How to start meditating for beginners-health benefits.

How to start meditating for beginners

As you begin to learn about the practice of meditation, the question inevitably arises as to how to do it correctly if at have never practiced it before. Beginners do face with questions about what the principles of meditation are and how to use them.

Although some initial theoretical knowledge exists

There was no time and place to practice.

The desire to do everything at once in one day and quickly

Thoughts that something is missing and something needs to change

Time for meditation

You may think that you do not have enough time to practice meditation consistently, but this is generally a wrong opinion. You should plan your time a bit, just like brushing your teeth every morning, and eating is also your mental health, always needing to be necessary. After all, we don’t have a question that we don’t have time; we sleep and brush our teeth and eat and do all kinds of urgent things every day. We always find a way to do that, even if we are very fast, except in exceptional cases.

Because meditation is as important as our other needs, we do not feel an immediate need for it. However, even when we take care of our bodies, meditation washes and cleanses the mind of this accumulated spiritual dirt.

If you are starting to meditate, you will not need more than 10-20 minutes a day. The best time is early in the morning. Set the alarm 10-20 minutes earlier and dedicate this time to meditation. Here is the best time not to make excuses for not having time.

At first, you could try some guided meditations. For example, the YoTube site has a lot of them. Choose the best one. Just listen to the recommended would be to use headphones, then you are entirely focused.

A place to meditate in your home

It is ideal if you have a place at home where you conduct your meditation. It can be a good energy corner in your home, it doesn’t matter where you do it, either in the bedroom in the living room or on the kitchen table, but at first, it helps to improve and deepen the meditation in a particular place. If you do not live alone, it is creative to create a specific area. Here is the best time in the early morning. I prefer to stay in bed and dream in the early morning.

The desire to do everything at once

That applies not only to meditation but also to other endeavors. Do nothing. We want to start, but the thought that I read a little more I look then I understand better, and then I cringe when I’m ready, it can, in reality, take a lot of time—kind of an eternal student who only theorizes but does nothing. The best option is to start and later change and deepen your knowledge acquisition.

The desire to change something about once.

Some people think that something radical should be changed to start meditating. For example, one should leave work, leave one’s family, go somewhere in the mountains to a monastery of monks and give up all earthly possessions and human needs.

Unfortunately, such misconceptions are not very rare. Of course, this is partly true.

Traditionally, Yogis retired and engaged in spiritual practices and meditations. It is just described in the ancient spiritual manuscripts of the Bhagavad-gita, as mentioned above.

“For yoga, you should find a clean place, place a rug on the ground, and cover it with deerskin and also a soft flat pillow. After sitting down, you can start yoga by controlling the mind and emotions, controlling the activities of the body, and concentrating the gaze mentally. At some point, yogis must cleanse the heart of material contamination. However, some of the thousands are ready to make such a sacrifice, but it is only unacceptable for the majority.

How to meditate at home

From my experience, I can say that it helps best if you plan the same time and place for daily meditation. It helps. Before meditation, it is advisable to take a shower and ventilate the room. It is much easier to meditate if you keep yourself clean during the sessions. So if you live surrounded by bullshit, scattered socks, sheets, dirty dishes, etc., this creates additional obstacles in practice.


Choose a comfortable meditative posture and make sure no one bothers you during the session. Learning to sit correctly will help you. Proper and comfortable posture is the key to good meditation.


It recommends listening to music to calm the senses during meditation, although it is not necessary. However, I have to say that there are many mantras, and if you listen to a guided meditation, then there is some music in the background. The most straightforward mantra is when you start to say oo in a low tone, and after about 10 seconds, you close your mouth, then ooooom comes out, which is also called the voice of God.


If you wish, you can light an incense stick. Sandalwood or anything else you like. The smell of incense cleans the room and helps calm your mind. Some people are allergic to incense sticks, so be careful.

Benefits of home meditation

First, meditating at home involves a certain sense of security. For example, meditating in the woods or a park or elsewhere can create feelings of insecurity that will bother you. However, this feeling does not occur in the same place at home.

Ways to meditate at home

At home, you can meditate in a way that works best for you. There are many different ways of meditation, but at first, I would recommend choosing a classical one that will help you get the right feeling later. If you are already interested, then explore alternative methods.

Mantra de

My primary method of meditation is to meditate on the sounds of the mantra. They are usually pronounced out loud in a whisper or internally to find out there are many various articles that describe in more detail which were and so on.

If you feel unable to focus, then I would recommend using mantras that are recorded and easy to listen over.

In quiet meditations, such as the Gayatri mantra and breathing meditations, it is better to be in absolute silence so that nothing distracts.

Breathable meditation

In this type of meditation, you need to watch your breathing. This kind of meditation usually does not pursue any noble spiritual goal but helps to calm the mind consciously. Although I would say that it is brilliant, because if you can do it, then later you are ready to move your mountain with thought.

Meditation is like a bottomless ocean into which you can immerse yourself the more you practice it. As the baggage of experience begins to grow, you will realize that the spiritual side of your life is even more critical.

Most meditation practitioners apply this process daily and cannot imagine their lives without it. Meditation is a straightforward practice, but it is incredibly effective.

People who start meditation change and increase and become more confident and calm. Of course, it also has a positive effect on health and other areas of life.

Many people want to meditate every day to see how the mind works and prevent us from living every day. However, many give up after a few attempts. Daily meditation and its practice and development take time and require a bit of perseverance, which later pays off.

The proper meditation for a beginner

If you are entirely new to meditation and want to learn how to practice meditation at home, you do not have to follow the strict tips written for Buddhist monks.

Just as you don’t have to follow an Olympic skiing winner’s training plan if you want to enjoy a weekend getaway at the ski resort

Moreover, these tips can only have a detrimental effect on you. It is unlikely that you will have three months of patience to sit every day, getting used to the lotus position with a straight back, and get no results when internal struggles and damaged nerves.

