’s views.

To become a top performer at work and at home.

One must actively see oneself clearly and receive feedback to understand how others see them. Self-awareness is the ability to observe one’s emotions and reactions.   It allows you to know your strengths, weaknesses, triggers, motivators, and other characteristics.

Self-awareness means looking deeper into your feelings, why you feel a certain way, and how your emotions may turn into reactions.

One example of how we treat ourselves and others consciously is if someone happens to say something wrong about your loved one. Either about a person or an animal.

We will step out to defend the team without thinking any longer. We do not doubt for a moment that he is doing something wrong; without thinking about the consequences, we resist and justify action if it was necessary at all.

Never agree when you are attacked.

But when someone happens to attack you, either verbally or physically, we tend to admit the accusation very quickly and believe that it was just as he said.

Now I would like to ask where this love then disappeared. Self-love would allow us to decide that the opposite side is not right and that I am right instead.

At this point, I would like to say that what matters are not justifying someone else or ourselves, but rather understanding how we think and why we do so.

Many have also had lousy self-esteem since childhood, which does not mean that we cannot change it. There is a lot for parents to do here.

When we grow up at home where we only hear criticism of our address and are not used to hearing about our strengths, then, unfortunately, we think that we are imperfect and cannot get what we want in life.

It is never too late to change.

It is necessary to find out your strengths.  And why they are your strengths, whether it is your innate talent, and whether its power evokes good emotions in you. And at the same time, understand your weaknesses, if any, exist and why they have developed. Whether they have previously emerged since children, excessively whence? They made occur frequently.

In addition to becoming aware of your emotions, self-awareness also means knowing how you react to others as you refine your self-awareness abilities.  You become more empathetic because of the heightened emotional intelligence that comes with self-awareness.

You are also more adaptable. If you know how you react, you can avoid a difficult situation by walking or even taking a deep breath a few times. Self-awareness can also improve your confidence by being open to your weaknesses, needs, and strengths. You strengthen your ability to be vulnerable and understand how you behave in one situation or another.

Some examples of how to increase your self-awareness

Pay attention to what bothers you about other people.

Often, the things that irritate us most about other people reflect a trait that we don’t like about ourselves.

We all have aspects that we are not proud of – for example; we tend to bend the truth a little too often. Or maybe we avoid conflicts like the plague.  Often feeling like a doormat or used by the surrounding people.

If we don’t know how to change these things or believe we can, we can finally do our best: not think about them. And while ignorance may seem blissful, it is not. Not in the long run.

So when someone does something that seems incredibly annoying or irritating to you, ask yourself: could it be a reflection of something in me that I don’t like? Will I make any version of it?

Meditate your mind

You have probably heard of mindfulness meditation. It’s a simple practice to keep your focus on your breath or some other physics lesson. Then, if you notice that your thought migrates to other ideas, pay close attention to the direction.

Although mindfulness meditation is beneficial for everything from weight loss to relieving depression, it can be a powerful way to raise self-awareness.

Specifically, mindfulness meditation is one of the best ways to learn more about how your thoughts work. When you practice observing and observing your thoughts without attaching to or thinking about them, you begin to realize a powerful idea: you are not your thoughts.

Too often, we lack self-awareness because we overthink. We quickly get lost in our thoughts by assuming they are real or worth doing, simply because our minds decided to throw them at us.

Regular mindfulness practice opens your eyes to how the thinking mind works and how much more you have than just your thoughts’ content.

Read high-quality fiction

It regularly is addressed that great writers are great observers of the world around them. And it is this ability to notice the fine details and features of life that allows them to recreate it so movingly in their work.

But the best writers are first and foremost expert observers of human nature. Their job is to notice the small details of thought, emotion, desire, and action that most of us miss in the crazy business of everyday life.

And while most of us probably aren’t professionally called authors and smart observers of human nature, we can all learn a thing or two about ourselves by learning to pay attention as an author.

By carefully describing people, good fiction teaches people to think carefully and compassionately. And the better we can observe others, the more likely we are to look the same way.

So spend 30 minutes sometimes making a list of good fiction you’ve been thinking to read or ask a knowledgeable friend to suggest some of your favorites.

Identify your emotional kryptonite.

We all have certain emotions that we don’t particularly like. And more often, it means that we try to avoid feeling this emotion very much. The problem is that the fear of emotions is so great that we are qualified to do anything to prevent it from having quite negative consequences in the long run (such as drug abuse).

