Healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle.

You should first understand what habit means at all. By definition, it means doing the same thing repeatedly every day, such as brushing your teeth or eating. Whatever you do to maintain your health,

you will only achieve your goals through repetition. Running once a year for a half-marathon will result in a surge of endorphins at best or an injury at worst. On the other hand, walking 30 minutes or jogging several times a week all year round works wonders for your quality of life and should first choose which habit you want to deepen.ideally in favor of any habit you decide you should not choose before a new habit is first when the first one is fully integrated

First, you would like to choose a meditation that will help put your head in order and help you better cope with stress

1.Meditation why, to help you achieve a better mental preparation for your goals than you think or meditate every morning and before going to bed, what do you look like in the future or whatever your purpose is, imagining it daily will change your better understanding.

2. You should stop generating negative thoughts just stop. A little trick in any situation that has affected you negatively should find at least one positive fact to focus on so you can get rid of rethinking and focus only on positive things. practicing positive thinking is not as easy as we think it will take before you can do it.

Every time you feel that negativity starts to come up then by consciously pushing it down you can win it but you have to practice it first. things that have negatively affected me should be picked up from your surroundings and put in a place where you do not see them daily. stop watching TV especially the news read instead or watch TV only on the weekend. deal with things that make you feel good


3. We should come up with a plan on how to start implementing this habit. when making a plan don’t expect it to come up with a plan in my head today and start living it. I guarantee you will think of new things tomorrow. You should use either a calendar or an electronic whiteboard, there are many. I have found that the best choice is a whiteboard where you can write with a marker. In the beginning, there is no need to make long plans, a week’s planning.

Every little thing you want to do is written down, but still what you imagine where you end up wanting to be written on the board in the biggest letters. I know at first it’s even weird to write down the things you do anyway without planning them, but the point of that thing is that you also write down new habits that you want to do every day. In front of you and think consciously see what I all managed to do when you pull off the goals you have achieved all the time it gives you new strength to continue to do better and better.

4.consciously choosing what you want to change for yourself.if it is an example is that you want to get rid of extra pounds. I do not agree to start a full-time workout immediately..a little by little, even walking in the fresh air for an hour in fine weather outweighs the need for a daily workout. if you choose to go to a fitness workout where you have to do exercises at a fast pace that you are not used to doing then it usually ends with the first hour being the last.

A bicycle would be a bit safer in this case, although you have to follow one rule which is these weird pampers pants which are one of the most important parts when riding a bike. another danger is if you go riding against a strong wind then you can also go so that you leave the riding of the bike broken, riding against the wind tires even the big masters not to mention the would be a more sensible choice for an initial workout. what can be done successfully in your not be afraid when choosing yoga when you see those yogis who are super advanced who have practiced one pose for maybe 10 years. start with simpler exercises that do not overload you too it would be advisable to go to a workout where the teacher shows how to do the posture correctly points out how to take the right is not very difficult.


5. Changing eating habits is the hardest part.nutrition is such a personal topic that no one can tell what works best for you or what doesn’t. There are certain established habits every person has in his or her great favorites which he or she is not willing to give up. even if they are harmful to him. When you think that you can no longer eat what you want it causes you stress. for example, I had a long time problem with the stomach went up in the evening full of swelling and gas, did not understand why, but later it turned out that sitting at work for 8 hours in a row and drinking coffee with milk was the reason.

I have lactose intolerance and it turns out that coffee is not suitable for me either. one day I was so bad to be that after that I don’t drink any more coffee. Today I drink a mixture of green and black tea and I feel good. the first day after finishing I got such headaches and I felt like my brain was in the water, after the third day it got lighter and I don’t want coffee here anymore. I want to say that people are so different that there is no single answer here which is a healthy diet. but we can consciously make healthier choices. choosing this raw material more carefully and preparing food at home which gives benefits that you will at least know what you are eating.

6.hygiene to practice daily activities of facial cleansing properly both in the morning and in the evening and also body care should not forget me helped here at choosing either one luxurious product that made me in a good mood and did not miss the maintenance does not mean that you buy the most expensive thing which store you see only you choose really what you like.

I think you’re divine never forget that


Natural Synergy System Review

Natural Synergy System Review

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Ancient natural therapy thrives despite industry stranglehold

Firstly, if you take painkillers more than once a week, then their side effects will start to bother you after 45 years of age, and your stomach will begin to notice that you can no longer eat what your soul desires.

How does it work?