You can practice meditation in all and everyday activities. The only thing you need to do is keep your attention on what is happening at the moment, without going into the past and future thoughts.

If you feel that nothing interesting is happening now, then watch your breathing or the sensations in your body. Unlike thoughts, breathing and your body are always in the present.

Meditation positions for beginners

Usually, everyone does teach to sit with their legs crossed, straightening their backs. That is, of course, very good if you have been practicing yoga for five years, but if you do not have the flexibility of a gymnast, you can’t do it and die away. Your back will start to ache, and your feet will pass.

This posture only harms your meditation. If you are not physically strong before, it will only cause problems, and nothing will come out of the meditation. Meditation is a state of inner peace. The body should be in a relaxed, still, position where you can stay for a long time in a still and calm state to meditate. Often such a suggestion finds resistance and criticism, especially among yoga teachers, but would still suggest an easier path in the beginning.

Meditation practice for beginners

*Position yourself so that you feel and where you feel comfortable.

*Decide in advance how long it will take for your meditation to put on a timer

*Put a nearby clock or phone so that you can see how much time remains left until the end of meditation during meditation. Feel free to look at the clock as many times as you want. Every time you think about how long I meditate, you will satisfy your curiosity instead of fighting your desires.

*Close your eyes and watch everything that happens inside you. You don’t have to deal with anything. Just accept everything as it is. Everything that happens during meditation is what needs to happen. Just know that it works

*Then start monitoring your breathing. The easiest way is to focus only on inhaling and exhaling first. You can check both inhalations -focus -exhalation -relaxation

*Even if you concentrate the mind on one object, for example, breathing, the thoughts still revolve around the peripheries of consciousness. That is normal, and it is ok. The views consistently achieve the state of mental relaxation and meditation.

*If you feel like you’re scattering somewhere, then it’s nothing to pay attention to breathing again and keep going.

*After the meditation, sit still for a few minutes. Tell yourself that the reflection is over and continue sitting, gradually returning to a normal state of consciousness.

That is probably the beginning. This approach to meditation is the best way to learn to meditate at home. Once you have reached at least 20 minutes to concentrate and follow your breathing, it is worth moving on to learning more traditional meditation.

You are divine. Never forget it


The Effects of Laughter Therapy on General Health and well-being

The Effects of Laughter Therapy on General Health and well-being

The psychological benefits and effects of laughter on human health are well-known, and several studies have shown its positive benefits for human health. The science that studies laughter and its effects on the body is called gerontology.

Gerontology (the science of laughter) formulates four dimensions of humor that can be directly related to protection against negaholism.

Emotional impact – humor removes barriers, reactivates repressed effect, allows the direct and spontaneous exchange of human feelings, and thus significantly increases the social competence required everywhere.

Cognitive Impact – Humor stimulates much-needed creative potential in today’s complex world, activates decision-making processes, and often promotes the required change of perspective. Humor also helps to understand new connections more sensitively and to be more open to change.

Communicative effect – humor has a refreshing, relaxing, and stimulating effect and contributes to the development of friendly-constructive relationships in the team. This will consolidate the working union and make relations more stable in crises and conflicts.

Health effects – laughter is healthy! Numerous studies suggest that humorous reactions have a lasting effect on the immune system, that laughter reduces the risks of fainting, relieves pain, effectively reduces stress, promotes blood supply and digestion, and helps fight high blood pressure, which is a threat to executives.


The meaning of laughter therapy

Nowadays, laughter therapy has found use both in a medical institution and in a medical context. There are several types of laughter therapy. Although there does not seem to be a common agreement on the classification of laughter therapy, it is possible to distinguish three subtypes of laughter therapy from different sources.1 / humor therapy both individually and in groups, which could be classified as hospital clowns.2 / Laughter meditation and 3 / Laughter yoga.

In the absence of a definite classification, the words … Laughter therapy … humor therapy … and … Laughter is synonymous, but they are not the same thing. Humor therapy is a subtype of laughter therapy, where laughter-stimulating materials such as comedies, books, and stories are used to create laughter. Humor therapy is carried out either in a group or individually. Group therapy encourages participants to discuss, for example, what they saw or heard was funny.

The disadvantage of group therapy is that it can be difficult to find materials that would seem funny to all participants. Individual humor therapy differs in that the therapy is based on the choice of materials for each individual and his or her sense of humor. The goal of humor therapy is to move a person’s thoughts away from his or her problems, reduce stress and create positive feelings

As mentioned in the humor therapy mentioned above, we could talk about hospital clowns, which have been used since 1986 in America. Research shows that hospital clowns reduce stress for children and their parents, children are more willing to work with doctors and have a more positive attitude, as well as they adapt better to hospital conditions, cope better with medical procedures for their illness and its consequences.

Laughter meditation is similar to the practice of meditation, but its purpose is to evoke laughter. Unlike humor therapy, there is no external stimulus to create laughter.

Like laughter meditation, laughter yoga does not use external stimuli to generate laughter. Laughter yoga is a relatively new discipline, founded by Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria, who founded the first laughter club in 1995. At first, the activities of the laughter club were based on telling jokes, but soon the club’s existence was threatened by members’ resentment of rude jokes. However, based on her research work, Kataria concluded that the human body does not distinguish between pretended and real laughter.

In both cases, the same hormones are secreted. With laughter. However, based on her research work, Kataria concluded that the human body does not distinguish between pretended and real laughter. In both cases, the same hormones are secreted. Following this idea, Kataria developed several exercises that are about laughing yoga training. Laughter yoga. Laugh yoga training consists of four stages in total 1 / rhythmic clapping with dance movements .2 / deep yoga breathing exercises.3 / childish playfulness.4 / laughter exercises/laughter yoga. Today, laughter is widespread around the world and more than 6,000 laughter clubs have been established in 60 countries

Why laughs are good

Under constant stress, a disease called chronic fatigue syndrome develops. American researchers have found that positive perception and physical health response to the affected brain center. Stimulation of them helps to prevent many diseases. The most natural way to affect this zone is sincere laughter, which produces the hormones of happiness -Endorf, serotonin, and dopamine. In parallel, the production of stress hormones -cortisone and adrenaline slows down


The benefits of laughter for a person’s physical health.