For example, if we take one overweight person and ask him why you eat so much, he will certainly not give you a perfect and definite answer. His response could be something like I’m hungry or feeling bad. It is not wrong at all, because if he eats something good, he feels good at that moment, and at that moment, it is the only right decision without thinking about the consequences. But perhaps most importantly, by avoiding emotion, we avoid listening to what feeling tells us. Negative emotions are painful because our minds are trying to get our attention, sometimes for an excellent reason.

Learning to tolerate emotional kryptonite discomfort can reveal a lot of knowledge about ourselves and our world when we are ready to listen.

Draw the timeline of your life

One of the most open tricks I’ve ever learned is to write down on paper all the star events that have happened to you since birth.

It may sound silly to you, but I strongly recommend that you do so to help you understand a lot of yourself and understand why something has gone exactly the way it has gone or concludes that you might think otherwise.

In particular, many people can make sense of or gain a new perspective on a particularly worrying or difficult time, seeing it in the “context” of a particular period.
The key to self-awareness is the ability to think developmentally and in context.


Ask for feedback (and take it well)

Here’s the question: how often do you consciously seek feedback about yourself?

If your something like me – or think most people are – then probably not often. When we have many facets that need to be improved, the real problem is the parts that we do not see – our blind spot. And other people are in a unique position to notice them and help us see them if we ask.

So how exactly should we ask for feedback about ourselves?

Here are some tips to get you started:

Choose a secure relationship in your life: parent, spouse, best friend, etc. Someone with whom you have enough public credit to be willing to bring out something negative.

Start small. First, ask for something that is not too big or threatening. It’s about increasing another person’s confidence that you can take criticism well. They are more likely to tell you about a substantial personality issue if you have shown them that you can be good at criticizing homework.

Take criticism well. Avoid protection at all costs. Assume that you do not feel fantastic right now when someone points out a mistake. And that’s okay. It’s normal for you to feel that way. Just try your best to acknowledge their feedback, thank them for giving it, and explain that you intend to work on it.

Take a micro-trip

New places and strange environments take us out of the routine and force us to be more self-aware.

If you end up in Italy, for example, you wonder how much time people waste on long, extravagant meals – a 3-hour dinner, are you kidding!

But after spending time in Italian culture and being forced to experience these long relaxed meals, I began to appreciate this alternative approach to meals, which was more than just a refueling process. And although I don’t eat 3-hour dinners regularly.

My perspective on meals and their function has changed due to traveling and spending time in a new environment.

Of course, while regular flights to exotic countries are probably not a viable strategy for most. We get the benefits of self-awareness when traveling without having to go very far.

Micro-travel is a simple idea that we can still do travel but on a local scale. For example, if you live in a big city or urban area, you’re probably familiar with your neighborhood, downtown.  And maybe a few other places. But there are probably whole neighborhoods where you haven’t spent some time. It is an opportunity for micro-travel.

Similarly, although two weeks in Thailand may not be feasible for you at the moment, two days be in a local park you have never visited.

Suppose we can expand our idea of what travel means to include local or nearby places that are still unknown. We can reap many of the benefits of travel, including boosting our self-awareness – in a fraction of the time or money.

Learn a new skill

Just as travel makes us more aware, throwing us into new situations, learning something further increases self-awareness.  Forcing us to think and act in new ways.

As adults, we get all our ways in mind, mainly because we often do the same things. And while it brings some comfort, it also encourages believed to and the narrowness of thought.  When the only things we do are things we’re already good at, it’s easy to indulge in the false security feelings we know about how things work.

An antidote is what is sometimes called the mind of a novice. The idea for beginners is to learn new things. The reason must be flexible and see something fresh – like a child.

That means that if we want to cultivate flexibility and freshness within ourselves and the way we see things (i.e., self-awareness), we should be a beginner. And one of the best ways to do that is to learn a new skill.

Whether it’s playing the piano, speaking Mandarin, or watercolor, committing to learning a new skill is a powerful exercise in mental flexibility and self-awareness.

Identify cognitive distortions

Cognitive distortions are inaccurate thoughts and beliefs that distort the way we see things, including ourselves. Just as we may all develop insignificant physical habits (e.g., nail-biting, late-night biting, etc.), we all have certain mental practices that do us no good.