How it works, you need to understand how acupuncture works at all. Most people are unaware that acupuncture therapy is the manipulation of the body’s energies. the main cornerstone of acupuncture is that the body’s energy flows must rotate evenly

The Chinese call it Qi Energy is a force that supports life

If your qi circulation is blocked, then diseases and pain are waiting ahead. If you want to stay healed, then qi power flows must be restored. There are various methods to regain qi energy.


    • acupuncture used needles
    • acupuncture where finger pressure means used
    • electrical acupuncture using electrical needles
    • The possibility of using moxibustion/that is, hot glass cups do use as electro-acupuncture gives faster results, and the work takes longer. Combining these therapies creates synergies that help heal faster than taking the treatments alone. Here is a small list of diseases and ailments that acupuncture therapy has helped to cure
    • chronic pain, back pain, migraine, neck pain, etc.
    • arthritis
      addiction to skin health eczema and psoriasis   slow immunity
    • dementia
    • High blood pressure, why, then, the 2,500-year-old method of medicine has not done confirmed in Western culture, and yet it is not wanted to be equally recognized. The medical industry recently passed a law stating that “Only a drug can reverse, prevent or treat a disease.” it pushes natural medicines into the background
    • So what are Acupuncture and Acupressure all regarding? The essence of acupuncture is to bring the body back into balance. That is a sign of good health when there is a balance between your body and mind. For traditional Chinese medicine – pain and disease mean that your energy is out of balance. This energy is called qi.  The divergent-balance qi can be felt in many ways. An accident
      • Poor lifestyle choices
      • Exposure to pollution or chemicals
      • Household radiations.

Or an internal Qi imbalance such as:

        • Negative thoughts
        • Bottled up emotions
        • Anxiety and fear
    • Most people have heard of the miraculous effects of acupuncture, yet many are not aware of acupressure. This ancient healing art does base on the same foundations as acupuncture treatment with needles, but in this case, fingers do use when the treatment of finger pressure developed. They did not yet have the technology we have today, and they used fingers, bones, and stones to make a maniac. In acupuncture sites, energy flows in our body along meridian lines. There are 14 meridian waves in our bodies. Each wave corresponding to one main organic point is like little whirlpools of energy dotted along the meridian lines.
    • Electricity and its frequencies give better results.
    • if we are talking about whole qi energy, then we should pay attention to the fact that qi energies run in the long meridian waves and how to improve several techniques can obtain it
    • acupuncture using needles
    • acupressure using with your fingers
    • Moxibustion uses heat
    • Electric acupuncture uses electric needles
    • ACU- the acoustics do use for meridian frequencies
    • Hospitals use electric acupuncture in combination with acupuncture, which gives better results. Electric hands are very frightening to some people. frequencies which, as sound waves, are one of the most highly regarded methods of helping to remove clogged meridians
    • What most people don’t realize is that everything in the universe vibrates at different frequencies. If our meridian system is blocked or clogged, then it means that one or more of our meridians do not resonate with our natural frequency
    • Most people have heard of the concept of entrainment before but not the name of entertainment is defined as “a synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles” – it’s a law of physics: when two objects are entrained/synchronized with each other, they expend less energy
    • This phenomenon causes
      • Female roommates’ menstrual cycles to sync together
      • Our heart rate and brain waves entraining/syncing to a hectic or a quiet environment
      • Fireflies that blink together at the same time
      • And the resetting of the internal body clock – after a very long plane flight

But It doesn’t stop at biology.

Entertainment happens with machines, too – from pendulum clocks to electric driers.

The joy can also be defined within Physics, engineering, bio musicology, hydrodynamics, and brainwaves.

A non-invasive alternative to electric needles  

Acu-Frequency TM has proven to be a popular, non-invasive alternative to electro-acupuncture. As it combines a needle-free version of acupuncture (acupressure) and with meridian frequencies

Much like electro-acupuncture, Acu-Frequency TM uses a synergy of TWO acutherapies for faster and longer-lasting results.

Acupressure combined with meridian frequencies is a popular option because it’s non-invasive. It’s safer, there’s no pain, there’s no need for sterilized needles, and there’s no need to rely on visiting a practitioner. That means it can be applied anywhere – whenever instant relief is needed.

Fantastic results can do achieved using either therapy (acupressure or entrainment therapy) independently, but combining them accelerates the healing process.

  • If you have any questions about this product here, leave a message in the comment box, and I will reply as soon as possible best regards,


  • Lea. 