The founders of gerontology were the famous cousins of Norman. He had a rare bone disease that doctors could not cure. The cousins did not allow themselves to be discouraged but instead watched comedies for days. To the surprise of the doctors, the disease receded and a month later Norman had already gone to work. He remained in history as a “man who made a death joke” Since then, scientists have found many facts that confirm the health benefits of laughter. Experts have proven that it stimulates the strengthening of the immune system. In a laughing person, the level of stress in the body decreases, and antibodies are actively produced to fight various infections.

Cleansing the lungs and bronchi. When laughing, a person inhales as deeply as possible, which allows them to fill the lungs with fresh air and get more oxygen to the body. Nowadays, active laughter is practiced, which is useful for people with asthma, shortness of breath, or other breathing problems. Cleansing the endocrine system. The endocrine glands work better when oxygen-enriched blood enters the sputum. The youthfulness of the skin depends directly on the functioning of this system. Reduction of the risk of cardiovascular disease. After intense laughter, the pressure normalizes, the muscles relax and the blood vessels empty

Improving the work of the stomach and intestines. Tension and relaxation of the abdominal muscles normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, accelerates the excretion of harmful elements from the body. Relaxation of the neck and back muscles, This feature is useful to know for those who have a sedentary job. In this regard, the skin breathes better and ages more slowly

Smile when you interact with people

Laughter helps to build relationships with others and maintain them for a long time. A smiling interlocutor even has a conversation with a stranger. Often a conflict situation can be resolved painlessly by treating it with humor.

Famous German psychologist Vera Birkenbil recommends actively using a smile in the following situations /

When meeting people / Smile, an open and friendly attitude towards the communication partner is expressed

During a telephone conversation. Even without seeing a person, it is easy to recognize what mood he is in and how much he is willing to communicate.

If the interlocutor is angry, he can be reassured with a smile of approval or understanding

Laughter and breathing

The result if you have been laughing for a while then it is similar to how you would have done breathing exercises i.e. yoga/tissue and organ blood supply will increase, blood pressure will return to normal, health and mood will improve.

Breathing becomes deeper and longer during laughter, exhalation becomes more intense and shorter which causes the lungs to be completely released from the air Three to four times faster gas exchange and headaches can be reduced

Laugh so that your stomach shakes

A very useful exercise that shakes the abdominal cavity and massages the internal organs, ensuring good health. So the newborn breathes over time, this innate deep abdominal breathing skill is forgotten and replaced by a superficial. In which only the upper parts of the lungs are involved

Smile and laugh more often

When you smile, the facial muscles contract, which is directly related to the blood supply. Also, the smiling person’s face is more pleasant to communicate than the frowning face.

But what about people who they think can not laugh? Doctors recommend in this case to do it artificially for 5-10 minutes, which provides the facial muscles with the necessary work, which means brain nutrition

Laughter as a workout

Laughter is a very effective workout. When we laugh running nearly 80 muscle shoulders, the neck, face, and back muscles relax, the diaphragm vibrates and the pulse speeds up. One minute of laughing is equivalent to 25 minutes of training

There is a proven positive effect on the digestive system and people who make fun have a 40% lower risk of cardiovascular disease than gloomy people.

Laughter in the fight against oncology

Has published a book entitled “Laughter cures cancer.AustriaSigmund Feyrabend believes laughter and diseases reflect a human worldview. The Laugh does not tolerate lying, it is born deep in the human soul and genuine laughter can cure cancer. Strengthening the protective function / which means that if we laugh, it has an inhibitory effect on the development of malignancies

Laughter also overcomes allergies

Tests performed show / Allergy The patient was injected with an allergen and sent to watch Charlie Chaplin’s comedies. One and a half hours after starting to watch, the results were visible.

The exact mechanisms of action of laughter are not known, but a positive attitude probably increases the body’s immunity

Contraindications to excessive laughter

Excessive laughter should be avoided by people with a hernia, lung diseases / chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia /, eye diseases, pregnancy/ pregnancy that is at risk of abortion/ complications after surgery. In these cases, you should limit the fun manifestations so as not to burden the internal organs

Humor is not an easy job

Everyone has problems and they arise as if by themselves, the opportunity to enjoy oneself should be nurtured. It is important to know the absurdity of failure or accident in any situation.

Here is an example from life itself / a lady wears a clown’s nose in a glove box. When shi into a traffic jam and gets tired after work, he monitors it and monitors the reaction of other drivers. A proven way to alleviate the situation and save nerve cells.

Take the slightest chance to laugh. Learn to see the cartoon in real life

I think healthy laughter is nice. For a positive attitude, I recommend watching comedy movies or stand up comedy clips from YouTube, there is absolutely for every taste. If you feel depressed here just laugh and the bad mood will disappear. Laugh boldly and you will be amazed at how your life and health will change.

Think of why a child laughs from the heart as if the grandmother stumbles and no one tends to forbid it. General research has shown that if children laugh about 300 times a day during the day, then adults will only laugh 13-15 times. If we become a little child again and try to laugh a few times a day with all our hearts.


Is intermittent fasting a good idea.

Is intermittent fasting a good idea

Fasting probably has as many supporters as critics, and it is not suitable for everyone to give up food or limit the usual amounts of food. However, if you follow the exact recommendations and prepare the body carefully, fasting has many health benefits. Fasting or fasting is deliberate abstinence from food-drink or both for a period. Fasting can be complete or partial.

Fasting can be classified by duration.

One day – a very short fast or no-load day

1-3 days short prophylactic fasting

5-7 days short curative fasting

10-14 days average curative fasting

21-28 days long healing fasting

40 or more days of extreme fasting

Shorter 12-16 hours of fasting may also be useful, although there are currently insufficient studies to show their beneficial effects compared to fasting during the day.