For example: whenever something annoying happens while driving – cut off. Someone takes my desired parking space – the default script in my head is: What a mess!

For some reason, I have a mental habit of calling other drivers whenever I get upset on the road. It is a problem because while other drivers make mistakes, sometimes I do too. However, if my default reaction is always to exclude and blame other people.  I miss the opportunity to see my behavior and correct myself.

Suppose every time I am left off.  And I tell myself that the person cutting me off is a fool and should be a more attentive driver. In that case, I may miss the fact that I drive chronically too slowly on the bypass because I am talking to my child and not very aware of how I operate.

The point is that the primary source of lack of self-awareness is inaccurate mental habits and self-conversation. Suppose we can learn to identify these erroneous thinking patterns. We can become more self-aware – and we will probably feel better in the end.

Take time to explain your values.

Here’s the difficult question: how often do you take the time to consciously and carefully consider your highest values and aspirations?

When you’re like most of us, busy with everyday life tends to sweep you – day by day, week by week – in a continuous line of action, without a lot of thinking time. Especially thinking about the most important things.

Is it any surprise that it is difficult for us to achieve our goals and find satisfaction if we do not spend time thinking about what it would look similar?

What’s more, it’s probably not surprising that we end up pursuing artificial goals that culture and society say are essential to us (a nice car, a big house, a trimmed waist) but that we don’t find meaningful and cost-effective.

A unique form of self-awareness involves an awareness of the things that matter to us, clear: why are we here? What are we called to do? What makes a full life we can be proud of You?

These are big questions. And while they seem scary, it’s because probably we don’t spend a lot of quality time considering them.

Try it: pull out your calendar and find 30 minutes once a month (I like the last Friday of every month at 4:30 p.m.). Make a recurring monthly calendar appointment by that time and call it an Explanation of Values. Each month, take out a piece of paper and think of ideas and thoughts related to values and what you want.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. The important thing is that you give yourself a chance to think about it. You’re surprised what’s coming out!


Unfortunately, the concept of self-awareness can come as a somewhat magical and esoteric, complicated psychological jargon to a mysterious process deep in human nature.

But this is not the case.

Self-awareness is simply the ability to observe oneself, notice, and pay attention to the patterns in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. And that is a skill we all have.

Some of us may have more or less to start by.  But there are many straightforward exercises that everyone can use to improve their awareness, no matter where it stands.


Changing negative thoughts into positive ones.-for and against

 Changing negative thoughts into positive ones.

If you hear yourself or others expressing negative thoughts, try to repeat them oppositely each time. | Shutterstock

Negative thoughts affect our speech and behavior. Try to think more positively, and you will soon discover that everything sounds better.

If you find yourself thinking or talking about bed things, you probably feel like everyone is doing so. But that doesn’t mean you should do it. Speaking in a negative tone inhibits your daily activities, pulls you down, and shatters your dreams.

Detect negative text

Negative thoughts and repressed feelings affect our speech and behavior. Women often tend to reject and deny compliments. For example, if someone says something beautiful about the dress you are wearing, you will quickly respond, “This ?! I got it at a half-price discount,

or ah, I found this old thing at the bottom of the closet.

Men often have a history of strength problems, how strong he is at the moment, especially at a younger age when the man has not yet developed a strength. Strength testing accompanies them at almost every step. The challenges of power are sometimes too significant, which puts men’s self-esteem at bay.

Our thoughts and statements are often closely linked and have a direct impact on our well-being and actions. Listen carefully to how those around you express themselves. You will soon notice that those who positively talk about things are generally happier and more successful than those who only see the wrong in everything. Turn the bed into the good.

Turn the bed into the good.

If you hear yourself or others expressing negative thoughts, try to repeat them oppositely each time. This way, you can reprogram yourself – it is transferred to both your thinking and speech. To eradicate bed thoughts, you need to focus on creating a positive attitude, but there is much more to this than the parrot’s multiplication of “think positive.” Besides, a positive story is of no use if you don’t feel happy.

So what is for and against? Accept your pros and cons and realize that good things are happening in your life. The more you focus on the great things in life, the more you will notice the positive. This is followed by a positive outlook on life that infects others.

Consistency is vital in positive thinking and speech acquisition.