What is magnesium and why is it important

What is magnesium and why is it important

“> Magnesium is named after the ancient Greek city of Magnesia and is one of the most common mineral compounds in the earth’s crust. Although magnesium comes from natural sources, many people today suffer from magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is considered to be one of the most important minerals in the human body and its deficiency can be the cause of many health problems. People suffer from magnesium deficiency mainly because today they do not eat according to the right dietary rules: a person must eat at least 75% – 85% of plant food a day. Magnesium is responsible for many chemical and physiological processes in your body. This mineral is needed to produce all the cells and more than 300 enzymes.

One-sided diet and stress lead to magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is used more in the body in chronic diseases and stress. This is because stress is an irritating condition in the body that exhausts us both mentally and physically. In this case, the immune system will not work at full capacity and will go into “sleep mode” instead. When the body has high levels of the stress hormone or cortisone, the body is the first to save at the expense of the immune system, which in turn weakens a person’s resistance to disease.

What are the symptoms of magnesium deficiency?




mild sleep disorders;


high blood pressure;




muscle pain;

muscle cramps and sensitivity disorders;

great sweet According to dietary recommendations, adult men need 380 mg of magnesium per day, women 320 mg per day, but this need depends on, for example, physical activity and body weight, as well as gender. In the case of mental and physical stress, the body needs more magnesium. Athletes, adolescents, as well as pregnant and lactating women and the elderly, also have a higher need for magnesium. Do you feel tired, nervous, your blood pressure is unusually high and your legs are cramping? Yes, you may need a break with a massage, but also make sure that your body gets enough of the substances it needs. “>Magnesium deficiency may be the cause of all these concerns.

where does magnesium come from?

We get magnesium from sunflower and pumpkin seeds, wheat and oat bran, cocoa powder, Greek, Indian, pecan and pistachio nuts, coconut and whole flakes, buckwheat, millet, and beans. Green leafy vegetables, beetroot, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, lentils, soybeans, figs, apples, apricots, and bananas have a more modest magnesium content.

The magnesium content of animal food is lower, but its absorption is better. Because seawater contains magnesium, herring, salmon, tuna and even crustaceans give us that as well. Milk, eggs, meat, and cheese also contain some easily digestible magnesium.

Recovery and magnesium“>

Magnesium is important in the muscle relaxation process – everyone probably knows that.

The role of magnesium in regulating blood pressure and heart rate is probably often not recognized. Various studies have shown that supplementing with magnesium helps reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and even carbon dioxide production. All of these factors are also important for post-workout recovery. Some studies have shown that if you take magnesium before an intense workout, your recovery will be faster.

Physically active people should pay more attention to their magnesium levels because magnesium is important both during training and after recovery. You should be aware that sometimes the decrease in performance may be due to a lack of magnesium.

A quality night’s sleep also plays an important role in the recovery process. Taking magnesium before bed helps you fall asleep. However, there is no need to be afraid that extra “>magnesium will make you drowsy during the day.

I chose this topic because I know how hard it is when you are just starting in training and how sore your leg muscles are and magnesium is the best helper here.

How to deal with negative emotions and stress-weight loss.

How to deal with negative emotions and stress-weight loss.




What helps to lose weight? Do you train more or do specific exercises? Eat only carbs or give them up altogether? Vegetarian food? A high protein diet? In reality, however, behind it is your emotions that control your beliefs about yourself, your weight, and your value; for many years, I was confident that weight loss would solve all my problems. Once I fit into this dress, I’m happy, and I’m going out. But only after I’ve taken it down. If I don’t look like that, I tried to shrink so that people wouldn’t notice how big I was physical. I still bought books on weight loss, exercise equipment, and diet foods. One day I will be happy, but not today, not until I lose weight.

Doesn’t that seem familiar? Losing weight has become an obsession in our culture today, as evidenced by the fact that weight loss has grown into a billion-dollar industry. Every day when you break up the internet, you will see ads you have to do specific exercises for 15 minutes a day, and after a month, you look like a model in the picture.

If you weigh 20 and more pounds that in a month, you will not acquire this plan properly. I know how hard it is to do arm bends when I was overweight. These quick plans assume you’re in shape when you start your workout. So why doesn’t anything work? So why, despite your strong desire to lose weight, can’t you get rid of your excess weight permanently? What is clear is that something has happened overlooked here, a secret trick that would make your body something to be proud of – but what is it? Should we train more or do some specific exercises instead? Should you eat only carbohydrates or give them up altogether? Vegetarian food? A high protein diet?

Here can be summed up in two words: your emotions.