Fasting is an excellent way to eliminate residues accumulated in our body over time and have begun to disrupt metabolism. Fasting gives the digestive system a break, and therefore it is easier for the body to digest food after fasting, and it is also easier to absorb useful nutrients.

Many vegetables and fruits have disappeared from the table, with semi-finished products, which often contain large amounts of sugar and promote inflammation. Giving the body a break from This improves digestion and helps the body restore balance.

The purpose of fasting is needed to be precise.

Fasting should not be initiated involuntarily or against the will. There is a big difference between voluntary water fasting and forced starvation and the results obtained from them. In the first case, a person decides that fasting is useful for healing to body and mind. Therefore, he is also psychologically ready in advance. Violent starvation, however, causes stress because it to endure it unprepared.

When planning a fast, you should consider your state of health with the age of the illness and many other individual circumstances, and then decide which quick is best for you.  Partial fasting or eating vegetables for a while is probably suitable for everyone, but in the case of water Fast, consult a doctor or fasting specialist for health problems.

Although fasting has been practiced for millennia, experts have not reached a consensus on how beneficial or harmful fasting is for our bodies. Fasting is often used for weight loss, but it is important to know that the benefit of fasting is primarily to cleanse the body and not so much to lose weight.

Although fasting does help lose weight, the number of weight lost at the beginning of fasting is due to the loss of fluid rather than fat. It is not possible to extract energy from food during fasting, and therefore it takes it from the glucose found in the liver and muscles. This process begins about eight hours after eating the last meal.

When the last dose of glucose from the body is used, the body begins to burn fat as an energy source, resulting in the desired weight loss. However, it does not benefit long-term weight loss, and when you return to your previous diet, you may give pounds as quickly as you lost them.

Therefore, it is important to think about what is the purpose of the fast before you start. If you want to lose centimeters of your waist size permanently, fasting is not the first sensible solution. However, if the goal is to cleanse the body and rid the body of toxins, it is worth trying fasting.

Fasting accelerates the aging of toxins from the body.

There are too many refined and processed foods on the human table in today’s western society containing small amounts of antioxidants and vitamins important for the body—away to release toxins from the body more effectively. Unhealthy eating has resulted in the deposition of toxins and the preservation of substances that, when consumed over a long period, accelerate the aging process, increase the risk of diabetes and impair organ function. Fasting is one way to rid the body of toxins more effectively.

If you limit the consumption of carbohydrates and give up food altogether during fasting, the body goes into a state inside the ketone, which leads to a lot of fat burning and detoxification.

Ketones are energy molecules in the blood that are produced from fat. From the body to urine When quickly, the body reaches the keto state is individual. In the Keto state, the blood ketone bodies in the body are higher than the level of glucose in the blood. Ketone bodies become the body’s main source of energy. .The lower the insulin level in the body, the stronger the ketosis. Excess keto bodies or by-products of fat metabolism formed during the ketotic state are excreted in the urine. How quickly the body reaches the keto state is individual. Usually, it takes 1-2 days.

It is important to know that ketosis is not a harmful condition, but you may feel tired, dizzy, or irritable while going into ketosis. It can also be accompanied by bad breath in the mouth and can have a metallic taste. Ketosis and ketoacidosis, a life-threatening condition, are often confused.

Critics again argue that in reality, there is no need to fast to get rid of toxins because the body already does so naturally. The liver, lungs, kidneys, colon, and skin take care to release toxins stored in the body. However, whether to support the body in the form of fasting must be made by everyone. There are several other positive benefits of fasting.


Fasting activates the hormone of growth or youth in our body.

One of the positive effects of fasting is an increase in growth hormone (HGH or Human Growth Hormone), which occurs in the body 14 hours after the last meal. The growth hormone is a substance produced by the human body. Its role is to regulate growth, develop muscles and organs’ growth, and organize carbohydrates and proteins’ metabolism in fats. Artificial use of growth hormone is prohibited among athletes because it affects the performance of athletes.

The beauty industry associates growth hormones with the harmony of eternal youth. Simply put, growth hormone helps you stay younger for longer In addition to fasting, the levels of growth hormone in the blood also increase during exercise and proper sleep.

Positive effects on health and well-being

For example, fasting helps lower the levels of triglycerides in the blood needed for energy production, but their high levels indicate too much fat in the blood that is not good for the body. For example, fasting helps lower the levels of triglycerides in the blood needed for energy production, but their high levels indicate too much fat in the blood that is not good for the body.

During the first 48 hours, large amounts of the so-called happiness hormones endorphins are released into the blood, which positively affects our overall well-being. The release of endorphins is a response to metabolic stress in the body. It is also believed that fasting strengthens the immune system by reducing free radicals in the body.

Free radicals are oxidants that are inherently overactive compounds. They are necessary for normal metabolism and cell function, but excessive amounts become dangerous to the body. Fasting also helps regulate inflammation in the body and can help prevent cancer cells from forming.

Fasting gives rest to the digestive system, which has a positive effect on our overall health. Experiments on mice show that fewer meals positively affected both brain and heart function and helped regulate blood sugar levels.

Types of fasting

Fasting can also be classified according to what / nutrients a liquid/fasts and consumes.

Fasting does not necessarily mean giving up food altogether, but it can also limit the amount of food you eat and make changes to your diet.

Dry fasting is the most extreme type of fasting that excludes any food and drink for a certain period / maximum of 72 hours / The roots of this fasting are religious and spiritual, and it is recommended only under strict medical supervision.

Water fasting – it is allowed to consume water. The recommended amount of fluid per day is 2-3 liters or 28-35 ml/kg body weight. Natural herbal teas such as red clover, chamomile, rosehip, and ginger can also be consumed.

Periodic fasting and its subspecies

Periodic fasting is extremely popular because it does not mean giving up food, but you have to follow the rules when you can eat. Periodic fasting gives our body’s digestive system time to rest. Critics say that such fasting does not affect metabolism, but some studies claim the opposite and highlight its positive effect on metabolism.