If you find yourself complaining about how boring your life is, turn it around and talk about what you want to achieve and how. Instead of complaining about the plethora of career choices, praise the fact that we have the opportunity to live in the 21st century and that we have an unprecedented number of possibilities. And instead of whining about how a lack of skills hinders promotion, think about how you can improve your skills and get to the position you want.

Here I would like to suggest one exciting solution. Name things that bother you and make you angry under another name. Give that feeling or thing a positive and proud nickname. Put your imagination to work; believe it helps.

Sometimes we are all in a bad mood, but always expressing it does nothing better. It has the opposite effect, making you even more unhappy. We need to keep up with the challenges of life, find the right solutions, and be positive. Positively increases – it’s that simple.

Ask yourself, who are you that you can get angry? That question should make you wonder who you are, that you have a right to be angry, and who or what you are mad at.

If you happen to write a paper with pros and cons, then there would be a psychological trick to suggest to me. Never write counter-arguments on paper because people have a memory of writing. Bad things want to come out faster, and especially if you tend towards negativity. Recommendation Writes positive arguments in the middle of the page and at least three positive matches for each counter-argument. Then the positive side will dominate.

Avoid negative people

It is possible to work with and change your negativity. However, eliminating negative externalizes is not so easy.

It is wiser to stay away from negative people. These outrageous things only make matters worse, and it only becomes a big steam release and swearing at the expense of others, and nothing more. There is no point in doing that right away.

When you become aware of the note of negativity in others, you also notice it in yourself. If you are in the company of the negative, you need to distinguish between the general and the personal. By the way, men are not affected by negativity at all and as personally as women.

To get a real overview of the matter and protect yourself from the negative talk, it is necessary to turn on the brain’s analytical part and filter the spoken story.

It must be remembered that men have an extraordinary ability to amplify our negative self-image because we are used to taking everything personally. Instead of letting the talk of such people hurt you, it is wiser to change your reaction in your defense than to try to change them by trying to change them. Remind yourself that you have the freedom to do whatever you want, regardless of others’ opinion – so you have the power to improve your mood and have a positive attitude. For example, if a male boss criticizes your work, stand up for yourself, and try to find a solution. If the criticism continues, try to improve your skills and start looking for a new job.

If someone close to you tends to be very damaging, it can help talk about it. The person himself may not be aware of how negative his story sounds, so he may want to change himself when he mentions it to him. At the same time, it may not always be so smooth, and a dispute may arise.

Try to avoid talking to negative people who will always force you to take a defensive stance. If you’re into this kind of proofing, stop it. Say this conversation will go awry, and it would be better to continue it another time if you both want to resolve the situation, not embarrass each other. However, if things go the old way, you need to decide if you need such a relationship at all. A psychologist can also help.

Funny against the negative

Humor can help reset negativity. If someone keeps saying that everything is so terrible, you can make it clear to the whiner by turning the thing over the shaft. For example, if someone fights a rampant crime, tell him ironically that he must have been born in a shirt of happiness if he survives around the next corner. Be prepared to laugh at yourself in the event of a failed joke because if you succeed, you have taken a massive step towards a more positive life.

Be vigilant.

As you try to become more and more positive, you need to be wary of situations that may incite negativity. Pay attention to how you talk in a stressful situation when something goes wrong at work or something goes false, contrary to expectations.

In difficult times, it is crucial to keep a clear focus and confront negativity by asking yourself, “Is it a bed as it seems now?”, “Did I set unrealistic expectations for this situation?” “Does it matter anymore in five years? “Do I learn and develop because of it? “. You can formulate the answers to these questions in the affirmative. Try it; you can do it!

Negative vs. positive

* I’m so depressed I don’t know what to do. vs. feel bed, but it passes. A bad mood doesn’t make things better, so I have to think about what I can do to improve the situation right now.

* I just moved to another city, and I’m so alone and far from home. VS When I am friendly and open, I will soon find friends and get to know this exciting city that is my new home.

* I’m so fat. vs. can lose weight and start today.

* I will be alone for the rest of my life. I’m single, and it’s so chilly right now!

* I don’t like men, and I never find a nice man. vs. have a good sense of humor that men want, and after a few failed attempts, I see a nice man who appreciates it.

* Our planet is falling apart, and governments are doing nothing to stop it. The world is in poor condition, but we can save it and take care of it ourselves.