Your emotions control your beliefs about yourself, your weight, and your value. Have you found yourself in a situation where tomorrow I will start eating healthier and that my hand will grab the first box of cookies. Ups, I did it again. Your emotions are the driving force behind every action you take. You may know what you “should” do, but you don’t because your emotions mislead you. Emotions such as anger, jealousy, and resentment, these emotions rob you of your best intentions and affect you profoundly on a biological level.

That should be talked about, although we usually do not. We hear so much about nutrition and exercise, but why not talk about cortisone’s overproduction, the so-called ‘stress hormone,’ directly linked to abdominal obesity? Relevant research is available, but we believe that weight loss depends only on proper nutrition and increased exercise load. If we fail to do that, we will blame our genes – or worse, we will believe that there is inherently something wrong with us. I felt something was very wrong with me. I hid it with a smile and a desire to please all my loved ones, but behind closed doors, I tried to hide the crumpled candy papers in the trash with crumpled clean paper towels that would have exposed my sweet tooth.

Like many women who are ashamed of their bodies and weight, I was an emotional eater. My biggest problem was the childhood hormonal treatment that came out as a teenager; I just ate and couldn’t get full. Today I would go out on the street to protest against hormonal therapy and how lightly it is used in women to treat problems.

Through this, I want to share my latest discovery. Jessica Ortner in “Tapping Solutions – Weight Loss and Physical Confidence” offers a whole new method. Here’s a small section on how Shi discovered knocking for himself.

Fortunately, in 2004, my older brother Nick Ortner introduced me to knocking, also called EFT knocking. Here is a stress-reduction technique that involves tapping the acupuncture points. The tapping finally put an end to the insanity that had guided my weight loss and physical confidence journey until that. Although, to be quite honest, the first time I heard about it, knocking myself seemed insane to me. Fighting weight was a big part of what I thought I was, but I was also ashamed of and always tried to hide.

Even though I had lost a few pounds after weeks of extreme diet and exercise, my thoughts never lost weight and what I was and hadn’t eaten. Even in my “slender” periods, I did not find peace or happiness.

As I later realized, my weight obsession had wholly blinded me, and I couldn’t see what was happening beneath the outside. Like many of the women I teach and train today, I was used to believing that weight loss depended primarily on willpower. For years, I proved that I had been born into this world without the will that nature – I was sure of – had kindly shared with slender people. Even after years of researching personality development, I rarely, if ever, wondered how my emotions could affect my weight struggle.

I think I found a soulmate who completely understands what I mean. I have been dealing with weight loss for 20 years and realized that it is a weight loss and mental satisfaction with oneself and values. If you do not respect yourself, your love will not come if you are overweight and weigh less.

You will find new mistakes and still not be happy with your life. I didn’t know anything about the knocking system before. I started regular meditation about three years ago; my satisfaction with life changed. I get rid of the bad habits that bothered me for a long time, continuous anxiety if I still did everything right, if I am still good enough, etc.; there were quite a few of these anxiety triggers which were a vital source of stress.

But very much, I was to blame myself because my rethinking was too substantial a habit. When I finally got to meditation that things started to get better. I finally managed to let things go and be myself and start creating new values in life. I hope that this article will help you understand that weight loss alone is not a problem but a mental readiness to solve these problems together.

You are all divine beings. Never forget that.


Beginner workouts home

Beginner workouts home

You should first start, with how much you can spend on your workouts. It’s funny that I say I should be able to work out at home so I don’t spend a penny. Even if you work out at home, it will still cost you, less than taking part in the courses. Getting started can be easier if you have a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt. I dare say that everyone has these items at home. You should now look at your workout plan.which is the easiest to start. I would recommend starting with yoga why yoga? because its cost, budget is smaller and easier to start. The only necessary thing that must be is a yoga mat.

When you start doing exercises you will understand that if you do these exercises on the mat here you will not slip.

To begin with, I would recommend buying the thickest mat that you will find it will not hurt when doing the exercises.

Matte prices start around cheaper at 15eur to 600 I have also seen more expensive. In the beginning, there is no need to fear expensive to buy it is now though clear. Yoga has many extra aids but in the beginning, you only need a mat.

There are still yoga blocks that can initially be solved with books. Yoga is a very diverse area where you can find exercises for every level. You should start with simpler exercises that do not overwhelm you. In yoga, the exercises are called asanas poses. There are 75 of them you should choose from them 25-30 asanas. Which is easier and will also teach you to breathe properly. Yoga improves flexibility and is very beneficial. If you take 30 seconds to do each pose, it takes about 15 minutes to practice 30 poses, but I would still recommend keeping one pose for a whole minute at first it is difficult but you can stretch your muscles properly. Or do 2 sets in a row.