As fasting must be based on the organism’s specifics, it is recommended to try out how it responds to such periodic fasting. Periodic fasting could be started once a month or once a week

16-hour fast -Fasting for beginners is probably one of the most suitable types of fasting. For this fasting, the rule is 16 hours without food, and within 8 hours can be eaten. It does not mean consuming insane amounts of food but still follow a balanced diet. Two meals could be planned in eight hours. It doesn’t matter what time the first meal of the day is, but it should be taken into account that the allowed food window is 8 hours. For example, if you eat the first meal in the morning at 9 o’clock, then the last meal should be no later than the evening before 5. After that, it is no longer allowed to eat for 16 hours16-hour fastings have a good effect on the body’s energy level. You could try for a few days and see how you feel. 16-hour fasting is easy to follow; you need to find a suitable routine.

5: 2 fasts 5 days a week eat normally and 2 days a week minimal, 500-600 calories. Fasting is suitable for many people because they do not specify what they should eat. Care should be taken not to overeat calories and to monitor a balanced diet and not grab junk food. Care should be taken not to overeat calories and to monitor a balanced diet and not grab junk food. Otherwise, instead of the desired weight loss, you may be surprised by extra pounds. Such fasting can also cause problems for those with an eating disorder, so fasting is not recommended. For example, during fasting, the following foods/eggs and vegetables can be combined, yogurt with berries, grilled fish or lean meat with vegetables, soup fruit, and plenty of salad with lean meat.

Preparation for fasting

Make clear the purpose of fasting

Check the fast-paced press to be aware of what fasting means both physically and mentally.

Give your body as many vitamins and trace elements as possible during the 2-5 days before fasting.

You should not eat meat or meat products for 1-2 days before the water fast; vegetables would be most suitable.

In the case of a fast, the last day before noon is lunch before 2 pm to 3 pm

It is recommended to perform an enema cleansing with an enema before water fasting to prevent poisoning.

Fasting should relieve intestinal toxins, so intestinal cleansing is initiated at the beginning of therapy with small aids. It is recommended to take laxatives and/or perform enemas with warm water. Diarrhea should be taken at the latest the day before. In most cases, salt-containing laxatives or glabrous salt may also be used with castor oil or plum juice.

During Lent

Certain medications should not be used during fasting (It is forbidden to discontinue essential medications without consulting a doctor!);

Quit smoking and alcohol;

Stay in the fresh air and nature as much as possible, move more, relax and take time to meditate;

For those who have used a lot of medication, a long, slowly changing preparatory diet is recommended;

Consume at least 1 liter of nutrient-rich fluid per day. Combine:

750 ml of cleansing herbal tea: mixed red clover, chamomile, rosehip, and ginger.

200 ml of fresh homemade berry or fruit juice diluted with water;

500 ml of warm potassium-rich broth (the main sources of potassium are foods of plant origin: raisins, dates, apricots, pumpkin, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, spinach, apples, grapes, cherries, and bananas). Boil the potatoes, fibrous beans, celery, and zucchini in water until soft, then mix. Such a vegetable broth prevents the stomach from becoming excessively acidic during starvation;

300 ml of fresh vegetable juice (from green leafy vegetables and beets).

Ending fasting

the fast has lasted 2-3 days; then there are no problems with restoring food digestion. You can eat the same food as before fasting.

After fasting for 6-10 days, it is necessary to give the body time to remove the harmful substances or residues that have started to move in the body during starvation.

After 6-10 days of water fasting, the food must be liquid: fresh vegetable juices, plant extracts, fresh fruits, vegetables can be eaten lightly steamed.

Do not overeat (excessive or improper diet after fasting may cause stomach irritation, abdominal pain, and constipation).

Eat slowly, memory food properly.

If you were on the water fast, the recovery diet could last as long as you fast.

Avoid over-salted, spicy pickled foods, sugar, and processed saturated fats.

Consume stewed or fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, buttermilk, sour milk, porridge, and vegetable purees are suitable. During recovery, it is good to drink rosehip, rowan, or currant tea, to which you can add a little honey if desired.

The intestines must start working during the first three days of recovery. To stimulate it, it is necessary to eat boiled grated beets.

The recovery period is the most responsible stage in fasting. The longer the fast, the longer the recovery period.

Starting fasting and possible side effects


During fasting, the body needs to get enough fluid. Faster often suffers from dehydration because giving up food during complete fasting means that your body does not get any fluid. Excessive water consumption is important in the fight against hunger.

Nutritionists recommend eating only fruits and vegetables and 250 g of natural yogurt or sour milk a day or two before going on a water fast to prepare the intestines and body for the fasting period. “During water fasting, the recommended amount of fluid is 2-3 liters per day or 28-35 ml/kg body weight. To avoid the feeling of coldness, you could consume warm herbal tea without sugar during fasting; if necessary, you can add a little honey to the drink,

If you are used to a good breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, fasting can be quite a challenge. The body’s fasting process begins eight hours after the last meal when the intestines have stopped consuming nutrients. During the first 24 hours, the body burns out sugar and develops fatigue, general weakness, and headaches.

Fasting can also increase the body’s stress levels and lead to restless sleep. Dehydration, hunger, and lack of sleep during fasting can lead to headaches.

Fasting can also lead to heartburn, as a limited amount of food reduces stomach acid, which helps digest food and kills bacteria. Even smelling food or thinking about food during fasting can signal the brain that it needs to produce stomach acid, which can cause heartburn. Bad breath is also a side effect of fasting.

Ultra-fast weight loss and so-called pointless starvation do not go unnoticed because the body adapts to hunger in a timed and cardinal way. Still, it must be remembered that many (bad) consequences do not manifest themselves until years later. The return from long-term starvation must also be carefully timed and gradual.

All the best


find motivation lose weight.