If yoga is not suitable for you then it is possible to try some exercise plans that are more mobile and consume more energy where you get compared to yoga where one exercise for a long minute is than doing strength exercises doing the same exercise for a 30 -60 times a minute. But if you want to achieve results than I would recommend choosing exercises that would not cause you pain.

If you think that you can do, for example, 50 armbands and 100 chairs raise when you start right away, then you are seriously mistaken and you leave your training pace before you start. I would not recommend starting a higher level of cardio workout. At least not initially. Every day can see ads for 30 days challenge is not recommended especially if you are out of shape and weigh about 20, etc. Pounds more than you should. you give up on the first day, you have to realize what you are capable of, starting from the step by step starting little by little you will go further than you think. Gradually increasing the loads. I am totally in favor of those goals must be. Without goals, the result will be non-existent.

What else can be done at homegrandma can to

What I want to say to anyone can handle these, photos are the inspiration for what can be achieved

You did not have to be slim to that. What else can be done at home, you can buy exercise machines. if you buy a running trainer than it is expensive in the first place and the cheaper ones are not as reliable, as you already have them than you should look for them under the bed or in the closet and put them in working order.

If you can run in your bedroom especially good it is in this case if you feel too fat and do not dare to go in public. I know what it feels like if you want to start a workout and you can’t find the right size workout clothes and if you’re going to run then, I was personally bothered when I and shook it seemed especially ugly and disgusting my self. In this case, it is perfectly understandable that you want to start training on your own and that no one would see.


The exercise bike is one tool you can practice at home, but there is also one necessary element if you buy a trainer than make sure that they do not have too wide a saddle and you need special bicycle pants. If you try to ride without special pants for an hour than you will no longer sit on your bike for a week. Or maybe never this experiment can end fatally. I don’t recommend trying it. the downside of trainers is that it is too monotonous and boring. Put some fun music in the background or watch a stand-up comedy than it will help make the workout cooler.                                                                                                                                                                                               One more important thing I would like to mention is that if you start any physical workout, in the beginning, you will need vitamins and minerals. I start to immediately take magnesium and also multivitamins do no harm you.


how to focus on yourself and not others.


How to pull the focus back on yourself and not think about the opinions of others. It’s not as hard as you think. You have to turn your back on those who have mistreated you and stop interacting with those people altogether. You say it’s not easy overnight. Just turn your back and not interact. Just try to see what happens. I shouldn’t even say hello to this person, I’ve tried this trick myself, and I guarantee that people will retreat, and after a while, it will be much better.

You say you can’t act like this person is my boss. Mother, Brother, coworker, etc., should contact him as little as possible no matter what he says or how he behaves towards you have to understand the fault is not in you, but in him, he has a problem you don’t have to change.

Suppose you stop feeling like a victim. Then you can take back your power. You should focus on yourself and put yourself in the most critical place in your life. You must understand that you could not change other people and make them behave the way you want. If you try to please others, you will soon be stressed and don’t understand why this is the case all the time. You can’t change others, but you can change yourself.

How to focus on the positive.

Focus so that you feel good and don’t beat anything. The focus is on setting the knowledge that there is something in every person they value and cherish. Should focus on the feeling that makes you feel good and loved. Everyone has a person whose love you are 101% sure the first thought is usually correct. Who is thinking that the corners of your mouth will inevitably rise without realizing it?

If you don’t have such a person to take right away, then maybe you have had or have a favorite animal who loves you unconditionally. Everyone counts, even if it may be a tree. The main thing is that you feel positive, what next you ask.

Then it would be best if you had a focus on that feeling as much as possible. Meditation helps this part heeling, and reevaluating on life takes time. Reprogramming in his mind is possible when you focus on the good in your life. There is at least one thing or several positive things in every bad situation, which is the basis of everything you should focus on you.

If you focus on the positive,

I guarantee that you understand that life will get better step by step. If you primarily focus on positively, then you will start to see changes in yourself. If you say it can’t be that easy, then I answer no mathematical equations needed here. The only variable is you who gets the most help from it.

People need to feel that they have to work hard to achieve something, but changing oneself is hard work it requires a more self-conscious approach. Sometimes I have heard people mention that positive thinking is naive all the time, and also, if you feel good, then is there something wrong with you. It is an outdated worldview, and these people should not have listened to you.

Focus yourself more

How to focus on yourself more. But it is straightforward first to take care of the appearance more. Use some luxury shampoo or soap, and a little makeup should not be offended to start meditating. Visit a hairdresser and manicure, etc. these little things change the quality of women a lot.

Set small goals at first if you gradually reach big ones. Get yourself a calendar google calendar is a good choice. Still, it would be best to put a whiteboard on the wall they are both electronic, and in the paper, form put everything you want to do and achieve, at the beginning of the week later a month. Set small goals at first if you gradually reach big ones.

Focus others than your self

When it’s time to focus on others, you need to understand what others are doing better, and sometimes it’s better to learn from others than to figure it out for yourself. Today it is possible to get everything online. But each person has his role models or idols who you like and who you appreciate and find the kinship of the soul to some extent. In that case, it’s completely understandable that you want to be like someone unless you want to be exactly like your idol.

It does not take your personal development much further. If you can’t do it yourself then, asking for help is not a bad thing. Of course, there do also paid methods. There are many variations, and again, accessible material is plentiful. It is up to each person to decide which option is best for you. I have found a lot of material based on free material.

YouTube is a place to look for materials that have helped me a lot. There are all kinds of meditations, both short and long. But there are audio versions of books that are also well-known writers’ works by psychologists, turn off the TV and start listening to what the most intelligent people have to say sometimes audio versions of books are 3-12 hours long. Some meditations last up to 10 hours long and do mainly intended for listening while sleeping. If you enjoy reading, google is the best place to find the tools you need for self-improvement.

You are divine. Never forget it


Can hypnotherapy help weight loss

I believe that it helps, but here are both the pros and cons. I believe that hypnosis will help you if you are a completely healthy person and your only concern is extra pounds in life. But usually, such people do not exist, if you already have extra pounds then you should start looking inwards and ask yourself honestly why I am overweight whether the truth is I only have a good appetite. Many of our problems, especially overeating, are the cause of something that happened in the past. Sometimes people do not inform themselves that where and when it happened. There can be many reasons for growing up in a home where it was resented that, for example, a mother’s daughter that you should not eat so much, it can leave a deep imprint on a young woman’s life that affects her for the rest of her life. The last example was one of the easiest I can’t see into you and don’t know about your demons My opinion is that whatever problem you have there is always something good in that problem and you need to focus on what is good.for some reason, people have the will to solve things with brute force

Self-hypnosis weight loss-meditation

The problem is not a problem if we do not pay attention to it ourselves people’s self-conscious behavior is often the reason why it has gone as it is, there is no understanding that it can be otherwise. all who we were born before 1983 were/have certain value ratings that were given to us either from home or society contribute to the main ones, you have to work hard to get results you have to be slim to go to a man and so on. Weight loss in itself should not be as big a problem as the influx of information from outside would not oblige us to do so. I believe that many people who watch TV and see only beautiful people and the press do not hold back, feel the need to resemble this media and feel a little valuable I have a solution for you “don’t watch TV anymore”

everyone can hypnotize themselves just need to find the right meditation and be ready to meditate for at least 90 days explained a bit why I wouldn’t recommend going to a hypnotist right away, but start working with yourself little by little. I’m sure no hypnotist will help you for free and he doesn’t know about your real problems that you may not want or be able to share. Extreme cases if you are already gaining weight so much that you can no longer wash or go to the toilet then, in that case, it would be advisable to go this extreme route and go to the, In that case, it is a matter of life and death. then it is legitimate to seek help because you can no longer cope with yourself. my wish for you would be to learn to meditate it helps to overcome many problems and see yourself and others in a better light.

The best hypnosis weight loss -self-meditation

You are divine human being don’t forget that who knows more about you than you do. I’d start with a book that helped me very mush Echart Tolle “the power of now” This book surprised me immensely. How he understands life and how to understand life itself. the brief question would be. The question is whether I currently have stress, don’t answer it because I don’t think about it.point and so it is that he thinks it is seriously important the present moment and the past are no longer valid. interesting aah or aaaaa. I would recommend listening to the audio version

If you blame someone else in your situation then the best option would be the Power of Ho’oponopono. hypnosis I found on YouTube a 30-minute version as well as being able to find an 8-hour version that will help you let go of your past and move on with life.this meditation helps to let go and forgive people who have harmed you                                                                        I m sorry

Please forgive me                 those four little sentences that have more power than we can comprehend

 Thank you               The therapist was Dr. Haleakala Hew Len.