Find motivation to lose weight

The motivation to start training and living a healthier lifestyle is sometimes only a few weeks or months. How to change it? A person is inherently comfortable, not to say lazy. To force one to move, we need a strong incentive. When there is no great will, it is difficult to find the strength to get out of the comfort zone. Often the motivator is poor health.-If a scythe man knocks on his shoulder, a lazy person will also find a time and opportunity to train. However, how to find motivation in other cases to strive for goals and exceed them and maintain a healthy enthusiasm throughout the year.


Challenging goals


Regular training / and conscious nutrition / ensure strong health, beautiful appearance, good physique, the opportunity to realize yourself – in the end, a happier life. As in life, all great things start with goal setting. If there is no direct goal or motive to do something, it is very difficult there is no direct goal or motive to do something, to find the motivation to realize a vague dream.

Doing something forcibly is not a sustainable way. Don’t set goals that are driven by the external environment / a simple example, a partner wants to look like a fitness competitor /. Everyone can pull themselves together and force something into a certain period, but it doesn’t last forever. Everyone can pull themselves together and force something into a certain period, but it doesn’t last forever. Set yourself a goal that motivates YOU internally.

Write down your goals, no matter how Utopian they may seem. Divide the big goal into three and add a temporal definition — short, medium, and long term. For example, to start training, the short-term perspective might be to reach a gym at least three times a week. The medium-term perspective could be related to passing a period and making estimates, for example, you will be able to do ten chin strokes or cover a distance of 10 kilometers.

The end goal could be something that can be achieved in the long run, for example, you have gained 5 kg of muscle mass or run a full-length marathon, or even smaller goals are very important if you can bring your training to a level where you are happy and The marathon is one very big goal that should not always be a goal in itself but remain among the last. Write the goal with a time perspective in a visible place, such as a notebook, computer desktop, or paste it on a wall

Little progress is also important

The time distribution may, of course, be different. For one person, making ten kilometers or ten can chin strokes be a long-term prospect. That is why it is important to divide the goals so that the short-term perspective can be achieved in a relatively short period. This gives you the strength to push forward, so short-term goals can be more realistic and faster. Of course, you can also use the advanced model, where you set the final goal and create at least dozens of intermediate stages. Is crucial to achieving a great goal. After all, passing each stage gives you the encouragement that you have once again reached a few steps closer to the goal. Remember that even a small progress / passing one stage / is extremely important for achieving a big goal.

However, if the previous ones are not enough and the training motivation starts to decrease

Then you could start by joining an army training plan where you are not allowed to eat and sleep until a sufficient number of arm bends have been made or you have run fast enough it is tough stuff if you can’t beat yourself otherwise it could be the solution tougher solutions

Start keeping a workout and nutrition diary

Write down all the planned and performed workouts in the training diary. However, if you want to lose weight, make a note of all the shots that migrate from the mouth. This increases your self-control. Writing things down motivates you to go to the next planned workout as well as to think through and plan your food and quantities. Such a record can help control weight because of any unintentional foods so properly. You just don’t want to have things that go against your dreams and goals.

Bring tracksuits to work

If you have been moving around with a sports bag all day, it is a pity to waste it and go home with the same unpacked bag. In this case, it is wise to take the steps to the sports club.

Write a blog and share on social media to encourage other friends to work out

Since everyone is waiting for your new post, it is a sin to skip workouts. Or, for example, diligently filling out a blog for yourself can also be a way to keep a blog

Register for a competition

Be it a smaller competition or a marathon triathlon and a fitness competition. At first, the goal may seem big, but the satisfaction after success is even higher. If you have registered somewhere and paid early to participate, you will find more motivation to train for the event.

Schedule your workout in your notebook or calendar

Write it on the calendar like a task or appointment. This way, the activity is always visible and worded so that it cannot be given up. In the same way, you do not give up a friend’s birthday, for example.

Find someone to support you

Be it a coach’s partner or a best friend. It’s easier to trust one person than a different one who will all give you conflicting advice.

Wash your hair only after training

You do not wash for three days, you will inevitably feel very bad. Maybe it will motivate you to go to a workout.

Stay tuned for one thing that no matter what happens

Do not take seriously the jealous comments of others who try to drag you beyond your dreams. Try to stick to your goals even if everything didn’t work out perfectly in the beginning. If you can overcome the first obstacles, the next ones will come with ease.

Try to get rid of excessive stress and overwork

Your health and well-being are much more important than anything else. Valuing yourself. By doing so, it is easier to find motivation for both training and vital goals.

Remember that no one is too old to start too training

Create all the boundaries with our thinking for ourselves, Do not think about your weaknesses, just focus on your strengths

Watch motivational videos

There are a lot of such videos on YouTube and what else could be done if you have one of your favorite clothes, such as jeans or a dress that doesn’t wear on you right now, think about it every night before you go to bed imagine how you wear these clothes again

You are divine never forget it


List of bad health habits.

List of bad health habits.

If you are only 20 then it is the best time to develop your healthy habits for life if you are still young, making changes is easier than in old age. Healthy lifestyles set up as a younger age guarantee you better health in old age, which is very easy to say, but if you have to start working on your own, comfort often wins. if we still feel wild when we are young then today’s decisions will affect us directly for the rest of our lives. we are none of us perfect and we all make mistakes it is good if we are ready to make changes in our lives is scientifically proven that certain behaviors are related to your well-being that negatively affect you and cause suffering now and later in life

All it takes to ensure you’re giving yourself the best chance as long, happy life, is breaking some bad health habits we’re all inclined to give in to. Simple choices you make today will set you up for future success, tomorrow and beyond. Here are the habits you need to ditch, and how to break them.