I love you

Why do we want to go to a therapist?

but because you feel unable to solve your problems on your own. You just going the easier way of resisting, You give money and you consciously hope that your problems will solve themselves. if you think so, you better lose money. I’m pretty sure a hypnotist won’t solve all your problems in a matter of hours and even weeks. as I said before extra pounds in itself is not such a big problem if you don’t solve what’s going on in your head and aren’t ready to change on a mental level. if you don’t want to change your eating habits and move a little then even a hypnotist won’t make you live a healthy life.


Abraham-Hicks is one person I have been very helpful to THE LAW OF ATTRACTION

a book that changed my understanding of life and spiritual development quote you create your reality it teaches you to think better about yourself and also to understand how others think positively and repel negative also teaches you to understand that it is not in your power to change others you can only change yourself.his person inevitably makes you think positively and you go along with his thoughts on how he articulates problems and you realize that your problem is not as big as you initially thought.

You are divine human beings don’t forget that



To many kinds of sports.


Too many kinds of sports-It are only a question of which sport to choose. Do start by trying out each sport one by one to find out what you like.

Many kinds of sports.

You should look back on what kind of sport you liked when you went to school. I liked running alone but I can no longer do this sport. Because I have a leg injury ankle stretch, as a result of which I can no longer run more than 10km nor walk, if something similar has happened to you then nothing will come out the run. Running was my first choice but the injury drew a dash on it. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The second choice was still on the bike and I usually do it three times a week, I don’t ride 100 km a day but I can be in the fresh air and it is important for me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Yoga is now one of the most integral parts of my life.

I do this almost every day. I have developed a program that suits me very well for 30 minutes every day I can stretch all my muscles.


Different kinds of sports

Too many sports to choose from, whether you like contact sports, whether you like team sports or whether you are a single player. Sometimes it is useful to join training that you should do with others, especially if you have tried to start alone but have not achieved the results you expect, but you no longer have to hang out with others but have to go along. Joint with a team such as a volleyball baseball I like with them the fact that you go with the game yourself without knowing that you are training it for sure. Team sports provide a more emotional plan than doing sports alone. The advantage of doing a workout alone is that you can choose your time plan and speed. The start is usually the hardest because You would like to give up all the time. In 90 days your habit of exercising should develop as much as it is necessary to brush Your teeth or eating every day. The advantage of doing training yourself is that you also developmentally, surpassing yourself daily..after the development of a habit, You will only realize what you are capable of where you want you to develop.


Different types of sport

s would recommend trying golf, which is a very good weekend sport. you can take you, friends, with you and go wild. During the game, which lasts about four and a half hours, 18 tracks are covered, which means a total of about 10 km of walking at a moderate pace. However, those who do not want to afford it can also limit themselves to 9 can usually rent golf equipment on site. 

                                                                                                                                                                                    Recommend going horseback riding especially if more of a family even you like’s. Skating is also an area that I would recommend trying if you, of course, keep the ice-skating up. One decent glide is the best feeling in the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Kayaking is also a rich experience. If you can go somewhere on a calm river or lake, the sea or the ocean is not recommended trying first.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       hiking is one of my favorite pastimes at all just go to the forest and take a walk. I like to go to the forest from late summer until winter, one of my hobbies is mushroom picking If there is a season then I am in the woods for 4-6 hours I walk about 10km on foot and with a basket that eventually weighs about 15-25 pounds, in the season I go to the woods three times a week.

Different sports world

If you get bored or don’t want to do regular sports I would like to try something new then I found something on the internet that could be of interest for a change


Mallakhamba, where Malla means wrestler and Kama means a pole, is a traditional Indian sport, where athletes perform various types of gymnastics moves and hold various poses on a vertical wooden pole or a rope. The sport is practiced exclusively in India and especially in the state of Madhya Pradesh where it is declared as the sport of the state.

Wellie Waning

Wellie (or Welly) Waning is a sport where contestants toss a Wellington boot as far as possible within the border from the starting line. This unusual sport became popular in Upperthong, Holmfirth in Britain as a form of distraction for villagers. They lived in a rural village where they needed to create different and imaginative games to while away the time.

Fell Running

Fell running is a popular adventure sport, which is also known as hill running and mountain running. It is a sport in which running and racing are done off-road or on any over upland country where the inclined slope is an important component of the difficulty of this sport.


Every sport is important, choose the one that suits you best, do it every other day, I guarantee the results will be seen shortly




Train your brain to loose weight.