Not getting enough sleep

one of the biggest bad habits that comes up as a young age is not sleeping for as least 8 hours in a row 8 hours of proper sleep which ensures you have full concentration for the next day is especially necessary as a young age I give the impression of being philosophizers but it is true have not slept for as least 7 hours the night before then the next day your performance ability decreases to 30%.not sleeping properly affects the levels a mood and your immune system hormones the reduces your ability to focus.

break: should make sure that you can sleep properly, it is recommended to avoid drinking coffee as least 6 hours before going to bed.if you go to sleep you should remove all obstacles, for example, to watch your favorite TV shows late as night during the week and remove the laptops from the bedroom so that you do not fall asleep in bed with it.

Evening routines before going to bed are very good and also doing a little stretching exercise will not hurt you..turn off the bright light, leaving only a mood light or a dark room completely to fall asleep faster and if you have trouble falling asleep then it helps to choose a certain time at the same time each day to do all the procedures for washing gymnastics and if you still do not come to sleep then it would be recommended to use an hour before bed going to Valerian tablets which are among the innocent.

Forget to put SPF cream

It is a certain fact that if you forget to use sunscreen, horrible things can happen, it is one of the simplest health habits, but it is still forgotten too often. if you do not use sunscreen properly or do not use it as all then in your twenties you risk sunburn which is completely avoidable sunscreen is important not only in a cosmetic sense but in the future you will thank you later that you protected yourself from broken blood vessels in the face and also from wrinkles

break: train yourself to use sunscreen every day even if it seems superfluous, if you wear makeup then the foundation should include sun protection.

We drink too little water

how to make it so that we run enough water if you feel that your skin is too dry then you are dehydrated it is the first sign that drinks to the bottom. Staying dehydrated has many benefits that affect you instantly it helps you get rid of toxins and also kidney function is better, keeps your muscles and bones in better working order, and keeps you motivated and your memory sharp. Drinking enough water will make your body better which is extremely positive and it is necessary that you drank a few glasses of water a day more.

break: carry a bottle of water and take note that you drink the water regularly. You should drink as least four to six glasses of water a day. One tried and tested way is how to tell if you have been drinking enough water is if you are monitoring the color of your urine if it is light yellow then everything is fine but if your urine is darker than you should drink more may be surprised what water does to your body if you drink it enough it will affect your good mood and also your general physique

What happens if you don’t eat in the morning

You’ve probably heard from parents that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you’re young you often sleep well until the last minute when you drink coffee in the morning and often only eat as lunch or, in the worst case, only in the evening. skipping breakfast can have serious consequences. It is scientifically proven why breakfast is important it puts your metabolism to work and improves your mental functioning and encourages you to make better and more active choices later on.

break: take time in the morning to make yourself a small meal it shouldn’t be a full meal that you eat as lunch but a small energy booster make something light and immediately edible.

You must be with yourself for a while to relieve stress.

If you feel that stress is accumulating then you must find a healthy way out of it. Regular stress changes your health and body. If you can’t relieve this stress, it can lead to depression.a high-stress lifestyle can lead to a change in hormonal balance and also increase blood pressure and blood sugar, lower immunity and certainly affect your mood

break: you should use stress-reduction activities to help you reduce it and what you enjoy will make it your daily routine there are a lot of scientifically proven tools for this, for example, daily meditation in both morning and evening sports but not very tiring, yoga is the best solution here or walking in good weather is the main thing to do it for you, except eating too much

Partying and excessive alcohol

alcohol causes health problems such as interfering with your immune system. Excessive alcohol consumption for a long time causes damage to your liver and raises your blood pressure and can lead to depression

break: There is no double-mindedness here, don’t drink alcohol even though I’m not against alcohol, however, overconsumption is a problem here.before you go somewhere out where alcohol is offered then make a small plan to avoid drinking too much. How many alcoholic drinks do you consume in the evening and stick to it and between each drink a glass of water that will help out the poisons


It goes without saying that smoking does not do you any good health. Among the many bad things that smoking affects your body is it damages your adversely affects sex and getting offspring and causes diabetes and cancer

break: you should quit not only for health reasons but there are many good reasons to quit smoking early when you are young it is a long and difficult process but it is worth it

If you do not take care of your  oral hygiene properly

there is no better time than now to start dental care. Note if your chompers are still there when you need them years later now you should spend as least two minutes more to care for your teeth today.there is usually a reason for the dentist to say why not use dental floss, even if you use dental floss then often after the wrong time next time ask yourself to show you how to use dental floss correctly. if it is not your habit then be sure to add in the evening before going to sleep

break: enter the need for dental floss and every morning and evening before brushing your teeth.if your mouth feels like the smell of minty, then you will never miss floss again. Make an appointment with your dentist and visit him every six months

Going to bed without taking off makeup

Another habit that should be included in your daily routine, all kinds of bad things can happen if you do not wash your face with premature aging, makeup clogs pores, not washing eyelashes can cause many eye irritations. Makeup does not allow free radicals to move.even if you don’t use makeup, it’s still important to wash your face to remove excess oil and never know what you’ve been touching with your hands during the day.


.You are divine never forget it.


The importance of a skin care routine

The importance of a skincare routine

Anyone who has done regular exercise knows that it is obligatory to take care of the skin. If you are doing a morning workout or doing a little exercise then it is very easy to do the procedures after a workout. Morning skincare should mainly include facial care.

If you have already gone to the morning shower, then the first thing you should use to cleanse your face is a cleanser that is often sold with a set and also a regular soap or liquid sope.

Another one you should use is a toner that cleanses the face of toxins and balances the facial skin. thirdly, use a serum that repairs and protects your facial skin but I would leave it optional I find that it can be and not be. I just use vitamin E- here I buy quality capsules from a pharmacy they are not very expensive.

Fourth, you should use a moisturizer that will help the face from over-drying.and lastly, you should use SPF cream that protects you from excessive sun radiation and if you still feel the need to do make-up then only after these previous procedures have been performed.make-up creams are already so advanced today that there are very good solutions for all skin types. ah eh and eye creams

I forgot even though I don’t think it’s urgently needed before the age of 45.during the day of course drink enough water or consume fluids here as my opinion is if you want your skin to look good then switch to coffee to tea or some other juice coffee is not good for both diet and skin. you shouldn’t take too much water here if you drink too much water then all you do is go to the toilet every half hour and after that, you feel weak and wonder why I don’t have strength but it has already been determined by scientists that if you drink too much water then you take out salts and minerals from your body.