Train your brain to lose weight.

 would like to start by saying that I would like to climb a high mountain and just shout out the throat and call on everyone else.

You are all divine beings I

Mental habits

I think everyone is kind of beautiful. It’s personally my thinking about people. But I know many don’t think the way I do. It all starts with the head, that is, how we see ourselves and how much we compare ourselves to others. Training also starts first in my head, meditation helped me the most personally. I tried a lot of sports and workouts but nothing was my field before I tried to meditate and realized that it was my fault. I wanted to get results too quickly without thinking about whether I could achieve what I expected

Understanding real goals Firest

First of all, you should start by researching what area to start with and what suits your lifestyle, and most importantly what is your weight and height ratio right now. It is necessary to understand how much should be taken down High minus meter minus 10 kilos gives a person the right weight for women. But what I understand is that people don’t want to admit DNA if your mom or dad are great people then somehow you also can’t be a very small one, it doesn’t matter how much you train.

001 The beginning of everything is mental preparation, I recommend starting every training with meditation and add meditation to your daily life both in the morning and in the evening.

Anyone can start meditating regardless of age, information can be found everywhere on the internet and I also recommend searching YouTube, one of the people I have followed and Aaron Doughty and of course Abraham-Hicks, who I’ve been following for 3 years, has a lot of information about him on YouTube. Why I talk so much about meditation, but because it is so important to me, it changed my life and understanding the sentence you create your reality

Meditation what it is Mather.



I have to be honest with you at first I thought about meditation that it’s one of Hindu and monk praying but when I researched this topic I realized that it’s more than praying it’s not praying at all. Meditation means communicating with your subconscious mind and through it, you can change everything in your life. Now we get to the bottom of why we should meditate at all, but because I can see in my mind’s eye something we would never experience in reality. I’m sure the majority have heard the phrase faked until make.



How to meditate.

It’s very easy if you’ve been doing it for years, but the beginning is weird and raises a lot of questions. I recommend starting guided meditation on YouTube is the best place to look. My suggestion would be to find some male voice, female guided meditation did not reach my subconscious. I do not want to be but I want chauvinists impressed by the man’s voices, later I realized that if, for example, pronounce long oo about 10 seconds and then close your mouth then you will come out oooooooomm…What is called the voice of God, raises your vibration to a higher level? When! meditating you should not use sentences in a negative form. For example, I do not want to consider next month in the year that my weight is so- and- so much. Instead, I should use positive thoughts, for example, I foresee that I am slim and wearing the dress of my dreams Meditation is a very powerful tool when used for good purposes

When it comes to losing weight, this is the best way to start. About 20-30 days before you start training it necessary to meditate daily it will help you prepare and also make it easier to start training. you ask why 20 days but because then your sub conses mind is ready to start with the training lies ahead and I guarantee that you will be able to achieve your goal in weight loss and you will not stop training anymore.

Happy meditation I know it will make your life better, you will thank me later


About Lea

Hello my name is Lea from Estonia 44year old female .

Mayn story

Hello to all my health and diet website I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I have been trying to participate in all kinds of workouts and eat healthy since I was 13 years old.

Growing up in the former Soviet Union in Estonia, I didn’t have much opportunity to change anything I was as I was

Later when the borders opened the info came and clothes. Through the ages I have learned so much, i have tried to do so many diffrent sports and nutrition i have understood what suits me and what doesn’t

When I was 5 years old I happened to be in a fire accident I was in the hospital for three months, after that I had to study walk again.left leg is still scarred.I learned to live with it .Today its das not effect me enymore.

Now is wraith time to shear my experiences

After graduating from school, I went to work and I went to back school, it took a lot of energy and the pounds started to fall. Sometimes I ate two bars of chocolate a day and nothing more. The stress was so huge

I am one of those people who loses their appetite when there is a lot of work stress. My lowest weight was 55kg and then I realized that it is not normal, I am 165 cm tall and that was the last limit. I fell from 75kg to 55kg in a year and a half, after that I became calmer and got used to my load. Kilos started to come back about a year after thst I gained 10kg then I would understood that now is the last time to something, I tried several things

Currently i weigh 60 kg and feel very good in my own skin.

I was stupid I tried to start running without knowing how to start correctly didn’t know anything about training dress code and shoes It was very easy to give up because I live in Eastern Europe and the weather here does not favor field training especially in winter time, it lasted for years I tired swimming I tried cycling and many other sports every time to find someting that yust not to me.

i tried everything and i want to say it’s not a good idea