I know what it means to give up caffeine I was only recently completely addicted to caffeine, but I had health problems and was forced to do something and gave up on the first day.on the first day, there were headaches and the feeling was that my brain was in the water but they receded and in three days. if you have a sitting job then do not eat very difficult to digest food during lunch.

The first thing to do if you are about to start working out is to remove all the excess makeup from your face. Makeup tends to clog the pores in your skin, and this subsequently leads to blackheads and breakouts on your face. You can carry disposable makeup remover wipes to clean your face before working out, as they do the job pretty well. However, if you have oily and acne-prone skin, then I suggest that you get yourself something that is stronger than makeup remover wipes, like a cleansing brush. This could just as well be a part of your daily skin routine as home. and if you happen to go somewhere in a workout hall or even just run out then sprawling makeup won’t make you particularly nonattractive .one more important thing when you go out to be sure to put sunscreen SPF30 on your face.

After workout skincare

The first thing you should do is cool yourself down after a workout so a cooler shower is the best way. if you take a shower then the skin is dry again which needs to be moisturized. Now it would be time to use masks they have a very wide range of quick effects but if you are as home then three times a week could use 30-60 minutes of masks here as I would recommend using real home remedies such as coconut oil and soda or cinnamon and honey to try a variety that will appeal.

After training if you have washed and taken off the mask then you should also start moisturizing and then use night is now a place where you should pay attention to the rest of your body if you have been exercising for a few months then you will start to realize that skin is not what you were when you weighed 10 and more pounds back skin is a problem although fat tissue shrinks then the skin will not pull back tight and if you already have skin stretches marks before, they will start to bother you more and more. here not only helps the body cream should use special creams to help solve this problem. I would recommend using the anti-stretch mark cream from the first day when you start training it will prevent you from a lot of discomforts later

Do not leave your feet and hands creamed, they also need moisturizing

If you have any questions then leave a message in the comment box and I will answer as soon as possible.


Nutrigo Lab Burner Weight Loss Review

Nutrigo Lab BurnerWeight Loss

product: Nutrigo Lab Burner

price:$40-50 sometimes they make discounts

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Nutrigo lab Burner

do you want to lose pounds? Do you want to get stronger? If you are looking for the best weight loss solution that will burn your weight and help you get the best results from your workout, I found a product that helps burn fat and supports it during your immune system.

Nutrigo lab burner is a fast fat burner supplement that improves your weight loss goals and supports you in effectively releasing and increasing your fatty acids and glycerol. It is a more effective and safer formula on how to achieve results. Nutrigo Lab Burner keeps your metabolism and reduces fat synthesis. It offers a healthier and better way to increase the number of lipolysis in the body. It is a good and powerful food supplement that regulates sugar levels, supports thermogenesis, accelerates the absorption of nutrients, and boosts metabolism.


Most of the available supplements that give an excellent boost to lower cholesterol and boost metabolism that burns fats have a scientific basis. Still, unfortunately, most of them have side effects. If you want to achieve results that will help you lose weight without side effects, then the best recommendation would be Nutrigo Lab Burner is an excellent safe food supplement that works wonderfully in your body. That improves your self-esteem; in general, it is a right and innovative weight loss solution designed for professional athletes and suitable for supporting amateurs.


Whence do nutrigo lab burner diet pills work for your benefit?


It is an ideal fat burner. It does intend for professionals as amateurs can use it.  Which increases your performance in general and works great in your body, and speeds up muscle mass. He is the right combination. If you use it before you start training, it will increase fat burning, make your body healthier and leaner, and support your overall physical fitness.

Nutrigo Lab burners weight loss supplement works excellent. It provides you with some good results, such as increasing lipolysis raspberry ketones, which involves artificial changes such as burning fat and releasing fatty acids. Nutrigo lab burner contains a healthy ginger extract that lowers blood sugar and cholesterolNutrigo Lab Burner gives you healthy strength by freeing you from fatty acids and controls your power. It allows you to lose 9 pounds per month, which is too excellent, according to the sample; you have nothing to lose.


Ingredients which substances it consists of these products.


Control spur has done proven by scientists that this element has given good results, which acts as a standard effective fat burner by stimulating the release of fatty acids and provides the knowledge that you can meet self-esteem and weight loss purposes. It has done scientifically proven to be able to lose up to 9 kilograms per month.

Garcinia Cambodia is a tropical plant that contains up to 50% hydroxycitric acid. It nourishes your body and reduces unnecessary fats. Effective cholesterol-lowering and supports fat burning this substance help you increase your metabolism and stop producing fat.

Raspberry ketone is a powerful ingredient that has done acclaimed as one of the best substances that helps block fat cells and helps your body burn fat faster. It supports your metabolism and helps release fatty acids, and ensures regular weight loss.


Bioperine is a perfume ingredient consisting of chromium and ginger extracts. It regulates blood sugar levels analysis shows that it increases thermogenesis and accelerates the absorption of nutrients. It gives the necessary effect, which increases metabolism.


All these used ingredients effectively improve y our action of fat burning and allow you to lose weight.


Pros, it is powerful, which good to improve your goals.


It supports the removal of fatty tissues.


It is ideal support during the reduction period.


It increases the metabolism of carbohydrates.


It increases your lead to get rid of unnecessary kilos

the support fat metabolism and inhibit fat formation

that regulates the level of sugar and cholesterol

it increases the absorption of nutrients and influences your body balance


This product does not design for use by pregnant women

under 18 years is not recommended

Side effects

It is a high-quality product recommended by both doctors and trainers. It is the right formula for weight loss.

If you have any questions about this product, leave a message in the comment box, and I will respond as soon as possible.